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Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
Khaos (10)
Silvermoon-US EN PVE
T16H 9/141523.5/5Heals w/ dps OS... Also looking Raid leaders!
Metric (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 9/144123.3/5Currently 9/14H 10M. Converting to 20M in WoD. Raid T/W/Th 8-11 ST (EST)
Zen (10)
Nagrand-US OC PVE
T16H 10/146332.2/5(9/14H) Looking for raiders for 20m team for wod.wed,thur,mon raid nights from 6-9 ST.
Death Penalty (10)
Mal'Ganis-US EN PVP
T16 14/143734.0/5Were a solfcore hardcore pvp guild looking for 1500+ members!
Guiles Theme Song (10)
Magtheridon-US EN PVP
T16H 14/144443.9/5A 10-man guild (14/14H) recruiting exceptional players. We raid M/T/W/Th 8PM-12AM EST.
Ascendance (10)
T16H 11/14584.5/5[A] 11/14H Ascendance LFM
Vs The Universe (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 11/1419154.0/5We raid 730-1030PM (25M)ST T/W/T! Please add Spectecles#1430 for more information!!
Mooing Chaos (10)
Hellscream-US EN PVE
T16H 7/141154.0/5LFM new Weekday Heroic Team M/W/F 7:30pm-11pm CST
Propaganda (25)
Thrall-US EN PVE
T16H 9/145892.5/5Recruiting experienced raiders for H 25m/Wod Mythic team. Mage/r druid/fury warr needed!
Fåte (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 1/1413244.5/5Recruiting for Tuesday/Thursday
Demented Asylum (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16 14/142883.2/5LFM for WoD main focus will be Mythic Raiding PST in-game or apply on the website
Better Dayz (10)
Tichondrius-US EN PVP
T16 7/1420524.0/5Better Dayz 25 Active PvP Guild is Recruiting all social players! We Offer 100g Repairs
Zombie (10)
Sen'jin-US EN PVE
T16H 9/141922.0/5LF Tanks,Heals and DPS. We are running two 10 man progression group. fallenone#1260 add me
Order Of The Brew
4.0/5Order of the Brew is an old social guild that is starting up again. Join the community!
Undead Legion (10)
Eitrigg-US EN PVE
T16H 4/1419573.3/5Taking Most Classes/Specs, Semi-Hardcore Raiding, LF RBG team members, 3 Raid Teams
Majestic Dragons (10)
Tanaris-US EN PVE
T16 8/144.4/5Always looking for new members. Getting ready for xpac and 20 man raid's!
BRB Ice Cream Truck
Darkspear-US EN PVP
19744.0/5Seeking raiders for end MoP / WoD raiding 10m need all
Synergy (25)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 11/144474.4/5 (11/14H) 25M is Recruiting! Contact Cyrannus#1486 for more information.
Immoral Illusions (10)
T16 14/141904.5/5Looking for tanks heals dps for our 10man group. Casual players are welcome.
Khaos (10)
Silvermoon-US EN PVE
T16H 9/141523.5/5Heals w/ dps OS... Also looking Raid leaders!
Metric (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 9/144123.3/5Currently 9/14H 10M. Converting to 20M in WoD. Raid T/W/Th 8-11 ST (EST)
Morning After (10)
T16 14/141544.0/5rebuilding for WOD 14/14exp currently raiding tues/thurs 5pmserver to 8pmserver
Orcs with Abs (10)
T16H 14/1418144.0/5 - Vashj-US 14/14H "http://orcswithabs.enjin.com/" is currently recruiting
Beyond The Böundary
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16 10/144.0/5New guild starting H10m Progression Soon 550+ - michaelstavron@gmail.com
Starfleet Academy (10)
Azuremyst-US EN PVE
T16H 2/141614.5/5Need Plate DPS or Spriest for Immediate Raid Spot. 2045-000CST Tue/Weds
Deathstalkers (10)
Ragnaros-US ES PVP
T16 6/1420424.5/5Necesitamos gente con decisión y liderasgo para formar mas cores de RBG y pvp
Dark Skies (10)
T16H 7/145844.5/5Recruiting for Mythic, need mostly dps.
The Midnight Angels
Turalyon-US EN PVE
4.0/5The Midnight Angels is looking for players for both our 10m + 25m raid teams.
Bat Country
Feathermoon-US EN PVP
964.0/5Seeking all levels and all playstyles
Dark Dreams
Emerald Dream-US EN RP-PVP
4394.0/5LVL25 LF all lvls.Need geared 90's for sched raids & rbg's/80% participation required.
Mindless Theory (10)
Silver Hand-US EN RP
T16 14/144.5/5Looking to form a 2nd Core Group, need range, heals, and a tank
The Wicked Wheel (10)
Arthas-US EN PVP
T16 13/141704.5/510m WEEKEND AM raiding guild from 10 am to 2 pm realm time, Looking for competent players.
Limit Break (10)
Baelgun-US EN PVE
T16H 13/141344.8/5Look for select raiders for our Heroic SoO 10 man and coming Mythic team.
Psychic Evaluation
Dath'Remar-US OC PVE
4.0/5Looking for new members & recruiting now for our raid team. Need tanks, healers and dps.
Doomhammer-US EN PVE
4.0/5Ramping up for WoD - Casual 10 man
Infiltrate (10)
Azjol-Nerub-US EN PVE
T16H 5/141802.7/5Check out our Website, Immediate Spots Available for WOD
Dawn Eternal (25)
Cenarius-US EN PVE
T16H 10/144003.8/58year Ally25man Mon/Tues/Wed 6:30-10:30pm PST
Forgotten Vanguard (10)
Thrall-US EN PVE
T16 5/144.0/5Converting our 10man to 25man NEED ALL!!!!!
Staghelm-US EN PVE
4.0/5Looking for all players who like to go further then they ever thought possible.
The Dynasty (10)
Stormrage-US EN PVE
T16H 9/147654.5/5The Dynasty 8/14 HEROIC is looking for 1DPS 575+ ELE/OFF WARLOCK BOOM/OFF MAGE MELEE/OFF
Afraid of Elementals (25)
T16H 11/1415614.0/5[A] 11/14H SoO - Tues & Thurs 8:15-11PM Eastern - LFM WoD
The Illuminatus (10)
Dawnbringer-US EN PVE
T16 3/142114.5/5We are currently very interested in 550+ ranged dps (s-priest, ele-shammy, b-druid)
Everlasting Knights
Agamaggan-US EN PVP
1304.5/5Casual Progression Guild Accepting all memebers!
Skill Capped (10)
Bleeding Hollow-US EN PVP
T16 4/146674.0/5Open recruitment happening now for WoD 545+
Sic Finit Noctem (25)
T16H 13/143064.0/5Tue/Thu/Sun from 7pm-10pm PST. Recruiting a few DPS!
Denial (25)
Trollbane-US EN PVE
T16H 8/142803.9/5Denial is a raiding guild residing on the Trollbane server that primarily focuses on end-g
Night Shift
Zul'jin-US EN PVE
4.0/5New Casualcore guild looking to fill up and raid/PvP
Ex Inferno (10)
Korgath-US EN PVP
T16H 8/1417774.0/5Multi-Faction/Game community getting ready for WoD! Filling core raid spots now!
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T14 7/164.0/5Forbidden is looking for active, respectful, mature and SOCIAL gamers to have a good time!
Convert to Raid Emeriss (25)
Aerie Peak-US EN PVE
T16H 11/1418554.0/5FITE CLUB 25M heroic team: Experienced leadership, progressive vibe, mature atmosphere.
aus (10)
Proudmoore-US EN PVE
T16H 11/141154.5/5Friday and Saturday Nights: 6:00p-10p PST. LF Ranged DPS
Freelance Mercenaries (10)
Khaz Modan-US EN PVE
T16H 10/147713.4/510/14H Guild seeking dedicated raiders to finish current content and expand into Mythic.
kaotica (10)
Gnomeregan-US EN PVE
T15 1/1215323.3/5Accepting all pvp geared toons with a rated pvp rating of 1200!
Shattered Remnant (10)
Bleeding Hollow-US EN PVP
T16 7/1414024.0/5

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