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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
Cobra Kai (10)
Defias Brotherhood-EU EN PVP
T16H 5/144.0/5Currently raiding 25m, looking for players for our 25 man team and for WoD
Singularity (10)
Turalyon-EU EN PVE
T16H 9/144.7/5Looking for Brewmaster, Ele Shaman, Disc Priest
One Eight Seven
Ravencrest-EU EN PVP
T14 10/163.8/5[187] søger Danske spillere til vores RBG Teams samt 10M Raid hold
Therion (10)
Draenor-EU EN PVE
T16H 14/143194.5/5Therion is a newly formed guild that aims to have a very stable 10 man raiding environment
Sacrosanct (25)
Defias Brotherhood-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1419254.0/5Mythic raiding team going strong - LF one healer.
Gehenna (25)
Stormreaver-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1414894.2/5We are an END game,international 25 man raiding guild currently on the realm Stormreaver.
D y n a s t y (10)
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
T16 14/144.5/5For people looking for a guild to call home, that is relaxed, laid back and fun to be in.
Edge of Fear (10)
Hellscream-EU EN PVE
T16H 14/141154.8/5[H] [Hellscream-EU] Edge of Fear recruiting for Mythic raiding!
The Awakening (10)
Draenor-EU EN PVE
T16 14/144.5/5Small, friendly guild founded 2006 LF raiders and socials - No voice chat!
Entropy (10)
Bronzebeard-EU EN PVE
T16H 14/1411023.6/5We are looking for exceptional players to join our main mythic roster!
Colour (25)
Stormreaver-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/148064.0/5Looking for more active players for our 20man mythic team. 2/7M progress
Illustrious (25)
Stormrage-EU EN PVE
T16H 14/146154.5/520.00-22.30 - Weds/Thurs! 2/7 Mythic.
Raiders of Apocalypse (10)
Burning Legion-EU EN PVP
T16H 4/147634.3/5Są kolesie na TSie, każdy dobre słowo niesie. Sro,Czw,Nie,Wto. 20:00-23:00.
Fallout (25)
Tarren Mill-EU EN PVP
T16H 13/1413444.0/5[20 man] We're always interested in exceptional players that are on our level or above.
The Splintered Hand (10)
Turalyon-EU EN PVE
T16 14/144.7/5DPS for real N+H progress on Thurs nights only. Email stormscythe1@gmail.com
Fury (10)
Shadowsong-EU EN PVE
T16H 14/146974.5/5(3 days) Looking for a few members to strengthen our roster
Deep Tranquility (10)
Ragnaros-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1416934.0/5
Borderline Insanity (10)
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
T16 14/144.0/5Currently Recruiting, Healer. Rdps.. To join our rank in HM. we Raid Wens-sun-Tuesday
Immortalis (10)
Argent Dawn-EU EN RP
T16H 12/144.3/5Currently recruiting 2 Healers, with some spots for Melee and Ranged DPS
The Toothless Donkeys (10)
Aggramar-EU EN PVE
T16 9/142.5/5Op 8 januari gaan we starten met raiden. Geef Gi een whisper ingame
Insurrection (10)
Hellscream-EU EN PVE
T16H 2/14384.0/5[A] Insurrection recruiting some ranged dps (see class list)
Zero Tolerance
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
384.0/5Looking for experienced raiders for our mythic team in WoD (wed-tue-thu-sun) 21.00-23.30
Sanctified (10)
Ragnaros-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/148814.0/51/7 Mythic recruiting, all classes/specs will be considered.
Tarren Mill-EU EN PVP
Enigmas (10)
Draenor-EU EN PVE
T16H 2/141914.5/5We are opening its ranks in preparation of WOD
Devils Dealers (10)
Aggra (Português)-EU EN PVE
T16H 4/144404.5/5Procuramos Players com vontade de raidar e progredir
Stream of Consciousness
Ravencrest-EU EN PVP
[A / EU / Ravencrest] Stream of Consciousness - 2 Day Raiding Guild
The Special Forces (10)
Nordrassil-EU EN PVE
T16 14/144.5/5We are a social Raiding Guild! Starting soon with heroics
Highland Warriors (10)
Thunderhorn-EU EN PVE
T16H 7/1417604.7/59 Year old guild recruiting solid players for our social, yet raid focused, family.
Path of Glory
The Maelstrom-EU EN PVP
T14 1/164.0/5Looking for all players to further heroic progression
Scarshield Legion-EU EN PVP
Polska gildia Alliance na serwerze Scarshield Legion. Zapraszamy każdą klasę i level :)
Fallen Kings (10)
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
T16 14/144.0/5we are starting a new raid team so are in need of all class will keep this up today
Templars of Styx (10)
Azuremyst-EU EN PVE
T16 14/14584.5/5Adult social raiders wanted .. we raid 21-24 server time. Mon, Wed and Fri + more
Ashes of Trollbane (10)
Silvermoon-EU EN PVE
T16H 10/146704.5/5AOT is LF raiders for our 20-man Mythic raidteam. For more info, check our guildsite :)
Inglorious (10)
Frostmane-EU EN PVP
T16H 11/142994.0/5Inglorious are recruiting for Worlords, currently clearing through HC content.
Brotherhood (10)
Drak'thul-EU EN PVP
T16H 12/1418793.6/5CZ/SK guild Brotherhood still invite new active members. For more info visit our website.
Nightfall (10)
Defias Brotherhood-EU EN PVP
T16 14/14584.0/5Looking for few more for casual raiding (heroic >> mythic). Full on warlocks and shamans.
Order of Guardian Angels (10)
Arathor-EU EN PVE
T15 1/124.0/5
Frostmane-EU EN PVP
Norwegian guild looking for more raiders for WoD, and some late-game MoP fun!
Majority (10)
Stormreaver-EU EN PVP
T16 14/1420294.5/5PvP guildi etsii aktiivisia ja kokeneita pelaajia joukkoonsa.
Paranoya (10)
Auchindoun-EU EN PVP
T16H 7/1412254.0/5WoD'da ciddi progress yapmayı hedefleyen Türk guildi.
Sfora (10)
Burning Legion-EU EN PVP
T16H 12/143044.2/5
Konvict Gaming EU (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 5/1413524.5/5(16+) 2.5k members, large multi gaming community, LF raiders and pvpers and socials.
Alter Ego (10)
Dragonblight-EU EN PVE
T16 14/1414404.5/5Recruiting for Mythic. Need a mistweaver, windwalker, boomkin, elemental and enhancement
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1410984.5/5 14/14hc 10/25 man, Recruiting for WoD
Athena (10)
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
T16H 2/144.5/5We are looking new players to extend our 10m team to new 20m mythic team
Taka no Dan (10)
Azjol-Nerub-EU EN PVE
T16 2/144.5/5Taka is currently recruiting for WoD
Rise of Dawn (10)
Hellfire-EU EN PVE
T16 8/144.0/5Join the best guild on Hellfire, for the Horde!!!
Dunk Squad
Tarren Mill-EU EN PVP
4.0/5Vi behöver spelare till vårat 20 man team under WoD!
Moral Decay (10)
Sunstrider-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1410304.4/5Recruiting raiders for WoD - 14/14 Mythic SoO
Lawless Era (10)
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
T16H 13/142904.3/5For WoD we are recruiting nice and social ppl to explore the new content together.
Fun Loving Criminals (10)
Bloodhoof-EU EN PVE
T16 11/144.5/5Come join us
Frostmourne (10)
Bronze Dragonflight-EU EN PVE
T16H 1/143.3/5[A] Frostmourne - Social Raiding Guild - Recruiting WoD raiders!
Megalomania (10)
Stormscale-EU EN PVP
T16H 3/142584.0/5Megalomania is recruitng for WoD an mythic SoO

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