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News - Hiding Alts

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By dp 10 months ago
Guildox contains some advanced alt detection algorithms that are able to detect all alts for a character. However, if you are being harassed, it's sometimes necessary to hide these alts so you can play in peace.

Now, you can!

To hide your alts from showing, click on the [hide these alts] link when viewing any of your characters. The quickest way to find this page is to search for one of your character names in the search box at the top right.

Once you click on the link, all your alts are hidden from all users of the site.


- You need to be logged on to hide your alts.
- Your alts might still be seen for a while in Google's cache, or on other websites.


By Qmats 10 months ago
Thanks-a-million for this feature!

By chilblane 10 months ago
Is it intended for a user to do this for characters owned by others? I currently see this link on any character I look up.

By dennon01 10 months ago
I am also able to hide/unhide alts for all characters, whether i own them or not. Is it not intended for people to verify which characters are actually their own? Similar to what other sites do?

By dp 10 months ago
At the moment, GuildOx has no system for verifying that you are the owner of a toon. (Although I do have plans to add that.) So yes you can currently hide alts for characters that are not your own.

However, you can only hide the alts for ONE character (and all that character's alts). If you try to hide alts for multiple characters, you'll get a warning.

So yes, while you can hide the alts for characters not owned by you, you then also can't hide your own. If you want to hide alts, chances are you'll want to hide your own and not someone else's.

Let me know if you still have questions on this feature.


By Froyn 9 months ago

Please bear in mind that you are taking away one of my tools as a Guild Master/Player.

As a Guild Master, this allows me to ensure that someone's alt is their alt prior to inviting to the guild. It also ensure that if a Guild member needs to be removed, that we can (for the most part) remove all alts as well. I can run a quick check on someone that I don't want in my guild to ensure I'm not inviting one of their alts.

As a Player, I use this resource (again) to avoid people that I did not have a pleasurable gaming experience with. I type in one toon's name and get a list of potential alts to avoid. No one likes inviting overzealous pullers back into their raid groups.

Just some food for thought on the subject.

On a different subject, I dig the community involvement and willingness to adapt the site to what it's users want/need. In fairness I have pointed an issue, so I shall offer solution. By checking the "guild rank" of a player and allowing Rank 0-1 to see all alts regardless of hide status we could retain this as an administrative tool.

By Qmats 9 months ago
How do you hide server transfers?

By Qmats 9 months ago
Actually, respectfully, is there a way to hide everything about my character from this site?

By Azramon 9 months ago
I do not mind people seeing my alts for the most part. In fact I have written another system of my own for monitoring things like this for raiding and guild leader stuff. I think this functionality is something a lot of people would like, and some won't. I think it would be great to see how it plays out though and if it means any significant impact on site usage I am sure David would be open to suggestions. One question though.. if they have hidden their alts, does it say that they have or just display the one character?



By Useless 9 months ago
If we can hide / show other peoples alts then this feature is completely useless. I just made this account in under a minute to make this comment. Whats stopping the people that we don't want to see our alts from doing the same? They can just sign up and click show alts to see everything. USELESS.

By surfman 8 months ago

This feature is annoying, other people are able to "Unhide" my alts even after I hide them. Basically you need to implement a feature to verify your alt like take this piece of gear off log out and in again etc.

By dp 8 months ago

No, that cannot happen. The only way to 'unhide' an alt is if you yourself have hidden it (either by clicking on the unhide link, or by hiding another toon). If you did not hide the alts initially, there is no link for you to unhide it.


If it's being done, can you tell me how?

Note: I am planning a proper toon verification in the new redesign of the site I am currently preparing, but it's not complete yet. The current facility where anyone can hide an alt will be replaced once verification is complete.


By surfman 8 months ago

I tried it again by logging out and couldnt "show" alts on character I have hidden so I guess this feature is partly functional.
Now if only we could control our toons.

By wpfkem 6 months ago

After i hidden my alts, i wanna check all things going well.
so i pressed F5 button on my keyboard and i saw 'Show Character Migration Data to all'. i thougt 'wow that is great!'
but when i logged out and search my character and clicked, i can see all the alts. What's going on?

By dp 6 months ago
What's your character and realm? You can tell me privately via the 'contact us' menu at the top.


By wpfkem 6 months ago
i sent you e-mail through 'contact us'.

By dp 6 months ago
Thanks. There was a bug where alts were shown for a small number of characters when they should not have been. The bug is now fixed.


By Bomdanil 4 months ago
This feature is a long time coming, and I'm glad the new site owner implemented it as quickly as he did after the original owner of the site made it clear he had no respect for the privacy of others.

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