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News - Farewell GuildOx Fans

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By Polar 11 months ago
The time has come for me to step aside from GuildOx. GuildOx has grown from strength to strength over the past six years but I need to free up time to pursue other opportunities. You are probably not aware, but I develop and maintain GuildOx alone and while it generally runs itself, it still requires maintenance and coding - especially around patch time.

I want to thank all of the people that have supported GuildOx over the years. At the top of the list is the awesome team at WoW Insider who have published many GuildOx articles, Wowhead (Perc) who has arranged links to GuildOx from many Wowhead pages and provided the data for our Loot Rank service, Blizzard’s community manager Jonathan “Zarhym” Brown and Blizzard API team member Peratryn.

I also want to thank all of the loyal GuildOx supporters who regularly visit the site and have provided great ideas over the years.

What does the future hold for the service? GuildOx is currently seeking a passionate business/technical partner to acquire the service and grow GuildOx.com in preparation for the next WoW expansion and beyond. Do you have a passion for MMO's, hands-on experience in delivering a database-driven web service and have solid SQL-Server/ASP.NET skills?

Contact Polar@GuildOx.com to register your interest


By heiko3169 11 months ago
Thats bad news (until you announce that somebody will take over the development part) :(
However I wish you all the best for your life and your professional future,

best regards

By sevan 11 months ago
That sucks. Whoever will I harass in email? lol jk

I hope someone takes over soon. It would be such a shame for this place to fall apart.

By Azramon 11 months ago
This is a little sad, but I am glad you will be getting to follow up other things in your life. Sometimes giving such a great and amazing gift to others does take up a lot of time. You have helped so many people enjoy the game that little bit more. Thank you for your hard work. Will you be involved with the site at all? Or you are passing the flame completely?

By xariona 11 months ago
This is sad Polar :(

Your site was an really good source of following worlds first and various other things. Your work shall not be forgotten! Good luck in the future i someone takes over he have big shoes to fill, thanks for the past 6 years you have been with us!!

Best regards from Proudmoore!

By Mazer90 11 months ago
Always loved the site, glad to have been a sponsor.

Take care Polar.

By Polar 11 months ago
Thanks everyone for the kind words.

I am receiving a lot of interest from various people and sites about taking over the reins. I expect GuildOx will live on, I just need to work out the best home for it - stay tuned for more.

By Eillesa 11 months ago
Thank you Polar for everything. Youve been amazing, thank you for putting up with my pestering about the rankings!

Best wishes!

By Duna 11 months ago
:( Bye Polar! And thank you for all the work over the years! Wish you all the best for the future :)

By Dareniun 11 months ago
Ummmmm .... Don't go? I actually like this site a lot and .. you did a great job here with the rankings and such.

Oh well, sounds like your mind is made up. Let's hope someone with integrity and imagination and a good work ethic can pick up where you left off :)

Good luck to you kind person!

By Polar 11 months ago
We have a new owner - announcement coming very soon. Exciting times!

By Eillesa 11 months ago
Welcome new Supreme Overlord.

By Chocolate 10 months ago
Its very impressive what you have managed to do all by yourself with the site. Really sad to hear you go but I wish you good luck and hope the new guildox will be just as good as it is now.

By Polar 10 months ago
Thanks all! I will be around and blogging. You can catch me at tavernsoftime.blogspot.com - be sure to leave a comment and say hi!

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