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Bugs - Why is guildox not updating one of my characters?

By Fmzombie 2 years ago
i have loaded up several of my toons to see if its all of them or just my warrior and after several attempts to get it to refresh i give up.

guildox updates my other characters just fine but for some reason my gear on Fmzombie is locked in and wont change no mater what i do.

i have even tried stripping him down to no gear at all and it still refuses to update my gear.

help please XD

By Fmzombie 2 years ago
i would also like to add that i have been trying for 5 days to get it to refresh so i think i am being patient enough.

By Fmzombie 2 years ago
Fmzombie@gnomeregan picture is a naked warrior but your interface says he is geared

By Fmzombie 2 years ago
oh and also is there any way to clean up the multiple guild joins for that toon?

i have never left the guild since it was founded and i am the guild master so how could i join and rejoin and rejoin again in my own guild as the guildmaster?

By Polar 2 years ago
Your character should be loading ok now.

We will take a look at the multiple joins shortly.

By Fmzombie 2 years ago
looks good now.

i am not sure about how long it takes the update to refresh yet but it is correctly reflecting the gear i am wearing now.

By Polar 2 years ago
Locked - fixed

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