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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

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TopicPosted ByLast
Toys *new feature*Vimtudp 1 months ago
Arena personal ratings & Season 14chilblaneChrone 1 months ago
Ability to look past the first 100 rankings for an achievementnaihanCharax 5 months ago
How about Personal Banners / Sigsrawrjaydp 6 months ago
Arena RankingShimmar123 6 months ago
Connected-Realms : Joining the databaseindimlightAllareiks 6 months ago
Old Raid Bosses Ilvl Requirementrmalheirosdp 9 months ago
Score only current tier in RankingspsynariusNamisan 9 months ago
Track RecipesBluepaladin 10 months ago
Thunderforged ItemsFlaer02Polar 10 months ago
Hide Altsgrayhounddp 11 months ago
Flex Ranking - Exclude regular raiding guildsheiko3169Polar 1 years ago
The Accurate Separation of 10 man, 25 man, and 25/10 prog.StormrunnerStormrunner 1 years ago
Guildox widget Lockgasket 1 years ago
Cheating/Exploits to manipulate Guildox StatisticsPJlucylooPolar 1 years ago
Flex raidsevanPolar 1 years ago
Loot Rank filtersVethonPolar 1 years ago
Realm Rank Raid Progress based on fixed PlayerbaseGaerinaPolar 1 years ago
Name Change/Server Change HistoryjookerPolar 1 years ago
Edit option for Guild WebsiteEreilavakPolar 1 years ago
Daily Updated World Raid 25/10 Progress Short RankingGaerina 1 years ago
Fix Bonus Rolls with Valor UpgradesEdGrubermanPolar 1 years ago
Achievement rankingspapadoc8 1 years ago
Better Rank/Pics/Sigs?rawrjayrawrjay 1 years ago
Option to remove Cataclysm loot from Lootrankjoergenf4Polar 1 years ago
Sha-touched weapon gem slots.KileePolar 1 years ago
Brawler's Guild Ranksdennon01dennon01 1 years ago
always show upgrades for the current geareFse7enPolar 1 years ago
Filter/Change guild rankings?SkyreiPolar 1 years ago
Edit option for forum postsFlaer02Polar 1 years ago
Symbols in custom group namesOx 1 years ago
Smaller Custom Groups Widget imageOx 1 years ago
Custom group enhancementsOx 1 years ago
Random Affix ItemsFlaer02Polar 1 years ago
Toon rank filtersturbopippturbopipp 2 years ago
Bonus Roll SuggestionzerosFlaer02 2 years ago
Top Upgrades and Upgrading ItemlevelsFlaer02Flaer02 2 years ago
Faction FilterAbraxasturbopipp 2 years ago
Lootrank filtersFlaer02Flaer02 2 years ago
mount collections subsections.LethalockPolar 2 years ago

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