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TopicPosted ByLast
PvP power on gemsGothmoogleGothmoogle 2 years ago
Imperial Silk GlovesKileeKilee 2 years ago
filter GalleonxatanPolar 2 years ago
25m kills sometimes reverting to 10mPolar 2 years ago
Ranking HK DeathdichadoDeathdichado 2 years ago
Monk weaponsGothmooglePolar 2 years ago
Some Feats of Strength not being counteddennon01Polar 2 years ago
Kills all wrongamgrovePolar 2 years ago
10 man guild showing as 25KaranaloveKaranalove 2 years ago
Item Upgrade SystemFlaer02Polar 2 years ago
Guild moved to another server, do we keep the same progress?KelanisPolar 2 years ago
Regail's Crackling Dagger LFR Missingzeroszeros 2 years ago
Terrace ItemsFlaer02Polar 2 years ago
iLvl Not Calculating for CharacterGreyhatPolar 2 years ago
Missing Trinket: Spirits of the SunShizlminizelPolar 2 years ago
25 man guild showing all of our kills as 10manvinceyvincey 2 years ago
10 and 25 man progress not reporting correctlyTuwaPolar 2 years ago
Guild not showing up on the 10 progress list for server.TootsiegamesPolar 2 years ago
Enhancement shaman one-handed weapons.urisouriso 2 years ago
Gravetouch GreatswordFlaer02Polar 2 years ago
Mograine's Immaculate MightFlaer02Polar 2 years ago
Characters on different servers appearing separatelyShahadramPolar 2 years ago
Delays in US guild updatesPolarPolar 2 years ago
Shaman Off-handsRazzberryFlaer02 2 years ago
Will of the emp displaying as 25m kill not 10mfleazfleaz 2 years ago
Gladiator Trinket Not ShowingConfusionConfusion 2 years ago
stone guard 10-man kill showing as 25-manankan77Polar 2 years ago
10 man kill for covenant of the fallen - Dark Iron us was tracked as 25 manpetracca33Polar 2 years ago
Bovine Intervention - KhadgarrumboPolar 2 years ago
My rogue not shown on the list.TamaraePolar 2 years ago
Items needing refreshingFlaer02Flaer02 2 years ago
Gauntlets of Ancient Steel (476)WarrPolar 2 years ago
Issue with mount countsdennon01dennon01 2 years ago
Server guild list not updatingSugarpupSugarpup 2 years ago
Email Alerts - Zul'jin-USKolmarPolar 2 years ago
Loot Rank - Caster Trinkets & Item color.KileeKilee 2 years ago
Endless loopjeazjeaz 2 years ago
Guild site listed not getting updatedthevolgetPolar 2 years ago
Incorrect dates given to two kills to two guildsDemandredPolar 2 years ago
Dynamic Dragons /10 man guild not showing as 10 manKaiziPolar 2 years ago

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