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TopicPosted ByLast
Toons not showing upFixer5dp 13 days ago
Ranking for Area 52 is not updating.doriangraydp 21 days ago
Post new Video over old video?Amordisdp 1 months ago
Guild Kill Not UpdatingDromm 2 months ago
Loot rank doesnt cope with L4 upgradesheiko3169heiko3169 2 months ago
Toon not foundCooper4350dp 2 months ago
Guild from merged servers not upgrading properlymiltonmilton 4 months ago
update guild still status * loading characters *bacobaarToffee 5 months ago
80+ missing movesOxOx 5 months ago
Cant find my new lvl 90 character on guild listing or searchamakusa007dp 5 months ago
Character not showing upcachemagecachemage 6 months ago
Showing inaccurate killscycdp 6 months ago
server error ??DeunanDeunan 6 months ago
Feat of Strength counts are incorrectdennon01 6 months ago
guild issuejeroun 6 months ago
Add Toon goes to 404 - File or Directory Not Found errorProdericProderic 6 months ago
Booty Bay Twerk Teamcian 6 months ago
multiple moves in guild historyiMigu 7 months ago
cant find my toonMorrowwindtarminite 7 months ago
Guild will not be updated in the GuildrankingsMikeWitt 7 months ago
Incorrect rank showing in new bb badge codeToffeedp 7 months ago
Missing pets/mounts list does not work anymorehenmarKittykilz 7 months ago
404 - Char not found. Day 2oztoprakdp 7 months ago
character not loadingmacbride2028 7 months ago
Guild Rank stopped displaying on web pageToffeetalonos 8 months ago
Mistake with Name Changeciandp 8 months ago
New Recruits caused improper progressionvincey 9 months ago
Character not loaded RyneroPolar 9 months ago
Image not updatingntexPolar 9 months ago
Update stuck in Last updated * loading characters * beelsPolar 10 months ago
Random Affix HelmsFlaer02Polar 10 months ago
Missing Hunter Gear 2MooseknucklsPolar 10 months ago
Paragons of the Klaxxi normal mode recognitionPolarPolar 10 months ago
all toon isn't showing up under main.DeunanPolar 10 months ago
not update guild sitealkyonePolar 10 months ago
Guildrank wrongheiko3169Polar 10 months ago
Progression Shows as 10 manvinceyPolar 10 months ago
Progression not updatingZanariah369Polar 10 months ago
Missing Hunter GearMooseknucklsPolar 10 months ago
Realmrank wrong displayed on Guilds own pageheiko3169Polar 10 months ago

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