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April 10 Hotfixes for Throne of Thunder1 years ago
The team at Blizzard have made some changes to the Council of Elders, Horridon, Durumu, Primordius and Tortos.

  • Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios

    • Throne of Thunder

      • Elemental and Restoration Shamans are now eligible for caster staves that give a bonus to Spirit (Giorgio's Caduceus of Pure Moods, and Suen-Wo, Spire of the Falling Sun) in Raid Finder difficulty and via bonus rolls.

      • Elemental Shamans are now eligible for caster staves that give a bonus to Hit (Dinomancer's Spiritbinding Spire) in Raid Finder difficulty and via bonus rolls.

      • Council of Elders

        • Decreased the power gain rate of possessed council members in 10-player Normal difficulty.

        • Frost King Malakk now deals less damage with each stack of Frostbite in 10-player Normal difficulty.

        • Sul the Sandcrawler now deals less damage with Sandbolt in 10-player Normal difficulty.

      • Durumu the Forgotten

        • Disintegration Beam now dissipates sooner before reaching the end of the maze.

      • Horridon

        • Reduced the health of Farraki Wastewalkers, Gurubashi Venom priests, Drakkari Frozen Warlords, and Amani Warbears in the Horridon encounter by 15% in 10-player Normal difficulty.

        • Drakkari Frozen Warlord now deals less damage with Mortal Strike in 10-player Normal difficulty.

        • Risen Drakkari Champions and Warriors now deals less damage with Deadly Plague in 10-player Normal difficulty.

      • Primordius

        • Slightly reduced the health of Primordius in 10-player and 25-player Heroic difficulty.

      • Tortos

        • Whirl Turtles now have a reduced base movement speed in 10-player Normal difficulty.

        • Vampiric Cave Bats now deal less damage in 10-player Normal difficulty.

    • Heart of Fear

      • Garalon

        • Garalon's enrage timer has been increased to 12 minutes, up from 7 minutes in 10-player and 25-player Normal difficulty.

  • Comments

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