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Beware: Halion throws out a challenge4 years ago
It has been more than one week since the Ruby Sanctum was opened, yet only 10% of raiding guilds have claimed a Halion 10 kill.

According to our gear level data, Halion 10 (normal mode) is currently requiring an average raid gear score of 5850 to earn a first kill, placing him up with Professor Putricide 10 Heroic in terms of difficulty. Similarly, Halion 25 (normal mode) is showing an average raid gear score of 6020, just behind Sindragosa 25 Heroic difficulty.

Given the iLvL of the Halion loot is higher than ICC, it should come as no surprise that the encounter was designed to be challenging. So if your guild is still doing normal mode ICC or you have just started on heroics, don't be surprised if Halion normal-mode requires a lot of work to conquer.

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