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The Warcraft Syndicate Interview4 years ago
The team at The Warcraft Syndicate have published episode#28 containing an interview with me on account security. In the interview I cover topics such as the future of multi-factor authentication with WoW, security and privacy with the Facebook integration to battle.net, unique hacking attempts and the upcoming threats to account security. Head on over and check it out! -Polar

ICC buff now 20%4 years ago
Blizzard has stuck to their 4 week cycle and increased the Icecrown Citadel buff from +15% to +20%. At this rate, we can expect the next increase on June 22.

Ruby Sanctum items4 years ago
We have commenced adding the new Ruby Sanctum items to our Loot Rank database. We will add additional items as they are revealed on the PTR. The new trinkets look exciting!

Promote your guild4 years ago
Is your guild looking for more players? Having trouble filling raid spots? GuildOx has just launched a new guild promotion service. It places your guild details and a custom message above the realm rankings - just like this. Available to premium members - become a premium supporter today and promote your guild! (Premium members can set this up through the 'options' page)

ICC progress data added to XML interface4 years ago
We have added the ICC Heroic progress information to the GuildOx XML interface. If you run a web site then you can use this data to display live GuildOx guild ranking and achievement information. See our About page for details.

Blood Legion claims all 25m raid achievements4 years ago
Congratulations to the guild Blood Legion of Illidan-US for being the first in the world to earn all 25m raid achievements in the game. They topped out their achievement list by completing Sindragosa's All You Can Eat and the Glory of the Icecrown Raider meta. They earned their Lich King 25 heroic kill on the 28th April.

Caspi sweeps up every achievement4 years ago
Congratulations to Caspi of Refuge (Taerar-EU) for completing every achievement currently in the game. Caspi finished his achievement hunt with Refuge's first heroic Lich King 25 kill.

Removing ToGC from progression4 years ago
In the next couple of days we will be removing ToGC from the progression ranks and calculations. This is happening so that we don't force guilds to run older content for the sake improving their rankings. ToC (normal mode) will remain in the progression rankings since it is a natural stepping stone towards ICC.

15% ICC Buff and Cataclysm Raid Changes4 years ago
Great news everyone, the ICC raid buff is now at +15%! We can expect to see quite a few more Lich King kills this coming week.

The other big news of the week is the announcement by Blizzard which talks about 10 man and 25 man raiding in Cataclysm. Specifically, 10m and 25m raiding will drop the same loot and be tuned to similar difficulty. This will especially good news for all the 10m strict guilds out there. Read more at wow.com.

Loot Rank now supports tier piece weighting4 years ago
We are pleased to announce that our Loot Rank service now supports custom scoring for Tier 9 and Tier 10 pieces. You can add different weighting for new pieces and pieces currently worn. This allows items to be weighted for any contribution they may make to a set bonus.

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