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Moving Beyond Saurfang4 years ago
Your raid team has just defeated normal-mode Deathbringer Saurfang, so where to next? You have plenty of choices. Do you go Festergut, Rotface, Blood-Prince Council or Valithria Dreamwalker? Some of these encounters are more difficult than others and the key to quick progression is tackling the easiest ones first.

According to our World Progress Stats, which shows the gear level of raids when they first down a given ICC boss, Festergut is the easiest of the bosses past Saurfang for both 25 and 10 man raids. The Festergut encounter is a dps check - and one that has been getting considerably more achievable with the increasing ICC zone buff. Note that there is quite an average raid gear level jump from Saurfang to Festergut - suggesting that you may require a bit of work on him before you get him down.

Rotface, the other abomination in the Plagueworks, is the next easiest encounter and is almost on par with Festergut with respect to gear level requirement.

From here it gets interesting - for 25m raiding, the Blood-Prince Council is next in line followed by Dreamwalker and Professor Putricide. However, for 10m raid groups, Professor Putricide is somewhat easier than his 25m counterpart and is the next boss followed by Dreamwalker and Blood-Prince Council.

Sindragosa remains the most difficult normal-mode encounter before the Lich King so be sure to leave her until very last.

Finally, keep in mind that raid gear levels are one thing, but a healthy knowledge of the fights and good skill will go a long way to helping you be successful in your ICC campaign.

ICC raid buff now +25%4 years ago
According to mmo-champion, the Icecrown Citadel raid buff has been increased from +20% to +25% for damage, healing and health. Blizzard has again been true to their four week cycle on the ICC buff. Only 159 guilds worldwide having completed the Lich King 25 Heroic to date - with this extra 5%, we should see this number increase somewhat over the coming weeks.

At this rate, we can expect the next +30% ICC buff to be active on Jul 20.

ZARHYM: We have increased the potency of the Strength of Wrynn and Hellscream's Warsong buffs in Icecrown Citadel by an additional 5%. These buffs now increase total health, healing done and damage dealt by 25%. In addition, the number of attempts allotted for all final bosses on Heroic difficulty has been increased to 55.

Update: Later correction from Zarhym - the number of pooled heroic attempts remains at 50.

Midsummer Festival Begins4 years ago
The midsummer fire festival is upon us and with it comes new ilvl 232 epic items from the Slave Pens seasonal boss, Frost Lord Ahune:
You can easily access Lord Ahune via the dungeon finder system. Upon killing him, you will receive a Satchel of Chilled Goods which will contain two Emblems of Frost and a chance to pick up the Frostscythe or a new Frigid Frostling pet. You are limited to one satchel per day.

We have loaded these items into our Loot Rank database so you can check out just how good they are.

Grim Batol previewed4 years ago
Details of one of Cataclysm's L85 5-man dungeons, Grim Batol, has been published:

During a bloody civil war among the three dwarven factions of Ironforge, the Bronzebeards ousted the Wildhammer and the Dark Iron clans from the ancient corridors of the mountain city. In the wake of the defeat, the Wildhammers ventured north and forged a new home, Grim Batol, in the mountains of what is now the Twilight Highlands. However, although they worked tirelessly to create a better future for themselves, the Dark Irons, who established the city of Thaurissan in the Redridge Mountains, could not move beyond the memory of their defeat. Consumed by the desire for revenge and desperate to control the entire dwarven region of Khaz Modan, the Dark Irons led a two-pronged assault on the Bronzebeards in Ironforge and the Wildhammers in Grim Batol. Despite their past differences, these two embattled rivals joined forces and drove the Dark Irons out of Khaz Modan, decimating the armies of the treacherous clan's sorcerer-thane, Thaurissan. Yet victory carried grave consequences. Although Thaurissan's wife and queen, Modgud, was slain during the attack on Grim Batol, her death tainted the mountain fortress. While the Bronzebeards rebuilt their glorious city of Ironforge, the Wildhammers felt forever changed by the horrors they witnessed at Grim Batol. They fled their cursed home and never returned.

Check out Blizzard's official Grim Batol page for more details.


10m Casual ranks and DE/FR/RU/ES filter added4 years ago
We are pleased to announce the addition of 10m Casual ranks. Following in the steps of our pioneering 10m strict ranks, the new 10m casual ranks allow 10m raiding guilds to compete where they no longer qualify for the strict rankings.

The 10m Casual ranks list guilds where their 10m world progress rank is at least 5000 positions better than their 25m rank. It is a very simple measure - there is no monitoring of gear or boss kills. It is designed to be a 'casual' form of ranking of 10m guild progress. Click on the 10m Casual Progress Rank button to see the rankings. The individual guild pages list the world, region and server casual ranks and the guild progress charts also show the casual ranking trends over time.

In other news, due to popular requests from our European users, we have added filters for servers of specific languages. You can now see your ranking amongst DE, FR, RU and ES speaking servers by selecting the appropriate language filter.

Ghostcrawler comments on bonus 25m raid badges4 years ago
Commenting on the extra badges/points that are to be gained from 25m raidings vs 10m raiding (source):

GHOSTCRAWLER: We're still messing around with the numbers because we want a system that works not only at launch but once there are multiple raid tiers and perhaps weekly raid quests and the whole nine yards. A very general idea (meaning it could end up being different) is that a group that can clear a 25-player raid can earn all of their points that way, while a 10-player group may need to supplement that income with more Dungeon Finder runs. We also recognize that badges are attractive early in a tier but that they lose their luster once you've earned a few pieces, so they can't be the only incentive.

Confirming if the boss kill achievements will be different for 25 and 10 man raiding (source):

GHOSTCRAWLER: Single achievement.


New Cataclysm Raid Changes4 years ago
Malgayne of Wowhead.com had the pleasure of attending the Blizzard press event regarding the upcoming Cataclysm release.

Of special interest is the new information relating to the Cataclysm raid format:
  • 25man raids will drop more loot per player, specifically 50% more and it has been suggested that this bonus loot will be in the form of emblems.
  • You can downshift (split) your 25man raid into up to three separate 10man raids.
  • Raid IDs will be less restrictive in that if you already have a raid ID then you will be able to join another raid ID within the same lockout period provided they have no bosses up that you have already killed.
  • There is also discussion about a new guild landing page with an activity feed, similar to that which the wowarmory has for characters.
Head on over to Wowhead and check out the details.

Lich King dead, which heroics first?4 years ago
You have just killed the Lich King on normal mode and are about to embark on heroics. Icecrown Citadel allows you to choose to do any fight in heroic mode but some heroics are much more difficult than others. Choosing the right heroics early in your campaign allows your group to gear up faster.

Our world progress stats provides data on the average gear level of raiding groups when they first conquer a given fight. This gives an indication of the relative difficulty of each of the encounters and suggests the following heroic starting points:

25 man - Gunship Battle, Lord Marrowgar and Rotface are the entry level heroics. After that, try Blood Prince Council, Blood-Queen Lana'thel and Festergut.

10 man - Gunship Battle, Lord Marrowgar and Lady Deathwhisper are the easier heroics. Saurfang and Rotface should be attempted next.

Professor Putricide and Sindragosa remain the most difficult of the heroic fights in both 10 and 25 forms. It is best to leave these until last.

GuildOx Elitist Jerks discussion4 years ago
In order to provide a place to discuss future GuildOx features, we have partnered with the team at Elitist Jerks to provide a GuildOx discussion thread on the EJ Forums. This is the ideal place to share your thoughts on the direction of the GuildOx service. The EJ team do a wonderful job at maintaining quality discussions. Visit the thread today and share your ideas with the GuildOx community.

Ruby Sanctum delay, character moves, realm rankings4 years ago
Blizzard has announced that it will not be making the Ruby Sanctum available to US realms as soon as patch 3.3.5 is released. They are planning on releasing 3.3.5 to US realms only and then rolling it out to other regions once the patch has settled in.

Zarhym: Due to the fact that we will be delaying the release of patch 3.3.5 in Europe, Korea and Taiwan in order to ensure the patch process in all regions is as smooth as possible, the Ruby Sanctum will not immediately be available on North American realms upon the release of the patch. Once patch 3.3.5 has been released in North America and we are confident about a time when we can open up Ruby Sanctum, we will provide an update here on the forums. Source

In other news, we have added the following new features to GuildOx:

Realm Ranks - our new world realm ranks list all realms ranked by their 25m progress achievements. Realms such as Blackrock-US and Mal'Ganis-US are presently leading the way.

Character Moves - each GuildOx guild page now has a new 'Moves' tab which shows the movement of characters in to and out of the guild. Check out an example.

World Progress Stats - we have added charts to provide a visual representation of the varying difficulty of bosses in ICC.

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