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Guilds clear all bosses within first week4 years ago
We are beginning to see the first full clears of bosses on normal mode and only 5 days after Cataclysm release. Russian guild Exorsus leads the way with the world-first kill of Nefarian on normal mode, closely followed by Paragon.

Keep an eye on GuildOx.com to see the heroic versions of these bosses claimed after raid reset - later this week!


We are off and racing!4 years ago
The first lot of normal-mode boss kills are happening and after a slight technical hitch, the world raid ranks are now populating nicely.

How can you help? If your guild kills a new raid boss then be sure to jump on to your guild page (use the search option if you can't find it) and push the 'Update' button. Ask a few of your raid members to log out and back in quickly to ensure that the battle.net pages are refreshed. Your boss kill will be recorded immediately.

Would you like to know which bosses are the easier ones to start on? Check out our World Progress Stats for details on the gear score that is being seen when guilds first kill the boss.

The new GuildOx add-on - yes, I have pulled out some LUA coding tutorials and delivered the first Guild Rank addon for Wow. It shows the guild ranks of players in their tooltip - so you know the guild advancement for those party members that you have in your random dungeon or battleground group. Download it today via Curse (don't forget to vote for it while you are there).

One last point - you can expect to see to-the-minute timestamps on the heroic boss kills (we have not enabled this for normal boss kills).



Guild Achievement and Guild Level ranks4 years ago
Our new guild achievement and guild level ranks are starting to populate nicely. They show guilds ranked by official guild achievement points and levels. Check them out today.

First level 85!4 years ago
It seems as though we have our world's first level 85. Congratulations to Forscience of Neptulon-EU.

The wait is over!4 years ago
Catacylsm is finally upon us. Enjoy the new expansion.

As you will have noticed, we have cleared the WotLK data from GuildOx. All guild progress has been reset. Guilds will be ranked on the new Cataclysm raid content and your guilds will begin to show up in the ranking tables as soon as you get that first raid kill.

Cataclysm launch tips from Blizzard:

Q. Will there be any type of maintenance or downtime tonight?
A. We currently have no maintenance or downtime scheduled for the launch of Cataclysm. This may change depending on how smoothly the launch goes, and we'll be sure to keep you updated should anything change.

Q. So, I won't need to patch or anything?
A. Nope. Once you've installed the expansion from the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm DVD or completed the background download (available through the digital pre-purchase: http://us.battle.net/en/info/presale), you're good to go. No additional patching should be necessary.

Q. If I've already installed World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and upgraded my account, will I need to do anything special at midnight in order to access the new expansion content?
A. Once Cataclysm is marked live on all realms, simply exit out to the login screen (the one featuring Deathwing's toothy grin) and log back in. This will provide you full access to the new content including the goblin and worgen races and level 80-85 zones.

If you're concerned that you won't know when to re-log, we've got you covered. After Cataclysm is marked live, if you're still logged in and are playing from an upgraded client, you'll be prompted with official in-game messaging that will instruct you to log out and then log back in.

Q. Where do I need to go to access the new level 80-82 zones (Hyjal and Vashj'ir)?
A. Portals to each of these embattled zones have been established in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Report to your respective faction capitols for transportation assistance.

Q. Will I be able to Race Change or Faction Change one of my characters to a goblin or worgen right away?
A. Yes, you will be able to change your characters' race to goblin or worgen by purchasing a Race Change or Faction Change immediately after Cataclysm is released.


One sleep to go! GuildOx updates4 years ago
With just one sleep to go, we have some update announcements for the GuildOx service.

WotLK achievements are being removed - you will see the WotLK acheivements disappearing from GuildOx. Don't worry - your last 9 months of rankings will still be shown on your guild's progress chart.

World Rank calculations temporarily suspended - your guild's world and realm ranks will be suspended until guilds first enter the T11 raid dungeons. If history is anything to go by, you can expect this to happen within the first week of Cataclysm.

New GuildOx site - we have a new site ready to go and we will be making this available upon official Cataclysm release. If you are using our XML feed then note that some of the XML tags will be changing for Cataclysm. GuildOx will be ready to show all of the world-first boss kills, top GS players, new raid loot and other up-to-date guild progress info.


Reforging of the World unlocked4 years ago
The reforging of the world cinematic has been unlocked and is now available via fortune.worldofwarcraft.com.


GuildOx Prepares for Cataclysm4 years ago
GuildOx is now mid-way through our Cataclysm transformation, saying farewell to our innovative 10m-strict rankings but welcoming in a load of new innovations.

Farewell to 10-man strict
As discussed, I have removed the 10m strict rankings. I want to wish all of our 10-man strict guilds the very best of luck for Cataclysm and want to thank you all for your loyalty to the GuildOx rankings. The change to the raiding system will give all of the 10m strict guilds the level playing field that we have been waiting for - and I know you will all rise to the occasion and truly compete with those 25m guilds.

Changes to the site
You may have noticed a few other changes to the site. All reference to 10m strict and 10m casual rankings have been removed. Two new rankings have been added - Raid Progress Ranks and Raid Achievement Ranks. These will be the new combined ranks showing first kill progression and raid achievement ranks, regardless of the size of the raiding group. They are currently showing the old 25m ranking data but this will be reset upon Cataclysm release.

The distinct 25m and 10m rankings currently remain. I intend to provide a format for showing boss kill rates separately for 25m and 10m raiding. The final format of these tables is still undergoing change.

The Toon Rank system now pulls data from the new battle.net character pages and all links to the wowarmory have been updated to point to these new pages. Our TW and KR friends don't have the new armory character pages at the moment, but GuildOx will start grabbing data from them as soon as Blizzard enables them.

If you wish to provide some suggestions or comments then be sure to visit our Elitist Jerks discussion.

With less than one week to go, you can expect some additional and exciting changes to GuildOx!



Cataclysm items now available4 years ago
We have commenced loading the new Cataclysm items into Loot Rank so that you can work out your upgrades as soon as the expansion hits. You can filter the upgrade lists for all of the main raids and 5m dungeons, both heroic and normal versions. Other filters have been added for justice points and valor points purchases.

Many of the epic items still don't have official drop sources - but we will add these as soon as they become available.

Not sure where to start? Check out our template page.

Race to World First Trailer4 years ago
The team at Looking For Group Productions have released a trailer for their documentary on top WoW guilds and their strive for world first kills. It looks like a great production - be sure to check it out.


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