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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

GuildOx News

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Shannox defeated by 25,000 guilds3 years ago
Shannox has reached the milestone of being defeated by 25,000 guilds. This has been completed in just over 1 month since the Firelands raid release of late June. The vast majority of kills have been completed in a 10m raid mode. More details of Shannox and other Firelands raid bosses can be found on our World Progress Stats page.

Loot Rank Firelands Updates3 years ago
Our Loot Rank service has undergone some heavy duty Firelands updates over the past week. The following new additions have been made:

  • All Firelands "random enchantment" items have now been fully implemented - some of these are best in slot as well
  • All class templates have now been refreshed for patch 4.2
  • Firelands trinket on-use and proc's have now been modeled

So if you are looking to get on top of your raiding upgrades, GuildOx's Loot Rank is the perfect place. Start with one of the class templates, import your character and you can see what is an upgrade, ideal gemming schemes and how you should reforge. You can also view best in slot (BiS) items and your top 50 upgrade list.


Method claims Heroic: Ragnaros3 years ago
Method of Xavius-EU has claimed the achievement Heroic: Ragnaros.

New Progress Pics added3 years ago
We have added some new progression pics which you can display on your guild web site to show your raid progress and BG ratings. The pics are of a Firelands theme and can be found on the "Pics" tab of your GuildOx guild page. We offer both HTML and BBCODE options. Example:

GuildOx rankings GuildOx rankings GuildOx rankings


DREAM Paragon claims World First Heroic: Ragnaros3 years ago
Paragon of Lightning's Blade-EU has claimed the world-first kill of Heroic: Ragnaros.

Update: Their kill video is now available:


Valor points coming back to T11 raids3 years ago
Due to player feedback, Blizzard has announced that Valor points will be making a return to the T11 normal instances (Source):

Due to some recent player feedback we've made the decision to implement a hotfix that will put Valor Points back on the bosses in Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of the Four Winds (except Argoloth).

We agreed that players should have some additional options for earning Valor Points beyond Firelands, Zandalari dungeons, and tier 11 Heroic difficulty raids. We don't want raiding guilds to feel like they have to raid Firelands AND the old raids every week, but we do want players to feel like they have some options besides running ZA/ZG over and over.

Bosses in these raids will award 35 VP on 10-player normal difficulty, and 45 VP on 25-player normal difficulty, to match the rewards currently offered for the Heroic versions of those encounters.


New Rankings, part II3 years ago
I took a much closer look at the ranking system last weekend and asked you all to participate in a poll. The poll asked what you prefer as a guild progress ranking system - did you want a system that ranked guilds soley based on their latest kill or would you prefer to have system which awards points for the speed of kills. The overwhelming response was to support the latter method.

So during the past week I swapped the GuildOx rankings over to a points scoring system. It is a system that awards points for boss kills, giving bonus points for kills done within 6 months of the world first kill. This system is what is commonly being used by other ranking sites.

What makes us different then? We have some great additional features that you won't find elsewhere -

1. GuildOx makes adjustments to heroic kill dates for EU and KR guilds to compensate them for late access to the heroic content
2. GuildOx calculates bonus points based on the second of the kill, not the day, providing greater granularity on kills made on the same day
3. We put a lot of effort into ensuring a great site experience and have some more additions coming very soon

I am very pleased with the results and believe they are the most accurate rankings available today. If you have any comments or suggestions then don't hesitate to drop me an email polar at GuildOx dot com

GuildOx Announces New Ranking System3 years ago
We are proud to announce that GuildOx is the first WoW guild ranking service to offer a new ranking system that is fair for regions with delayed access to content.

The new GuildOx ranks are based on "normalized" heroic kill dates where the delayed server start of a region is taken into account. We normalize the date of a heroic kill by subtracting the time difference between the first kill of the first heroic boss for that region versus the region that had first access to the raid content.

For example, the first heroic boss killed for both US and EU servers was Shannox. The time difference between the US and EU kills was 13.7 hours. Consequently, all subsequent Firelands heroic kills by all EU guilds are now being ranked as if they were completed 13.7 hours earlier.

We are also normalizing KR guild heroic kills. Note that we are waiting on TW data to be available on the new API system so we can adjust TW kills accordingly.

This system results in a much more accurate set of progress rankings and one that we expect will become the benchmark of rankings going forward.

See the results for yourself


WoW TCG Loot Giveaway3 years ago
Our very good friends at WoW TCG Loot have provided us with some prizes to give away to help GuildOx users celebrate the Firelands release.

Up for grabs are the following items:

2x Perpetual Purple Firework
3x War Party Hitching Post

To enter the competition, simply register with us. If you have already registered with GuildOx then you automatically qualify.

Winners will be drawn on the 20th July (update: closing date extended) and notifed via email. One item per winner. Items available on US and EU servers.

Update Jul-20: We have contacted our winners - thanks to all that participated.

While you are at it, head on over to our facebook page and like us:


Method claims Heroic: Majordomo Staghelm3 years ago
Method of Xavius-EU has claimed the achievement Heroic: Majordomo Staghelm.

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