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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

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Blizzcon News3 years ago
A big day at Blizzcon with the announcement of the next WoW expansion, The Mists of Pandaria.

Notable major features include:
  • Pandaren as the new race
  • Monks as the new playable class
  • A level 90 cap
  • A new dungeon challenge mode for Pandaria 5-man dungeons
  • The Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance will be refreshed to offer a Level 90 version
The new 5-man dungeon previews were made available:

One of the first raids was also discussed:

One of the three new raids launching with Mists of Pandaria was also unveiled: Mogu'Shan Palace. This six-boss raid is located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and invites you to explore the hidden secrets of the elusive Mogu empire, one of the new indigenous Pandarian races.

Official Dungeons and Raids blog

A Blizzcon Prediction3 years ago
With Blizzcon fast approaching, I was thinking of what may be revealed by Blizzard and came to the conclusion that I believe we are due for an adjustment to the raid sizing come the next expansion.

Why? Of the two raiding formats, 25 and 10, the 10m raiding is making up the vast majority of raiding. If you take a look at our World Progress Stats you will see that 10m raiding absolutely dominates. Take heroic Shannox for example - the 10m kill rate is six times that of the 25m kill rate. This is for a whole lot of reasons which I won't raise here but it begs the obvious questions - is the Blizzard team committed to 25m raiding and if not, will we see the 25/10 modes consolidated into a new raid size that sits somewhere in between?

A 15m raid mode could be something on the cards for the next Xpac. 15m raiding brings the best of both worlds - it allows for individual performance to still matter, yet it provides a little more of the epic feel of larger raids. If the Blizzard developers were to spend more time adding raid content and less time on tuning 10m and 25m modes then I think it would would be a great win. On a selfish note, having a single raid size would make guild ranking so much simpler as well.

On doing a bit of a research, I noticed that this has been brought up recently.

Let's wait and see what happens. In the meantime head over to our Facebook page and add your thoughts on possible Blizzcon raid announcements.


Hallow's End Epic Items Added3 years ago
Hallow's End has just kicked off and the new Hallow's End epic ilvl 365 items, gained from defeating the Headless Horseman via the random dungeon finder, have been added to our Loot Rank gear lists. Enjoy!

Shannox cleared by 40,000 guilds3 years ago
Shannox has reached a new milestone of being defeated by 40,000 guilds. This has been completed in just over 3 months since the Firelands raid release in late June. The vast majority of kills have been completed in a 10m raid mode by raid teams with an average raid iLvl of 362. More statistics on Shannox and other Firelands raid bosses can be found on our World Progress Stats page.

Looking For More?3 years ago
Many guilds are finding recruitment tough going at the moment. GuildOx can certainly help.

First, make sure your guild URL is entered on your GuildOx guild page. We get a lot of visitors browsing our guild ranks to search for new raiding guilds - so having your guild URL entered allows them to go straight to your recruitment page. Not sure where to find your guild page? Start with our guild search function.

Second, our premium membership allows you to enter a short advertisement for your guild and this will be regularly displayed on your realm's guild rankings page. Users that click on your ad will be taken direct to your guild web site's recruitment page. We have found that our premium members receive substantial interest via this method - all for a very low monthly contribution. Give it a go for a month and see the results - you will be supporting this service while you are at it. How to become a Premium Member


Guild BG Ratings3 years ago
Due to feedback, I have made an adjustment to the way GuildOx calculates the Guild Battleground Rating. Characters that have not logged into the game for 2 months are now excluded from the top 10 BG Rating average calculation. This change has only just be made so it will take a day or so for it to filter through to all of the guild standings.


In memory of Steve Jobs3 years ago
"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being"


US API Servers3 years ago
Blizzard's US API servers seem to be a little broken at the moment. If you are having a slow time of getting your kills updated in the past 24 hours then this is probably why. I have contacted the Blizzard API team and hope to have things sorted out asap.

Update: The Blizzard API team waved their Wand of Restoration and all seems to be fixed.


Update issue fixed3 years ago
A small bug had crept into the system over the past couple of days and was preventing some guilds from having their recent boss kills from being recognized. This has been fixed. Many thanks to those that contacted us and reported it.

Brewfest Epic Items Added3 years ago
The new Brewfest epic ilvl 365 items, gained from defeating Coren Direbrew via the random dungeon finder, have been added to our Loot Rank gear lists. The melee, caster and healer trinkets have been modelled. Enjoy!

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