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Guild Popularity Ranks Now Available3 years ago
Happy New Year! I am pleased to announce that we have launched our Guild Popularity Ranks which show the all guilds ranked by their vote rating. The more popular guilds will float to the top, and the less enjoyable guilds will drop to the bottom. It makes the ideal tool for searching out that next guild.

How can you add your vote? Simply click on the 1-5 star rating at the top of each guild page and then update the guild for an instant rating change. Get all of your guildies to come and vote for your guild.

In other news, you will notice that the raiding mode (10 or 25) has been added to each guild in the guild rank tables. example


Экзорсус claims Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider3 years ago
Экзорсус of Soulflayer-EU have claimed the achievement Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider.


The Top Guilds of 20113 years ago
KIN Raiders (KR), In extremis (KR), DREAM Paragon (EU) and Silent (EU) finish on top of the GuildOx charts for 2011. Blood Legion (US) came in 5th - just missing out on a higher ranking due to the kill date adjustments to take into account delayed access to heroic content for EU, KR and TW guilds.

Remember that we are fairly unique in that we are not just ranking based on the final kill date of the Madness of Deathwing - we sum the points from all heroic kills and rank based on that. This is done to reward consistency and is why our rankings differ somewhat.

Stars and other TW guilds are still yet to be ranked accurately - the official API is not yet providing any Dragon Soul kill/achievement data for TW guilds. I am reluctant to scrape HTML from the TW battle.net site since Blizzard has clearly stated that this is something they will ban IPs when caught. The Blizzard API team are aware of the issue but a due date for a fix is yet to come. In the meantime, I have made a manual adjustment for Star's heroic achievements but kill dates are out by up to 24 hours - be aware that Stars will finish higher in the rankings when we eventually receive accurate kill times via the API.


Update: Added Silent (EU) to the list

Raid Lists Added3 years ago
Raid lists, showing names and specs of characters in specific raids, have been added for each heroic kill. You can now click on the "list" link shown on the guild's progress tab and see the list of raiders that were present for the kill. This link will be available for all heroic kills that were completed from Dec 21 onwards.

Madness of Deathwing Weapon Values3 years ago
I have done a refresh of the weapon values that drop from the Madness of Deathwing encounter - most of them have procs and these have been modelled in Look Rank to give a more accurate ranking result. Additionally, the various rogue weapons in the legendary series have also been updated. Check out the class templates today!

즐거운공격대 claims Heroic: Madness of Deathwing3 years ago
In a world-first, Korean guild 즐거운공격대 of Kargath-KR (KIN Raiders) have claimed the achievement Heroic: Madness of Deathwing in 25m mode. They were the first to defeat heroic Spine of Deathwing and have followed up with the Madness kill. Congratulations to them!

Raid composition, including 6 shaman and 4 priests:

Dartyu (Shaman)
Detonator (Shaman)
Excaliber (Shaman)
사꾸 (Shaman)
Ziltoo (Shaman)
Yuribie (Shaman)
Gortyu (Druid)
데오바인 (Druid)
Kz (Priest)
사제천진 (Priest)
Yoko (Priest)
Neichell (Priest)
Lurker (Hunter)
Versaille (Mage)
철수와초코렛 (Mage)
Vincente (Warlock)
공허의배신자 (Paladin)
엘리에 (Paladin)
배고픈아크 (Rogue)
비행청년 (Rogue)
박규리 (Rogue)
죽음의요새의결의 (Death Knight)
쫘죽기 (Death Knight)
괴도라팡 (Death Knight)

In extremis claims Heroic: Spine of Deathwing3 years ago
In extremis of Norgannon-KR has claimed the achievement Heroic: Spine of Deathwing.


즐거운공격대 claims Heroic: Spine of Deathwing3 years ago
즐거운공격대 of Kargath-KR has claimed the achievement Heroic: Spine of Deathwing.


Spine of Deathwing Heroic Hotfix3 years ago
Blizzard has announced some hotfixes, which includes some health adjustments to the 25m Spine of Deathwing encounter. We might see a heroic kill slightly sooner than expected. Stay tuned for more heroic action.

Spine of Deathwing
  • Blood Corruption: Earth will no longer morph into Blood Corruption: Death when dispelled.
  • Blood Corruption: Earth now applies two stacks of Blood of Neltharion when it expires on 25-player heroic difficulty.
  • The health pools for Burning Tendon, Corrupted Blood, Corruption, and Hideous Amalgamation have been reduced by 6 to 11% for 25-person raids on both normal and Heroic difficulty.
  • Hideous Amalgamations with the Superheated buff no longer pulse their AE damage after being thrown from Deathwing's back.

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping has also had some adjustments on 25m heroic mode, aiming to make the encounter a little easier. This was a needed change since out of 588 kills, only 22 had been done in 25m mode.

A full list of hotfixes can be found here.

The Spine Challenges Top Guilds3 years ago
It has been a few days now with no new heroic kills. The Spine of Deathwing is proving to be a real challenge. The talk about town is that the fight is a massive gear check with raids being overwhelmed by adds. There is some speculation that this fight might take a couple more weeks before gear levels are sufficiently high enough to down the boss. Time will tell though.

DREAM Paragon sits atop the GuildOx rankings. A few people have asked why this is so given that vodka and Blood Legion killed heroic Ultraxion first. The answer is that we are adjusting the EU, KR and TW kills by the amount of time they were delayed access to the heroic material. The US had access to the content more than 12 hours ahead of EU and more than 24 hours ahead of KR and TW. The kill dates and progress scores have been adjusted accordingly to put all guilds on equal footing.

Want to still see the raw kill dates? You can do this by selecting the boss kill and then clicking the "raw" link at the top of the date field. Warmaster Blackhorn Example

Finally, don't forget to vote for the guilds. Click on the stars on each guild page to cast your vote. You can also vote on individual characters as well.


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