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Heroic Raid Boss Changes2 years ago
Two Heroic mode encounters in the Heart of Fear and the Terrace of Endless Spring are changing with the Raid reset this week:
  • Grand Empress Shek’zeer
    • The damage dealt by Corrupted Dissonance, Sonic Discharge, and Cry of Terror has been reduced by approximately 10% in the Heroic mode version of this encounter.

  • Protectors of the Endless
    • The damage dealt by Touch of Sha no longer increases for each Protector that is defeated in the Heroic mode version of this encounter.


5.1 Developer Interviews2 years ago
Over the course of the last week, fansites across North America and Europe were given an opportunity to chat with World of Warcraft leading developers and ask questions about Mists of Pandaria, hot topics in the community, current design philosophies, the future of the game, and a lot more. Listen up, read along, and tune in!

Tom "Kalgan" Chilton, Game Director

* Arena Junkies - Audio interview by Diziet covering all things PvP.

Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas, Lead Encounter Designer

* Convert to Raid - Podcast interview focused on Mists endgame and dungeons.
* Method News - Interview transcript by raiding extraordinaire Rogerbrown about endgame progression and Patch 5.1.

Dave "Fargo" Kosak, Lead Quest Designer

* Darkmoon Herald - Podcast interview on Mists endgame and story.
* Wowhead - Transcript by Perculia covering Mists endgame and story.

Cory "Mumper" Stockton, Lead Content Designer

* Curse News - Coming soon.
* Warcraft Pets - Audio interview about pet battles and companions.

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, Lead Systems Designer

* All Things Azeroth - Podcast interview by Medros, Rho (Realm Maintenance Podcast), and Nananea covering Mists endgame and systems.
* Legendary on Gamebreaker.tv - Video interview by Gary Gannon, Josh Allen (TankSpot), and Olivia Grace (WoW Insider) covering Mists endgame and systems.
* Wowjuju - Transcript covering Mists endgame and systems.

Dave Kosak and Cory Stockton

* WoW Insider - Transcript by Anne Stickney; combined interview about Mists endgame content and story.

Midwinter Claim World-First Glory of the Pandria Raider2 years ago
Midwinter of Sargeras-US are the first to claim Glory of the Pandaria Raider


Is Your Guild Ready For Heroic Raids?2 years ago
Guilds are currently spoiled for choice when it comes to tackling raids. After conquering Mogu'shan Vaults normal mode, guilds can head on to the Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless spring, both offering item level 496 gear. Additionally, Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults is another option and it offers up heroic item level 502 gear. When is the best time to start with heroics and which heroic bosses are the easiest?

Taking a look at our World Boss Kill Stats, we can see that the first heroic boss on the list is the first set of bosses in Mogu'shan Vaults - Heroic Stone Guard. Looking at both the achievement rates and average raid item level, Heroic Stone Guard is very similar in difficulty to Garalon normal. So if your guild can kill Heart of Fear's Garalon then they should be ready to take on Heroic Stone Guard.

The next heroic boss on the list is the second encounter in Mogu'shan VaultsHeroic Feng the Accursed. Feng is best attempted once your guild has conquered Grand Empress Shek'zeer, the final boss in Heart of Fear, on normal mode.

After Feng, most guilds are completing all of the normal mode bosses in Terrace of Endless Spring before moving on to the third heroic boss in Mogu'shan Vaults - Heroic Gara'jal.

We hope this has helped with chosing the right time for starting heroics so you can reap the rewards of the higher item level loot.

GuildOx Adds 5.1 Item Upgrades2 years ago
With the recent launch of patch 5.1, we have added support for epic item upgrading to our Loot Rank system.

You will notice that epic items have three versions that will show in the ranks - a non-upgraded item, a +4 ilvl upgrade and a +8 ilvl upgrade. The upgrade items will be denoted with a green up arrow and the level of the upgrade (L1 or L2) in the 'Item Level' cell. The Valor Point upgrade cost is also shown. The item tooltips also show the upgrade level and upgraded stats.

We will run this system as a beta over the new few weeks. Please report any bugs you find in our bug forum.

Coming Soon

* The ability to switch off item upgrades
* Correct detection of upgraded items when importing a character from Battle.net (waiting on a Blizzard API update)
* Justice point upgrade support for rare/blue quality items
* Conquest/Honor point upgrade support for PvP items

New 5.1 Reputation Items Added to Loot Rank2 years ago
Patch 5.1 brings a whole load of new ilvl 496 reputation items - belts, boots, rings and trinkets. These have been added to our Loot Rank system so you can see what upgrade value they have for you. Be sure to select your "Faction" on filter tab to filter out the items from the opposing faction.

You can get started with Loot Rank by selecting your class and spec from the Loot Rank drop-down menu. Then, "load your character" to rank all of your loot upgrades. Easy!

Patch 5.1 Hits Live Realms this Week2 years ago
We received an official notification stating that Patch 5.1 goes live this week!

Patch 5.1, the first Mists of Pandaria content patch, is scheduled for release beginning on Tuesday morning, November 27 in North America.

Also, don't forget that you can save 50% on Mists of Pandaria. Don’t delay—this offer ends Thursday, November 29 at 11:59 p.m. PST

Head on over to our friends at MMO-Champion for full coverage of the new features including upgradeable items, new reputation gear Wrathion quest lines and the Brawler's Guild.

Blood Legion Clear T14 & Claim US 1st2 years ago
Blood Legion have become the first US guild to clear the tier 14 raids. This follows earlier EU clears by DREAM Paragon and Method.


Tier 14 Cleared! DREAM Paragon claim world-first Heroic Sha2 years ago
After four long days of raiding, the team at DREAM Paragon have shown their class and claimed the world-first Heroic Sha of Fear and are the first to have completed the tier 14 raids.

Method followed up with the world-first 25m kill two hours later.

Day Three TES Progress Update2 years ago
It is day#3 since the opening of Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring and we have eight guilds sitting one boss short of a complete tier 14 clear - DREAM Paragon, Blood Legion, Exorsus, vodka, Stars, Method, Envy and Apex sit atop the progress leaderboard. Who will be the first to claim Heroic Sha of Fear?

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