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Welcome to Patch 5.22 years ago
Patch 5.2 is now with us and the first Throne of Thunder boss kills are starting to come through. Remember to pop on to GuildOx and hit 'update' on your guild page whenever you get a new boss kill. You can follow our World 25+10 Progress Rankings to see the latest world progress!

Patch 5.2 Comes March 52 years ago
Patch 5.2 will drop tomorrow. We have made the following preparations:
  • All Throne of Thunder bosses are loaded into our database so we can begin tracking raid progress - be sure to pop on to GuildOx when you have done your first boss-kill and hit the 'update' button on your guild page
  • All new Throne of Thunder raid achievements have been loaded in and can be viewed via the 'Guild Rank' drop-down menu
  • Our Loot Rank system has the new Throne of Thunder raid epics plus Shado-Pan Assault, Kirin Tor and Sunreaver faction rewards loaded up so you can check out your new upgrades
  • Item upgrades are no longer offered in the game so we have disabled this function in Loot Rank
A few quick tips for patch 5.2

Hang on to your Valor points (being mindful of the 3000 point cap) - there are plenty of new faction items that can be purchased with Valor. Hold on to your Lesser Charms - they can be used to purchase new Mogu Runes of Fate which are needed for bonus rolls in the Throne of Thunder raids and the new world bosses. You start the Isle of Thunder quests by being sent to the Shado-Pan garrison in Townlong Steppes - follow the quest line to the doorstep of the Throne of Thunder. The Throne of Thunder LFR requires an average item level of 480 and will open on March 12.

For more details, check out the great Patch 5.2 guides at MMO-Champion and Wowhead.

GuildOx Throne of Thunder Interview with Ion Hazzikostas2 years ago

GuildOx had the pleasure of interviewing Blizzard's lead encounter designer, Ion Hazzikostas, to get his personal insight on the upcoming 5.2 patch and The Throne of Thunder raid. Also check out Wowhead's patch 5.2 interview with Ion that covers his thoughts on progression paths, item upgrades, legendary items, thunderforged items and more.

Q. Where is the Throne of Thunder raid located and how do we get there?

Ion: The Throne of Thunder is Lei Shen’s citadel on the Isle of Thunder, which is the landmass just to the northwest of the main continent of Pandaria, and the setting for the majority of the new outdoor quest content in the 5.2 patch. Max-level players will receive breadcrumb quests that lead them to the new island upon logging into 5.2 for the first time. The raid zone itself is located at the northeastern edge of the island, behind multiple layers of walls and defenses.

Eventually, once players drive the quest-based assault on the Zandalari and Mogu forces on the island and the entire zone is unlocked, players will be able to walk right up to the front gates of the Throne of Thunder and zone in there. In the meantime, however, players can seek out a Shado-Pan camp in a cave at the northeastern edge of the Isle’s swamps, where a hidden sewer passage will allow direct access to the raid.

Q. How many wings does the Throne of Thunder raid have, and how many encounters are there per wing?

Ion: The Throne of Thunder consists of 12 raid bosses, divided into four 3-boss segments for Looking for Raid mode.

Q. Is this a Lich King-style raid where we have a linear entry and a series of bosses before we get to the wings, or more like Naxxramas where groups can access any of the wings from the start?

Ion: Actually, the entire raid is linear. We’d like to include more branches and wings in future raid layouts, but there was a lot of ground to cover in the Throne of Thunder, and that lent itself to a straight progression from start to finish.

This is a massive raid zone. I believe it’s our largest zone ever in terms of scope. Larger than Ulduar. Larger than Ahn’Qiraj. Players will progress through different environments, from the crumbling outdoor ruins, into an ancient subterranean grotto, through the dungeons and chambers where the Mogu conducted their darkest experiments, and finally to the seat of the Thunder King himself.

Q. We saw new encounter mechanics introduced in Mists of Pandaria. The one that stands out is the directional shield used by mobs in various fights, including the Will of the Emperor and the Sha of Fear encounters. Will we see more of this mechanic in 5.2 raiding, or the introduction of any brand new encounter mechanics?

Ion: I don’t believe the directional shield mechanic is used on any of the Throne of Thunder raid encounters, but we’re always looking to add new mechanics and clever twists on old favorites. Two examples of elements that players will find novel include the ability to aim and kick turtle shells during the Tortos encounter, and unique mechanics for tracing constellations to invoke the Pandarian animal gods during the battle against Lei Shen’s Twin Consorts.

Q. What would you consider the most innovative fights in the new raid and why?

Ion: All of the fights in the tier are innovative in different ways, but I’ll call out the Dark Animus encounter as entailing a particularly clever combination of puzzle-solving and combat mechanics, with a raid’s strengths in one area significantly impacting the course of the other.

Q. Shared health pool encounters have been featured regularly in recent releases. Can we expect to see more of these in the Throne of Thunder?

Ion: You know, we actually don’t have any traditional shared-health (a la Stone Guards or Will of the Emperor) bosses in this tier. The closest players will find should be Megaera, the massive hydra that takes damage whenever any of its heads is destroyed, but players will actually be defeating individual heads with their own health pools along the way.

Q. Is there any encounter in the new raid that is a stand-and-deliver Patchwerk/Ultraxion-style fight?

Ion: The very first encounter, Jin’rokh the Breaker, is probably the closest to that sort of model. He’s a powerful Zandalari berserker empowered with lightning energy. The fight involves more movement than Patchwerk or Ultraxion did, but there are no adds, and the fight is ultimately about taking down a single large brute.

Q. Which encounters are likely to be gear checks for raiding groups?

Ion: In general, we think we went a bit too far with some relatively tight numerical checks on Normal modes in Tier 14, particularly in the form of berserk timers. We’d rather see more of the effort of learning a fight be about mastering its mechanics, rather than realizing that even though everyone understands and can execute the mechanics, you won’t be able to win without more pure DPS. That said, guilds that haven’t finished Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring are likely going to run into difficulty keeping up with the fights much past Council of Elders, the third encounter in Throne of Thunder. The zone is tuned for people who have completed the previous tier of raiding. When 5.2 arrives, we’re reducing the difficulty of the 5.0 raids, in part to help guilds that weren’t quite able to get through all the 5.0 bosses get caught up.

Q. Which encounter do you expect will be the biggest challenge for tanks? Which fights, if any, might require more than two tanks?

Ion: Strict positioning requirements tend to add a significant tank challenge, and the Dark Animus encounter has those in spades. We haven’t designed any fights to require three tanks on 25-player mode this time around (unlike Stone Guard and Sha of Fear in 5.0), but it’s always possible that 25-player raiders will find that an additional tank introduces added stability or control on some encounter that justifies the loss of a DPS or healer.

Q. Which encounter will the healers enjoy the most?

Ion: It’s difficult to pick one, since the healing play style is very subjective and individual healers have widely varying preferences about the types of situations they enjoy. It’s probably safe to say that “stacked up and spamming AoE heals for minutes on end” is not one of them, and we do our best to avoid those situations. The Throne of Thunder encounters offer a mix of movement, raid-wide and focused damage, and periodic and burst damage. There should be something to challenge every type of healer, and for them to enjoy.

Q. How would you rate the range of complexity of all of the encounters in the Throne of Thunder compared to previous raid releases?

Ion: Similar to recent tiers. We’re not really trying to ratchet up the complexity of our encounters from patch to patch; more complexity rarely directly translates to more fun. Some fights, like Jin’rokh or Megaera, only have a handful of abilities. Others, like Iron Qon or Lei Shen, feature over a dozen, but they’re compartmentalized into distinct phases that make them much more readily manageable. I will say that initial learning of the Dark Animus encounter is likely to involve a higher ratio of talking/planning to pulling than we usually see.

Q. The final encounter with Lei Shen seems to feature a ton of different abilities. How will this fight compare in complexity to, say, a Yogg-Saron battle? What we can expect with this encounter?

Ion: In terms of its structure, Lei Shen is probably most similar to the Ragnaros encounter from Firelands. You have three distinct phases separated by two intermissions, with each phase adding some new abilities and getting rid of a couple from the previous phase. Lei Shen’s power comes from his vicious weapons, and from the four quadrants of his room, which he can empower to attack the players. The overall structure of the fight is something like this:

Phase 1 – Lei Shen wielding his Axe and parts of the room
Intermission – The whole room.
Phase 2 – Lei Shen wielding his Spear and parts of the room.
Intermission – The whole room, more concentrated than the first time.
Phase 3 – Lei Shen wielding both his Axe and his Spear, and some new tricks.

Q. We saw most of the Heroic bosses in patch 5.0 raids get conquered fairly quickly at the hands of the top world guilds. However, Heroic Sha of Fear was the one encounter that put up some resistance. Do you expect the Throne of Thunder heroic encounters to be similar in difficulty?

Ion: The very best guilds in the world put in a tremendous amount of time during the progression “race,” which compounds their skill advantage further. Encounters such as Spirit Kings, Will of the Emperor, and Shek’zeer took those guilds well over a dozen hours of continuous attempts to learn. One factor that accelerated progression through the 5.0 raids was our gated release of the different zones. The first kills of Heroic Sha of Fear were mere seconds from being failed attempts; if that progression had been occurring two weeks earlier, right on the heels of the first Shek’zeer kills, instead of with the benefit of additional weeks of gear, I think the result might have been different.

So, yes, I expect that the final third or so of Heroic Throne of Thunder will prove extremely challenging for the first guilds to get there, since they will be quite undergeared compared to what they will eventually be able to achieve in the zone. Now, I have long since learned never to underestimate our best players. If something is mathematically possible, it will be defeated, and that is to the credit of our players.

Q. What can you tell us about the Ra-den (Heroic-only) boss?

Ion: Not much. As the Dungeon Journal indicates, he is quite the mysterious figure. He’s a bit like Algalon in Ulduar–a shorter and less complex fight than Lei Shen, but intense from start to finish.

Q. If you had to pick a personal favorite, which new 5.2 raid boss encounter would it be and why?

Ion: Lei Shen. This encounter features some of the most stunning visuals that our artists have ever created for a raid encounter, it offers a diverse set of mechanics that will keep players engaged throughout, and the Heroic version should give even the best players in the world a stern test of their skills. He’s an epic culmination to an epic raid zone.

Q. What final advice do you have for all the raiders out there to help them as they embark on the Throne of Thunder?

Ion: Take your time, pace yourself, and enjoy the variety of the tier. It’s a large one. There are fights that focus on different skills, and if you’re struggling with one encounter, it’s quite possible that a fight that plays to your group’s strengths, and which you’ll have a much easier time with, lies just over that hill.

If your guild runs into a roadblock on Normal mode, consider revisiting any 5.0 raids that you never finished, or trying some of the 5.0 Heroics for more gear upgrades to complement the ilvl-522 and -528 gear you’ll be getting from your Throne of Thunder kills each week.

But ultimately, good luck, and we hope you’ll have as much fun raiding the zone as we did creating it.

Ion, thanks for your time and for sharing insights into patch 5.2 raiding!

My pleasure. See everyone in patch 5.2!

You can follow the Throne of Thunder raid progress and the race to world-first on GuildOx.com

Official Thunder King Trailer Released2 years ago

Patch 5.2 Throne of Thunder Raid Boss Preview2 years ago
Patch 5.2 Raid Preview: Throne of Thunder

When Pandaria separated from Kalimdor many thousands of years ago, a veil of mist kept outsiders from discovering the newly-formed continent. The mists also hid the site of an ancient evil: Lei Shen’s Throne of Thunder. During his rule, this fortress was the seat of the Thunder King’s power. Great swathes of corrupted energy lingered long after his death, and now, the resurrected Thunder King and the Zandalari trolls intend to harness that energy to reestablish Lei Shen’s reign.

Join us as we delve into the Thunder King’s stronghold, one of the largest raid dungeons that Azeroth’s adventurers have ever seen. Here we will learn about its fearsome denizens, and gain insight into each battle from Lead Encounter Designer, Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas.

Last Stand of the Zandalari

Jin’rokh the Breaker


When the Thunder King awoke, he rewarded the most loyal and ambitious Zandalari trolls with power beyond their wildest dreams. The berserker Jin’rokh was one of the first to receive the King’s blessing, and even though Lei Shen’s gifts nearly tore his body apart, the troll is now capable of calling the fury of the storm in battle.

Ion: Long-time players may remember this guy as one of the Zandalari berserkers living on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale, back when the Zandalari were our friends. He was a quest giver in the assault on the original 20-player Zul’Gurub. He was a huge brute to begin with, but he’s been imbued with even greater power by the Thunder King. He crackles with electricity, using both his raw strength and channeled lightning to destroy his enemies.



The Zandalari brought powerful creatures with them to the Isle of the Thunder King to use as engines of war. Led by the War-God Jalak, the dinomancers of the Zandalari Beast Ward use ancient tribal magics to strengthen the great beasts and command obedience. The horns of Horridon, the fabled mount of Jalak himself, can tear through the stone walls of a keep as a blade cuts silk.

Ion: Trolls love dinosaurs, so it’s only fitting that the most advanced and powerful troll tribe should have the largest and most powerful dinosaurs. The overall structure of this encounter recalls past fights like Lady Deathwhisper or M’uru, where players must keep up with waves of lesser (but still threatening) minions while managing the boss, before turning their attention directly to him in the later stages of the fight.

Council of Elders


The history of the troll tribes—the Drakkari, the Farraki, the Amani, and the Gurubashi—is awash with millennia of betrayal and conflict, but the Zandalari’s promise of a new, unstoppable empire has finally united these disparate troll leaders.

The Council of Elders consists of four mighty troll leaders: Kazra’jin of the Amani, Sul the Sandcrawler of the Farraki, Frost King Malakk of the Drakkari, and High Priestess Mar’Li of the Gurubashi.

Ion: Gara’jal the Spiritbinder’s defeat in the Mogu’shan Vaults was, yes, merely a setback. It takes more than a few blades and spells to put a voodoo priest down for good, though he no longer possesses a corporeal form. So this time around you aren’t fighting him directly, but rather dealing with him as he possesses and empowers leaders of four other troll tribes, strengthening their attacks until you can force him out of the body he has chosen to occupy.


Forgotten Depths



Over the millennia, small amounts of mogu flesh-shaping magic seeped into the caverns below the Thunder King’s citadel. The dark energies warped one of the chamber’s native dragon turtles, melding it to the surrounding crystalline walls. Known as Tortos, this amalgamation of flesh and stone has since feasted on the cave’s rich mineral deposits and grown to a colossal size.

Ion: Along with asking why we fight, and learning that our true enemy is war itself, a major theme of the Mists of Pandaria has been killing turtles. This raid encounter elevates that motif to all-new heights, presenting players with the chance to fight a huge turtle, and small turtles, and also the ability to kick one of the small turtles into the big turtle. What more could you ask for?

Fun fact: We originally wanted to make a fire turtle boss in the southeastern section of Firelands in Patch 4.2, but opted not to at the time; we’ve been looking for an opportunity to do a turtle fight ever since.



Even the most callous among the mogu quaver at the thought of the dark experiments performed at the Thunder King’s behest. Long ago, a young cloud serpent was twisted into a multi-headed hydra and left to languish beneath Lei Shen’s throne. Now the twisted creature lurks deep in the Forgotten Depths, awaiting the moment it may finally inflict its terrible agony upon others.

Ion: The inspiration for this boss fight was the classic hydra that Heracles (Hercules, if you prefer the Roman version for some silly reason) battled in Greek myth—a beast with many heads that regrew two heads in place of each that was severed. That foundation, combined with the concept of three distinct types of heads, resulted in the beast that now awaits players beneath the Thunder King’s lair in patch 5.2.



Mogu flesh-shapers discarded their failed creations in an abyssal shaft beneath Lei Shen’s keep. The reek of decay lured many scavengers to the refuse pit, including the great Ji-Kun. Ruthless and cunning, the monstrous bird devoured her rivals one-by-one until she held sole dominion over the shadowy tunnel.

Ion: This fight takes place in a cylindrical shaft containing a large central platform with multiple nests located both above and below that platform. The encounter was designed to highlight the strong vertical elements of the terrain, without adding actual aerial combat which could have felt awkward. For example, players can gain and use a temporary flight ability to switch levels and deal with Ji-Kun’s fledglings before they mature and pose a greater threat to the raid.

Halls of Flesh-Shaping

Durumu the Forgotten


Lei Shen commanded his sorcerers to mold an aberration that could peer into the hearts of his followers and detect betrayal. From this decree, Durumu was given life. The clever entity stubbornly obeyed its masters until the Thunder King’s death, at which time it disappeared into the citadel’s labyrinthine corridors. Only recently has Durumu, all but forgotten by the mogu, emerged from hiding.

Ion: Years ago, players encountered C’Thun, the eye of an old god beneath the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. As giant eyes are wont to do, it fired eyebeams as its primary method of attack. Durumu has many more eyes, and therefore fires many more eyebeams.



Deep within the bowels of Lei Shen’s island citadel, mogu flesh-shapers formed the saurok out of a magical substance of unknown origin. When the citadel was abandoned, some experiments languished in the dark pools for far too long. . . .

Ion: The fact that the mogu created the saurok (among other creatures native to Pandaria) is something that may not have been obvious to players who were exploring the continent and learning about its inhabitants. This encounter provided us with a chance to “show, not tell” this piece of Pandaria’s history. The actual mechanics of the fight evolved from discussion and brainstorming around the themes of evolution and mutation; a few of us had also recently watched the movie Prometheus, and the vaults of black goo in that movie helped inspire the overall vibe of Primordius’ lair.

Dark Animus


During his reign, Lei Shen labored to build a mechanical servant that would defend his citadel without fear. When his first attempt failed, rage took hold of the Thunder King. He poured this negative emotion into his next, and most successful, creation: the Dark Animus. To this day, the ornate construct observes its duty, empowered by the mysterious substance at the heart of all mogu flesh-shaping experiments.

Ion: The mechanics of the Dark Animus encounter aren’t quite like any boss fight we’ve done before. It centers around a fixed quantity of the mysterious swirling liquid, known as Anima, that is at the heart of the mogu experiments in this wing. The vital fluid animates golems, escaping and moving on to larger and larger constructs as the initial vessels are destroyed, until it eventually amasses enough volume to empower the Dark Animus itself, largest of all the golems. The encounter has a certain puzzle-solving element to it, and players will need to carefully manage how they shift around this finite quantity of Anima or the fight will quickly get out of hand.


Pinnacle of Storms

Iron Qon


Legends speak of the brutality of Qon and his quilen champions. The fearless mogu commander was dubbed "Iron Qon" by the Thunder King for his unrelenting resolve to claim victory after victory for the empire regardless of the cost. 

Ion: Qon is one of Lei Shen’s elite personal guard, and a master of mounted combat. An original concept for this fight was inspired by the Three Kingdoms warlord Lu Bu, a fierce warrior renowned for his skill in fighting with a spear from horseback. Though Qon does have some very cool and unique mounted attack animations, in the end we found it more interesting to explore gameplay via the different abilities of his mounts instead. Thus, the encounter involves Qon switching among different magical quilen, each of which is empowered with vicious elemental attacks, creating a four-phase encounter that is almost like four separate intense fights rolled into one.

Twin Consorts


The Twin Consorts of Lei Shen, Lu’Lin and Suen, are said to be greatest of the Thunder King’s treasures. Rumored to be the only known female mogu in existence, Lei Shen keeps his trophies close, and their combined arsenal against interlopers closer.

Ion: Players may have noticed the complete absence of any female mogu in their exploration of the continent of Pandaria. Players who look closely at the models of these celestial twins will note that they seem quite literally carved out of stone. Indeed, these were specifically created by Lei Shen and empowered to serve and guard him, and they are a direct reflection of his will rather than any broader sense of mogu culture as a whole. An earlier version of the concept for the fight had them actually being spirits of the Sun and Moon, but that didn’t feel quite right (and we all know that the only true spirit of the Moon is Elune, and clearly she was not locked away by the Thunder King).

Lei Shen, the Thunder King


Tyrant, Dictator, Conqueror, Emperor. The Thunder King’s numerous titles were earned by bringing absolute misery to the races of Pandaria. Resurrected into a world where his people no longer rule, Lei Shen is bent on ending the farce and bringing the land under his heel once more.

Ion: The core concept for the Lei Shen fight developed during a brainstorming session as members of the encounter design team were throwing around ideas for potential fight mechanics, trying to see if anything would stick. A popular idea was for him to need to pause and recharge periodically, but someone suggested an interesting twist on that idea—the Thunder King isn’t just a battery that needs to recharge; he’s actually a power source himself. So instead of him drawing power from his citadel, the citadel draws power from him. He is a mighty warrior in his own right, with distinctive weapon and lightning attacks, but his mere presence energizes and activates portions of his citadel’s defenses, and managing those becomes a central element of the encounter. With a wide array of incredible visuals provided by our effects artists, and an awesome dungeon backdrop (those walls aren’t entirely decorative . . .), Lei Shen is an epic final encounter to wrap up an epic raid zone.



Lei Shen’s life changed forever when he stumbled into a dark chamber below what are now the Mogu’shan Vaults. Legend has it that he found an ancient titan keeper guarding a miraculous device known as the Engine of Nalak’sha. No one knows what transpired between the two beings, but Lei Shen later emerged from the site bristling with the power to forge an empire. The keeper’s fate—and his current whereabouts—remain a mystery.

Ion: This is the “Algalon” of the zone; a bonus boss for the high-end raiders who have finished the main zone progression. Lei Shen is the true final boss of the zone, and we wanted to make sure that he still feels that way—unlike Sinestra in Bastion of Twilight, there’s some backtracking involved to reach Ra-den after he’s unlocked. The mechanics of the fight are deliberately obscured in the Dungeon Journal for now, so I won’t say much more. The primary purpose of the Dungeon Journal is to provide an in-game resource to players who are trying to learn an encounter, instead of making them feel like they have to Alt-Tab out to read an online guide. In Ra-den’s case, we know that those of you who face him at first are also the same people who often write those online guides, so hopefully you’ll enjoy a sense of discovery when you first reach him.


XML Data Feeds for Mount, Pet and Achievement Rarity2 years ago
Our new mount, pet and achievement popular ranking data is now available in an XML feed for third party sites to use. You can access the XML data via the following links:




Also, check out WoW Insider's coverage of our new popularity ranks.

World Boss Preview: Nalak, The Storm Lord2 years ago
The team at Blizzard have updated their Under Development page to include the second new 5.2 world boss, Nalak the Storm Lord.

World Boss Preview: Nalak, The Storm Lord

We just added another world boss preview to the Under Development page. Meet Nalak, The Storm Lord!

Lei Shen laughed mightily at the charred mogu that lined the walls of his handling pen. He took the cloud serpent hatchling for his own, and for its obedience, granted it power over the storms and the sky. For thousands of years following the death of the Thunder King, Nalak has guarded the walls of his hidden citadel, awaiting his return.

Check out our sneak peak at Nalak, The Storm Lord now.


GuildOx Launches Popular Achievement and Title Ranks2 years ago
We have launched our popular achievement and title ranks which show the most common and rarest achievements by max level characters. We take data from our character database and filter out alts using our alt detection. These tables are updated regularly.

GuildOx Popular Achievement Rankings

GuildOx Popular Title Rankings

Also, be sure to check out our recently released popular Mounts and Pets rankings.

PvP Season 12 Ending March 52 years ago
PvP Season 12 officially ends March 5, suggesting that patch 5.2 will drop around the same time.

PvP Season 12 Ending Soon

Arena and Rated Battleground Season 12 is scheduled to end on Tuesday, March 5. At that point, we will determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards, a process that should take approximately one week. It's very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Malevolent Gladiator's Cloud Serpent to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until after Season 12 ends. The awarding of Season 12 titles and mounts will occur approximately 2 weeks after the season ends.

At the end of the season, Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points and any honor above 4000 will be converted to gold at a rate of 35 silver per point. The honor cap will remain at 4000.

All Season 12 items will cost Honor Points (equivalent to their previous Conquest Point cost) when the season ends, with the exception of any items with rating requirements attached. These items will no longer be available for purchase.

The next Arena and Rated Battleground season will begin approximately one week after the current season ends. During the break between seasons, all Rated Battleground and Arena matches will be unavailable. Team and Personal Ratings will be reset when Season 13 begins.


Most Popular Achievements Coming Soon2 years ago
In the coming week we will be launching our Most Popular Achievements rankings, which shows the most common and rarest achievements by maximum level characters.

To get you in the mood, here is a quick quiz:

1. What is the most common dungeon and raids achievement?
2. What is the most common world event achievement?
3. What is the most common scenario achievement?
4. What is the most common achievement that rewards a title?
5. What is the rarest achievement currently available in the game?

Please share your answers with us via a reply in our comments section!

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