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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

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The Race Day 4, Dark Animus Says No2 years ago

Four days have gone by since the race began but we have had no new kills for a while now. Heroic Dark Animus is proving to be a major obstacle, with seven guilds now actively working on it. We saw Blizzard adjust heroic encounters in the previous tier after a few days of no progress so keep eye out for the nerf bat.

Would you like an email notification for when one of the top guilds conquers a new heroic boss? You can set up your free guild achievement alerts via the options page.

On a slightly different note, many guilds are working their way through the normal mode bosses. The Council of Elders is the 3rd normal mode encounter in the Throne of Thunder and here is TankSpot's raid guide to help you out:


The Race Day 3 and All is Quiet2 years ago

We are at the end of Day 3 and we have our leaders, Method (25), DREAM Paragon (10) and Blood Legion (25), with eight bosses down still working on Heroic Dark Animus. We have four guilds, Exodus, Exorsus, Envy and Apex, close behind with seven bosses down. The asian guilds are starting to make their move with Korea's Ground Zero the pick of the bunch with six boss kills.

You can follow all of the Throne of Thunder race to world first action live on our 25+10 ranking page.

Update#1: Exorsus and Apex join the leaders on 8/12

The Race Day 2 Eight Down, Four to Go2 years ago

48 hours have passed and the race heats up with eight bosses down and only four to go.

EU's Method (25) and DREAM Paragon (10) continue to show their dominance and lead the race, both with T15H 8/12. The most recent boss to fall was Heroic Primordius.

You can follow all of the latest action on our 25+10 Progress Rankings page.

Update #1: Blood Legion join the leaders at T15H 8/12. Guilds are now working on Heroic Dark Animus.

The Race Day 1 and the EU Strikes Back2 years ago

One day has passed and we have seen plenty of activity on the T15 raid progress front.

US guilds Blood Legion and Exodus currently sit atop the charts at T15H 6/12 with kills of Heroic Megaera and Heroic Ji-Kun.

The team at EU's Method have responded with kills up to Megaera and are currently working on Ji-Kun.

As usual, we are keeping world rankings fair by subtracting time off the EU kills given that the EU have a large delay in accessing the heroic modes. The time we subtract is the difference in time from when the servers first came online with the new heroic content. What is most interesting is that the time difference for Heroic Megaera kills for these top three guilds is only 7 minutes! The race is truly on.

You can follow all the action on our main 25+10 ranking page.

Update#1: Method hit the lead with a kill of Heroic Ji-Kun. They completed this 80 mins ahead of Blood Legion based on normalized times.

Update#2: No new boss kills but EU guild Envy slots in to position #3.

Update#3: Blood Legion kill Heroic Durumu the Forgotten and move to 7/12

The Race Begins With Blood Legion2 years ago

The race to tier 15 world first kicks off with Blood Legion and Exodus quickly downing Heroic Jin'rokh.

Don't forget, the first wing of the Throne of Thunder LFR has opened - it requires average ilevel 480 to be able to queue. Check out Wowhead's 5.2 Gear Guide for ideas on how to gear up.

Update#1: Blood Legion and Exodus have claimed Heroic Horridon

Update#2: Exodus and Blood Legion have claimed Heroic Council of Elders

Update#3: Exodus and Blood Legion have claimed Heroic Tortos

GuildOx Launches Brawler's Guild Ranks2 years ago
We have launched our new Brawler's Guild Completion Rankings. We have had many users ask us for a ranking that shows who has completed the 4x Rares in the Brawler's Guild and earned the "Now You're Just Showing Off" achievement.

What is most interesting is that out of the top 100 first completions, the overwhelming majority are ranged dps classes (mages, elemental shaman, warlocks, boomkin, hunters and shadow priests). You have to look hard to find the odd melee class.

The new ranks can be found here:


You can filter by zones, by realms and even by classes.

Update: Check out WoW Insider's coverage

Hotfix Brings Nerfs to Council of Elders, Iron Qon and Horridon2 years ago
Today's hotfix brings some nerfs to Throne of Thunder encounters. Horridon, the second boss, has been criticized for being a big step up from Jin'rokh and this nerf should help guilds progress further.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • All raid bosses now drop the appropriate number of tier tokens for Raid Finder, 10/25-player normal and heroic modes.
  • Fixed an issue where Luck of the Draw would sometimes be incorrectly applied to Challenge Mode groups.
  • Throne of Thunder
    • Combustion now deals 100% of the player’s damage to Primordius while the player is under the effects of Fully Mutated.
    • Reduced the health of The Council of Elders for 10-player normal and heroic mode.
    • Fixed an issue with Durumu the Forgotten where Life Drain's stun was not transferring correctly.
    • Reduced the health of the Gurubashi, Amani, Drakkari, and Farraki adds on the Horridon encounter.
    • In the Iron Qon fight, the amount of damage dealt by Unleashed Flame and number of people needed to trigger Unleashed Flame had been reduced for 25-player normal and heroic modes.


Patch 5.2 New 522 Neck Pieces, VP Item Costs and Bonus Rep2 years ago
Do you have a spare 1250 valor points and looking to boost your item level and performance? Be sure to head on over to the Isle of Thunder and visit Teng the cave in the center of the island. He will sell you an ilevel 522 neck piece!

We have updated our Loot Rank valor point costs to show the costs for the new Shado-pan Assault VP items as well as the discounted VP costs for the previous VP items.

Also, don't forget to go to your in-game reputation tab and select the "stars" on left side - this will allow you to champion a faction and give you bonus rep for that faction.

Stuck on Horrion? Check out Tankspot's raid guide:


Patch 5.2 Day 2 and Lei Shen Conquered2 years ago
Day 2 of Patch 5.2 is over and the normal mode raid has been cleared with the defeat of the Twin Consorts and Lei Shen. The newly-formed Exodus was the first guild to do this, followed 49 minutes later by Rehabilitation Clinic. Be sure to check out their pages and give them a 5 star vote for their efforts!

We have also seen over 5800 guilds venture into the Throne of Thunder and conquered Jin'rokh. Our world progress stats continue to show that guilds have an average ilevel of 495 for their first Jin'rokh kill.

Reminder: Heroics and the 1st LFR will be available next week. The LFR requires an ilevel of 480 to be eligible to queue.

Patch 5.2 Day 1 Roundup2 years ago
It has been 24 hours since Patch 5.2 started to go live and we have seen a flurry of activity on the raiding front.

The new Exodus/vodka merger seems to be paying off with Exodus moving to the number #1 US position, with 10/12 normal mode kills. The last two bosses, Twin Consors and Lei Shen, remain unconquered - but expect them to fall in the next 24 hours especially now that the EU guilds have started their run.

Over 1700 guilds have killed the first Throne of Thunder boss, Jin'rokh the Breaker. The guild average item level for a Jin-rokh kill is 495. Need some help? Check out Tankspot's guide:

Be prepared for a jump in difficulty, with the second boss, Horridon currently requiring a guild average item level of 500 to defeat.

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