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Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
Draconic Savant (25)
Korgath-US EN PVP
T16H 14/147044.0/5Draconic Savant | 25man Alliance | 14/14H SoO | T,W,Th 7-10pm CST
QQ Heres a Tissue (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16 14/14584.7/5In need of 1 ranged dps (hunter, spriest, warlock). We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 Server
KoT (10)
Lightbringer-US EN PVE
T16H 2/144.4/5Friendly mature guild LFM for Heroic SoO 25! 7-10 pm PST T/W/Th
Dawning Nemesis (25)
Stormrage-US EN PVE
T16H 12/149364.3/5SoO HM Progression Recruiting for Multiple 25M Raid Teams 10/14HM SoO and Mythical 25M
Infiltrate (10)
Azjol-Nerub-US EN PVE
T16 14/141502.7/5http://www.Infiltrate-wow.enjin.com // WE DO NOT RECRUIT FOR THE BENCH!! APPLY NOW!
Synergy (25)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 8/143224.4/5 (8/14H) 25M is Recruiting! Contact Cyrannus#1486 for more information.
Khaos (10)
Silvermoon-US EN PVE
T16H 1/141843.8/5Recruiting for couple spots see our website for details!
Demented Asylum (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16 13/141443.2/5Recruiting exceptional rdps for core team Tues, Wed & Thurs. 10:30 pm ish to 1:30 am ish
Forgotten Descendants (10)
Ravencrest-US EN PVE
T16H 2/144224.1/5Apply on the guild forums. (All apps will be looked at regardless of current need)
Zen (10)
Nagrand-US OC PVE
T16H 6/144162.4/5Looking for dedicated players for 2 10m teams.wed,thur,mon raid nights from 6-9 ST.
Australian Pain (10)
Proudmoore-US EN PVE
T15 1/1213474.0/5
Halcyon Affinity (10)
Bladefist-US EN PVE
T16 1/144.5/5We are looking for active members in preparation for WOD
Titans Judgment (10)
Shadow Council-US EN PVE
T16H 14/144.0/5Team-led 10m heroic progression, going mythic, Tu/W/Sun 7:30-11:30est, pst Rauros#1166
Has Bad Intentions (10)
T16H 8/143.6/5Looking to build raid depth
Amaranth Knights (25)
Proudmoore-US EN PVE
T16H 8/141154.5/58/14 HM LF Awesome DPS To Rock 14/14 HM (Core Spots Available) Manticoor#1669
Roll the Dice
Barthilas-US OC PVP
4.0/5Recruiting all
Cabal of The Dark Lady (10)
Rexxar-US EN PVE
T16 10/142274.0/5Looking for a few DPS spots for our Pression Raid team.
Origin (10)
Dragonmaw-US EN PVP
T16 2/1412414.0/5Origins looking for reliable tanks and heals! Fri-Sat raids, 7pm PDT
Time Is Money Friend (10)
Turalyon-US EN PVE
T16 12/144.0/5
Jaded (10)
Kael'thas-US EN PVE
T16H 8/147103.4/5LFM 4 Tues, Wed, Thrus raid grp 10N SoO. LF1 solid DPS for 10N SoO 14/14.
Call of Cthulhu (10)
Moon Guard-US EN RP
T16H 1/141733.8/5Currently we are holding an open recruitment for WoD! Awesome raiders always needed!
Facepalm (10)
Kil'jaeden-US EN PVP
T16H 11/141723.8/511/14H, recruiting for WoD: Tues-Thurs 7-9:30PST.
Draconic Savant (25)
Korgath-US EN PVP
T16H 14/147044.0/5Draconic Savant | 25man Alliance | 14/14H SoO | T,W,Th 7-10pm CST
Trial and Error (25)
Draenor-US EN PVE
T16H 10/14584.0/510/14H Recruiting for 25 man Heroics. Looking for best players to join mythic raid core.
Union (10)
T16H 12/14584.5/5Need tank for last 2 bosses H SoO. We raid thu 5-8 PT and Sun 4-7 PT.
Insidious Souls (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 9/143764.0/525m 8/14 heroic LF DPS T/W/TH 9-12 EST organized, friendly, fun!
Control Alt Elites (10)
Darkspear-US EN PVP
T16 9/141544.0/5Need All to get into Heroics- Dedicated Healers and DPS 550+
Dumbledores Army (25)
Zuluhed-US EN PVP
T16H 8/1415704.5/5Need Monk and Shaman healer!
Drak'thul-US EN PVP
T16 10/141153.7/5Casual Raiding Guild; looking for team oriented players, experienced core membership
QQ Heres a Tissue (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16 14/14584.7/5In need of 1 ranged dps (hunter, spriest, warlock). We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 Server
Tiras (10)
Stormrage-US EN PVE
T16H 10/144.5/5We are seeking a 10 man team of similar progression to partner with.
Suit Up (10)
Malorne-US EN PVP
T16 14/144.0/5Wanting to expand to 25M for Warlords of Draenor. 10M positions open now. Lestat#1184
Reset (10)
Thunderhorn-US EN PVE
T16H 8/143752.0/5Building from 10M in preparation of Mythic raiding. Currently 3/14H SoO 25M and counting
Guiles Theme Song (10)
Magtheridon-US EN PVP
T16H 14/142383.9/5A 10-man guild (14/14H) recruiting exceptional players. We raid M/T/W/Th 8PM-12AM EST.
L E G I O N (10)
Burning Blade-US EN PVP
T16H 1/146994.5/5LF new tank for SoO H 10m, 565+ ilvl group, please be 560+ with previous HM exp
DevilsRejects (10)
Shandris-US EN PVE
T16 6/144.0/5We are recruiting for a second group atm add happyfeet#1586 to try us out!
Praxidice (10)
Mal'Ganis-US EN PVP
T16H 11/144.0/5 11/14H Late night guild is recruiting DPS!
Fair Enough (25)
Arthas-US EN PVP
T16H 12/145834.0/5Currently Recruiting DPS
Burninators (10)
Zul'jin-US EN PVE
T16 14/141154.5/5Looking for a few more. Casual raiding Tues & Wed 9-11 server. Considering all apps.
Dawn of Damnation (10)
Proudmoore-US EN PVE
T16H 1/145904.5/5T16 1/14H • LFM for our second group on the weekend.
In Other News (25)
Stormrage-US EN PVE
T16H 9/143714.2/525m team. Guild est in 2008. Experienced, mature members. W,F,Su raids 8-11pm est. EPGP
Mercs (10)
Darkspear-US EN PVP
T15 11/129554.5/5
Circle of Fear (10)
Argent Dawn-US EN RP
T16 14/14194.0/5Competitively Semi-Hard Core Progressive Guild. Find us in game if your interested.
Immoral Illusions (10)
T16 10/141344.5/5Possibly looking for 1-2 heals 1-2 dps for our 10man group. Casual players are welcome.
Surge (10)
Wildhammer-US EN PVP
T16H 8/145834.0/5Recruiting tank for our core group, tuesday/thurs 8PM EST
Dragons Rival (10)
Duskwood-US EN PVE
T16 6/144.5/5Recruiting all levels, classes and specs. All are welcome to raid, pve, pvp or socialize.
KoT (10)
Lightbringer-US EN PVE
T16H 2/144.4/5Friendly mature guild LFM for Heroic SoO 25! 7-10 pm PST T/W/Th
Fallen Heroes (10)
Stormreaver-US EN PVP
T16 13/141144.0/513/14 guildLF 1 tank and 2 DPS to help push us into heroics.
The Second Sons (10)
Khaz Modan-US EN PVE
T16 11/14954.0/5Looking for casual, mature players for raiding. Contact Buntaro or Hinlanm in game.
Apex Gaming (10)
Silvermoon-US EN PVE
T16H 11/146254.5/5Looking for players with hero xp to finish tier and smoothly transition into mythi
Armored Bear Division (10)
Emerald Dream-US EN RP-PVP
T16 10/141344.5/5ABD is a Casual Raiding Guild that is looking for another ranged dps for our core raiding
Thralls Disciples (10)
Kilrogg-US EN PVE
T15 2/12954.0/5Recruit all class & levels moved realms looking to rebuild raid team
Elysian Dawn (10)
Kargath-US EN PVE
T16 8/141334.0/5
Livid (10)
Emerald Dream-US EN RP-PVP
T16H 14/144024.5/514/14H Horde 10m going 25m need solid players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Draconic Savant
T16H 14/14
QQ Heres a Tissue
Area 52-US
T16 14/14
T16H 2/14
T16H 8/14
Cobra Kai
Defias Brotherhood-EU
T16H 5/14
T16 8/14
Status Reborn
T16H 3/14
Lawless Era
T16H 11/14
Dawning Nemesis
T16H 12/14
Moon Guard-US
T16H 10/14

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