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Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
Morrows Edge
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T14 4/164.0/5Looking to do flex and normal raids. We are a mature laid back guild (drama=86)
ground zero
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T14 0/164.0/5LFM to start Flex/Normal raiding team, perfect for new raiders, mail Curandr for info
Execution Order (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16 13/144.5/5Have fun and blow stuff up!
Sol Invictus (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 3/142034.5/5We currently raid M/Tues/Wed from 8-11:30PM eastern time. 3/14H, will do mythic in WOD.
Of Hells Design (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 14/144.2/56/14H 10m LFM SoO T/W/Th
Faulty (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 3/144.8/5Looking for DPS for 10m raids. Raid T/TH 8:30-11:30 server.
Reprisal (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 1/144.0/510 man 7/14 LF Tank WEEKENDS Visit www.reprisalgaming.net for more infomation.
Argent Legion (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16 14/144.5/5Need 2 DPS (1 Melee, 1 Ranged) to complete our SoO team.
Hunters Elite
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T15 1/124.0/5We need real players. Forming a 10 man core group. Need all.
Of Hells Design (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 14/144.2/51/13H LFM 10m EST guild
Azeroth Liberation Front (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 2/144.0/5LF 2 DPS to Raid Tue/Thu 8:30pm CT to 11pm CT. Family Friendly - whisper Leto in game!
Mists Legend (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16 2/143.3/5Everyone is welcomed to join. Everyone is given a chance!
Alpha (10)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 14/141153.3/5Alpha of Whisperwind 11/16H is looking for all EXCEPTIONAL dps'ers
Ira Quieti
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T14 16/164.0/5Currently seeaking 1 good dps and 1 good healer to fill out our raid group. Contact Palles
Rocket Surgery
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T14H 2/164.1/5[A]Rocket Surgery - US #6 10m - Looking for Locks and Monks
Phoenix Tear (25)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 4/141144.5/5Casual guild that raids. We do have success progression raiding.
Wanderers (25)
Whisperwind-US EN PVE
T16H 6/143893.5/5Wanderers are now looking for a few able body raiders heading in MoP! WW-H 25man (8/8H)

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