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Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
The Wanted
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
4.5/5We do everything! Come join us! We need all!
Horde Xtreme
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
1624.0/5Social guild, we do a bit of everything
Relentless Sun (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16 14/1417994.0/510 man kadrosu için healer arkadaşlara ve bir hunter arkadaşa ihtiyacımız vardır.
Lux Lucis (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 13/1411924.0/5Lux Lucis Recruiting to futher our 25 man HC Progress
Unforgiven (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 11/147514.1/51st team (10HC) need ret pali or DK with tanking offspec + boomkin or SP with heal offspec
Ex Duris Gloria (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 11/144174.0/5
Death and Taxes
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T14 2/164.0/5Join us! We have cookies!
Archaic Order (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/145534.5/5Raiding for grown-ups
Innominatum (25)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1416034.5/5Currently Recruiting
Indignatio (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1415222.5/5Indignatio This is a guild built on the old school principle of Social HC raiding
Hellenic Horde (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 13/1411294.0/5Αυτή την περίοδο το recruitment είναι κλειστό πλην εξαιρετικών περιπτώσεων.
Clouds of Darkness (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 7/144.0/5Mature Casual Guild looking for like minding people to raid current & Panda content
Wipe Inc (25)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 9/1411424.0/5
SlayStation (25)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T15H 1/134.5/5SlayStation is currently rebuilding our raiding team and looking for new blood to join us!
Rising Sun (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16H 11/1416164.4/5Mainly in need of Healers and DPS for 25 man raiding
Slam Dunk
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T14 10/164.5/5Recruiting for our 10man raiding team. Danish players prefered
BanterCraft (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T15 12/124.5/5BanterCraft is a lvl25 social and Friendly late night raiding guild
i like to party
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T14H 1/163.8/5Recruiting Swedish raiders for 10-man!
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T14H 6/163.8/5Custom is recruiting a warlock, Monk tank or Paladin tank.
End Effect (10)
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
T16 4/143604.4/5We are a 6 year old PvE/PvP guild and are looking to rebuild our team for MoP.

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