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Guild Recruitment
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Allegiance Reborn (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16 13/143704.5/5LFM mature players for SoO 10, guild is 11/14.
The Darker Side (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16 14/14574.5/5Recruiting all classes and specs
Empyrean (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 9/1417233.3/5
Empyrean (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 9/1417233.3/5Alliance 9/14H 25 man Tu/Th/Su 8:45pm-1:00am CST. See website for app/info.
Team Nø Repørt (25)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 11/143644.5/5We are currently seeking a few classes to round out our 25man roster as we clear heroics
Top Shelf (25)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 11/1410523.2/5We're a hardcore guild looking for more for progression team
Symbiosis (25)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 9/1411264.7/5We are a six and a half year old 25man guild looking for new players to join our raid team
I am the Tuskarr (25)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 7/141344.0/5★ T/W/Th 7:00 -11:00 CST LF DPS & Heals ★ Apply Today!
Last Breath
Sargeras-US EN PVP
4.0/5Recruiting all classes to bolster our roster for Warlords!
Truly Outrageous (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16 14/144.5/5Former top tier raiders seeking others for a lighter raid schedule.
The Band of the Red Hand (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 2/149784.5/5Accepting any and all players, also seeking raid leaders for new teams.
Killin Time (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 7/14774.5/5dps ilvl 525+pst soulredemer/dinosnore for info Raid times are Wed/Mon 700 Sunday 630 Svr
Five Greedy Grues (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 10/144.0/5Recruiting competent players for 10 man raiding.
The Family Business (25)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 14/149843.3/5[A] 3D/WK (Mo/We/Th) 7/13H 25M Raiding Guild LF DPS/Off Tank
devise (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T15H 2/133.3/52d weekend afternoon 10m (Sat/Sun 1-5pm CST), LF healer and dps
Divine Vigilance (25)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 13/149604.0/5[A] 1/13 Heroic ToT - 3nights - LF Healers!
The Family Business (25)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 14/149843.3/5
Get Well Soon (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 14/144422.5/5 All classes must apply and we will consider you. Need a good mage.
Habitual Line Crossers (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T15 2/124.0/5US Sargeras [A] Habitual Line Crossers LFM
B i n d (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T15H 1/134.5/5Currently transitioning to 25 man raiding.
Colorblind (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T15 3/124.5/5Recruiting exceptional healers for heroic 10m progression
Sunder (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16 13/144.5/5
Pandaemía (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 10/146874.5/5Pandaemia is recruiting new members to push for progresion come MoP we raid Friday and Sat

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