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Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
Livin Large (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 13/1414424.5/5LFM parsing damage dealers.
Khaos (10)
Silvermoon-US EN PVE
T16H 9/141523.5/5Fri & Sat 8-11 PDT - Dps w/ healing OS... ilvl 570+
Apocàlyptica (10)
Illidan-US EN PVP
T16 14/145504.7/5Raids: Tu/W/Th 7pm-10pm server. Recruiting for 6.0/WoD also. 18+ pls.
Metric (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 9/143543.3/5Currently 9/14H 10M. Converting to 20M in WoD. Raid T/W/Th 8-11 ST (EST)
Sage Crusaders
Galakrond-US EN PVE
4.0/5Sage Crusaders is recruiting for 2nd Raid team (Starting Oct 3rd) Fri/Sat 8pm-10pm (cst)
Alliance Sacrée (10)
La Croisade écarlate-EU FR PVP
T16 7/143634.5/510N/H
The Harpers
T13H 1/84.0/5The Harpers EU FROSTMANE rekrutuje graczy na obecny content i na nadchodzący dodatek !
The Tulkas (10)
Terokkar-US EN PVE
T16H 1/144974.1/5LF active and social people wanting to advance/have fun in the upcoming expac!Worgend-Tero
Dawn Eternal (25)
Cenarius-US EN PVE
T16H 10/143234.0/5Exclusively 25 Man Raid Guild - Recruiting for Mythics. Raid M/T/W 630-1030pm (PST)
The crusade (10)
T16H 9/144.0/5recrutement ouvert
Guiles Theme Song (10)
Magtheridon-US EN PVP
T16H 14/144053.9/5A 10-man guild (14/14H) recruiting exceptional players. We raid M/T/W/Th 8PM-12AM EST.
Illustrious (25)
Stormrage-EU EN PVE
T16H 13/146154.5/520.00-22.30 - Weds/Thurs! 25man - Recruitment closed, but reviewing exceptional players!
Propaganda (25)
Thrall-US EN PVE
T16H 10/148242.5/5Recruiting experienced raiders for H 25m/Wod Mythic team. Heals/tank needed!
Ab Nihilo (10)
T16H 14/145804.5/5Recrutement ouvert pour classes Dps/heal pour son roster 25HM.
Blacklisted (10)
Kil'jaeden-US EN PVP
T16H 14/1417684.0/5Looking for all exceptional players 575+ ilvl with legendary cloak.
Erøtic Mønkeys
Stormrage-US EN PVE
4.5/5Please see our website to file an application.
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1412204.5/5 14/14hc 10/25 man, Recruiting for WoD
de la Sol (25)
Lordaeron-EU DE PVE
T16H 14/147243.8/5Teamorientierte Spieler gesucht
NBD Really
Kil'jaeden-US EN PVP
4.0/5LATE NIGHT raiding normal/heroic in WoD
Bloody Moon (10)
Les Sentinelles-EU FR RP
T16H 14/141794.0/5La guilde recrute de tout pour terminer le HM et entamer sereinement WoD !
Team A (10)
Blade's Edge-EU EN PVE
T16H 7/145764.5/5Team A recruit players for our progression .
Invalid Target
Cenarius-US EN PVE
T16 14/144.0/5Seeking 1 healer and 1 tank for Heroic SoO and all classes for WOD
encore (10)
Ambossar-EU DE PVE
T16H 11/146683.2/5encore is recruiting for WoD!
Inténtalo Otro Día (10)
Dun Modr-EU ES PVP
Highland Warriors (10)
Thunderhorn-EU EN PVE
T16H 5/1417024.7/59 Year old guild recruiting solid players for our social, yet raid focused, family.
Exertus (10)
Magtheridon-US EN PVP
T16H 3/1412424.0/5Recruiting active players for Raids / Arenas / RBGs / BGs -OPEN RECRUITMENT Heroics 560+
Synergy (25)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 11/146734.4/5 (11/14H) 25M is Recruiting! Contact Cyrannus#1486 for more information.
Mustache Cash Stash (10)
Lightning's Blade-US EN PVP
T16H 1/144.0/5Recruiting semi-casual raiders for WoD! Message a member in game for more info!
Warlords of Azeroth (10)
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
T16 9/144.5/5 10m converting to 20m in wod so need reliable players t join the rankstue/thurs/sun8-11rt
Gøre (10)
Sen'jin-US EN PVE
T16H 2/14194.0/5test
Immortalem Mortis
Aman'Thul-US OC PVE
584.0/5We have the guild, we have equipment, need the RBG team
Circle of Eternal Light (10)
Gilneas-EU DE PVE
T16H 14/148753.5/5[A-10] Semi-Hardcore 14/14hc - Do+So+Di, 19.30-22.30Uhr - Wir suchen für Mytisch 6.0!
Titans Judgment (10)
Shadow Council-US EN PVE
T16H 14/144.0/5Team-led US103 10m, going mythic, Tu/W/Sun 7:30-11:30est, pst Rauros#1166
Livin Large (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 13/1414424.5/5LFM parsing damage dealers.
The Original Horsemen
4.0/5We are new to Llane/Arygos and looking to build up our numbers. We are a family friendly
Judgement (10)
Turalyon-US EN PVE
T16H 6/141154.0/5Seeking progression minded players who don't want to raid more than 3 hours per night.
Sargeras-US EN PVP
4.0/5Rigor (est. 11/24/2004) is a transfer guild LF all players to fill its WoD Mythic grp!
Pour la Justice
Kirin Tor-EU FR RP
T14 4/164.0/5Recrutement actif pour WOD après un long arrêt, toutes classes bienvenue :)
FH Lonely Tree (10)
Stormreaver-US EN PVP
T16 9/14194.0/5LF Healers and melee dps. Rest are welcome!
Khaos (10)
Silvermoon-US EN PVE
T16H 9/141523.5/5Fri & Sat 8-11 PDT - Dps w/ healing OS... ilvl 570+
Fallout (25)
Tarren Mill-EU EN PVP
T16H 13/1412684.0/5[25 man] We're always interested in exceptional players that are on our level or above.
The Council (10)
Twilight's Hammer-EU EN PVP
T16H 9/146034.0/5[H] The Council - Twilight's Hammer - Recruiting for Mythic WoD
Apocàlyptica (10)
Illidan-US EN PVP
T16 14/145504.7/5Raids: Tu/W/Th 7pm-10pm server. Recruiting for 6.0/WoD also. 18+ pls.
The Mystics (10)
Saurfang-EU EN PVE
T16H 14/149001.9/5Long standing 3nights a week raiding guild recruiting for 6.0 and WoD
Rejected Legacy (10)
Burning Legion-EU EN PVP
T16H 11/14194.5/5Rajdy we wtorki 20-23:30, czwartki 19:30-23:30, niedziele 19-23. Wymagamy 100% obecności!
II Garde der Hoffnung II (10)
Blackmoore-EU DE PVP
T16 14/142194.5/5Mi, So und Di jeweils 19.30 - 22.00
The Aftermath (10)
Draenor-EU EN PVE
T16H 10/1411104.5/5The Aftermath is a 25 man/woman raiding guild. We raid Tue/Wed/Thu. Raiding since 2007
Eat my Burst (10)
Burning Legion-EU EN PVP
T16 7/1421394.5/5Dołącz do najlepszej polskiej gildii PvP na ally. RBG - 2,1k, 2v2/3v3/5v5 - 2,2k+
The Wanted
Twisting Nether-EU EN PVP
4.5/5We do everything! Come join us! We need all!
Tumbleweed (10)
Dath'Remar-US OC PVE
T16 14/144.0/5HI, CURRENTLY 1/14H NEED 1 DPS RAID WED/THUR 5:30 TO 8:30PM
aus (10)
Proudmoore-US EN PVE
T16H 11/141154.5/5Friday and Saturday Nights: 6:00p-10p PST. LF Ranged DPS
ØverMinD (10)
Illidan-EU FR PVP
T16 5/14384.5/5Recrute pour consolider son R10 et préparer un R20
Path of Destruction (10)
Blackmoore-EU DE PVP
T16 13/14964.7/5suchen für WOD - Content (10)
Consilium (10)
Medivh-EU FR PVE
T16H 10/144164.5/5Recrute pour mode mythique. toute candidature étudiée

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