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Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
Zen (10)
Nagrand-US OC PVE
T16H 9/146142.2/5(9/14H) Looking for raiders for 20m team for wod.wed,thur,mon raid nights from 6-9 ST.
QQ Heres a Tissue (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 8/144504.7/5Currently 8/14H. Feral and two Mages. Raid T/W/Th 8-11 ST (EST)
Khaos (10)
Silvermoon-US EN PVE
T16H 7/141524.0/5Fri / Sat 8-11 PST - mdps/tank os - Also lf raid leaders!
Draconic Savant (25)
Korgath-US EN PVP
T16H 14/1419514.0/5Draconic Savant | 25man Alliance | 14/14H SoO | T,W,Th 7-10pm CST
Zen (10)
Nagrand-US OC PVE
T16H 9/146142.2/5(9/14H) Looking for raiders for 20m team for wod.wed,thur,mon raid nights from 6-9 ST.
Guardians of Destiny (10)
Hellscream-EU EN PVE
T16H 9/148773.3/5Looking for a Resto Shammy and A good DPS!!
Dark Progression (10)
Saurfang-US OC PVE
T16 14/141154.5/5Looking for keen raiders to join our ranks. Intend to have 2 raids teams before WOD Hits
Synergy (25)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 11/146484.4/5 (11/14H) 25M is Recruiting! Contact Cyrannus#1486 for more information.
Business Class (10)
Sargeras-US EN PVP
T16H 13/1418344.0/511/14 Heroic Guild LF Ranged DPS
Dragonlords (10)
Nemesis-EU IT PVP
T16 14/141864.0/5
Exile (10)
Nagrand-US OC PVE
T16H 9/1411503.5/5Australian guild LFM raiders (all classes/roles) for 20man Mythics in Warlords of Draenor!
Mindless Theory (10)
Silver Hand-US EN RP
T16 13/144.5/5Looking to form 2nd Raid Group, Need range, heals, and tank
Fatigue (10)
Nagrand-US OC PVE
T16H 6/142584.5/5Looking for players for 25M team in prep for WOD - Raid Wed, Thurs, Sun from 6-6.30pm ST
Trying Hard (10)
Ragnaros-US ES PVP
T16H 14/1415264.0/5Trying Hard 14/14h recluta para 25H gente con 575 ilvl y 11/14h min, D a J 8 a 11st
Playful (10)
Stormrage-US EN PVE
T16H 11/144814.0/5Playful is recruiting!
Varians Heroic Raiders (10)
Dragonblight-US EN PVE
T16 14/143024.5/5Active DPS 560+ w/ Cloak Welcome. Contact Saion
Dark Fate (10)
Azralon-US BR PVP
T16 14/141154.5/5looking for players 560+; Starting hc soon
Non Combat Pet (10)
Proudmoore-US EN PVE
T16H 14/1413654.3/5[Team Dropbears] 14/14H Oceanic raid LFM for WoD - Open to all classes
Circle of Eternal Light (10)
Gilneas-EU DE PVE
T16H 14/143973.5/5[A-10] Semi-Hardcore 14/14hc - Do+So+Di, 19.30-22.30Uhr - Wir suchen für 6.0!
Mystic Abyss (10)
Silver Hand-US EN RP
T16H 14/144743.5/5Recruiting all class and specs for WoD raiding, submit app on our guild forum, thanks!
Dawn Eternal (25)
Cenarius-US EN PVE
T16H 10/144663.8/58year Ally25man Mon/Tues/Wed 6:30-10:30pm PST
Shatterbone Clan (10)
Azjol-Nerub-US EN PVE
T16 6/142454.0/5Looking for 2 ranged DPS and a healer and a tank for 10 man
Dark Omen (10)
T16 11/141154.5/5Dark Omen is currently recruiting for Normal raiders. 10m team switching to 25m.
Graphic (10)
Stormrage-US EN PVE
T16 2/144.5/5New Guild just starting out, Currently raiding normal 10mans. First 2 Bosses down.
Winter is Coming (10)
Azjol-Nerub-US EN PVE
T16 10/141534.0/5Looking for tank/range dps/healer to around out our 10 man raid
Distinct Advantage (10)
Exodar-US EN PVE
T16H 7/141482.4/5Looking for Tanks/Heals for WoD/Mythic Raids!
Altération (10)
T16H 10/142004.0/5Guilde FR sur le serveur Hyjal jouant l'après midi. Tentez votre chance !
Belli Dominos (10)
Magtheridon-EU EN PVP
T16H 8/144.0/5We are looking for players to add to our Heroic team 8/14HC
Mythologie (10)
Khaz Modan-EU FR PVE
T16 4/14384.7/5
Guiles Theme Song (10)
Magtheridon-US EN PVP
T16H 14/144253.9/5A 10-man guild (14/14H) recruiting exceptional players. We raid M/T/W/Th 8PM-12AM EST.
Vita Nova (10)
Azshara-US EN PVP
T16H 13/145664.0/510/14H 10 man group looking for dedicated dps for progression 3 nights a week 8:00-11:00CT
Undead and Fabulous (10)
Crushridge-US EN PVP
T16H 8/142054.0/5Looking for players 550+ to fill out our 25 man team. M/W/Th/F 6:00-8:30pm PST
The Dread
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14 0/164.0/5Shoud be 1.8 cr rbg or areans to join the guild we are most of the guild above 1.8 at rbg+
Smile and Die (10)
Antonidas-EU DE PVE
T16H 11/142144.0/5We are looking for 25er Raid
Conquest (25)
Ner'zhul-US EN PVP
T16H 11/1410084.0/511/14 H SoO - Conquest recruitment now OPEN for Warlords - cqgaming.com
The Second Sons (10)
Khaz Modan-US EN PVE
T16 14/14954.0/5Looking for casual, mature players for raiding. Contact Buntaro or Hinlanm in game.
Fury (25)
Shadowsong-EU EN PVE
T16H 13/143084.5/5(3 days) Looking for a few members to strengthen our roster atm, esp. a resto druid
One Last Stand (10)
Mug'thol-US EN PVP
T16H 14/1413273.8/525m Guild LF DPS/Heals TWTh 8:30pm-Midnight Cent.
Reborn (10)
The Underbog-US EN PVP
T16H 6/1410724.0/5we are currentlly looking for skilled players to fill our 10m roster and 20m Mythic.
Propaganda (25)
Thrall-US EN PVE
T16H 7/145502.5/5Recruiting experienced raiders for H 25m/Wod Mythic team. Ranged dps needed!
The Tulkas (10)
Terokkar-US EN PVE
T16H 1/142114.5/5LF people for 2nd 10man SoO team. Ingame Mail Worgend-terokkar if interested!
Mortis Agonia (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 1/142914.5/5LF DPS & Healers (Pala/Priest) to progress in SoO (3/14H). Add Lunayra#2584 for more info.
Eternelle alliance (10)
Confrérie du Thorium-EU FR RP
T16 14/143.3/5Nous recrutons du DPS pour continuer en HM et évoluer ensemble à WoD
Fierce Creatures (10)
Icecrown-US EN PVE
T16 13/144.5/5LF a geared experienced Ele sham/ resto OS for new raid team
From The Internet (25)
Arthas-US EN PVP
T16H 13/1411014.5/5Recruiting SoO, plus open recruitment WoD prep.
Sugar Rush (10)
Sylvanas-EU EN PVP
T16H 11/1411844.0/5[A] Team Cookie Monsters: Wed/Sun/Mon 20:00-23:00 3/14 10HC LFM!
Kinetic (10)
Alexstrasza-US EN PVE
T16H 14/146403.3/514/14H. Open recruitment for WoD.
Phoenix Reborn (10)
T16 14/144.5/5 is recruiting for Heroic SoO (10) and mythic WoD
Within (10)
Wyrmrest Accord-US EN RP
T16 2/1417663.3/5Active, friendly guild looking for both new and experienced PvPers and RPers.
QQ Heres a Tissue (10)
Area 52-US EN PVE
T16H 8/144504.7/5Currently 8/14H. Feral and two Mages. Raid T/W/Th 8-11 ST (EST)
Method (10)
Shu'halo-US EN PVE
T16H 2/1411764.7/5Method is a proud guild with 900 or so members we do PvP, LFRs, Arena's u name it we do it
Stand by Your Van (10)
Mal'Ganis-US EN PVP
T16H 11/1410974.5/5Open recruitment for Mythic in WoD. Currently looking for 1 DPS (tank OS)+1 dps (heal OS)
Age of Reason (10)
Khadgar-US EN PVE
T16H 9/141314.2/57/14 Heroic SoO guild looking for a 570+ healer and dps.
Illustrious (25)
Stormrage-EU EN PVE
T16H 13/146604.5/520.00-22.30 - Weds/Thurs! 25man - Recruitment closed, but reviewing exceptional players!

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