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Guild Recruitment
Looking for more? List your guild's recruitment needs via our options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.
The Dread
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14 0/164.0/5Shoud be 1.8 cr rbg or areans to join the guild we are most of the guild above 1.8 at rbg+
Mortis Agonia (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 1/142914.5/5LF DPS & Healers (Pala/Priest) to progress in SoO (3/14H). Add Lunayra#2584 for more info.
Studentgatan (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16 13/142695.0/5Swedish guild recruiting 2 healers for hc content. Raid wed, thur and sun 19-23
Horde Golden Guards (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 8/1416724.0/5
Frostheart (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 9/14584.5/5We are progressing 10 man HC content. And we have started a second team for normal.
Vanguard (25)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1411824.3/5Exceptional applicants will always be considered regardless of class needs.
Zero Barrier (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 5/143.8/5Looking for a few more DPS classes for 25man.
Hibility (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1418664.0/514/14 Heroic 10 man switching to 25 man raiding!
Midnight Express (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 13/14933.3/510-man semi-hardcore guild. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 22.30 - 01:00 LFM dps
Mysteria (25)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 4/144.0/5Mysteria is a Horde guild build up by 2 brothers, and are today a solid team of long term
As Loke Falls (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16 14/144.5/5Vi är en svensk semi-casual guild som rekryterar till vårat 10 manna team
Fear of the Lambs (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 9/14964.5/5Looking for more to join 25 man raiding
Group TNT (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 8/14774.5/5Wed, Thur, Sun 20:00-23:00 srv time.
Elude (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 6/143.3/5
midlife crisis (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 8/14384.7/5Recruiting all classes. Enter the website User:midlife pw:crisis
Ominous (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 6/1412674.7/5Είμαστε ένα Ελληνικό guild που ψάχνει έμπειρα άτομα για την στελέχωση του raiding rank
Icon (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 12/143194.1/5recruiting a hunter/mage/warlock. Raidtimes 20-23h on mon/tue/thur
Casual Hardcore (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T15H 12/134.5/5
Casual Hardcore (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T15H 12/134.5/5We are currently recruiting exceptional trials for our main team!
Icon (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 12/143194.1/5
Ash (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 2/141914.7/5Skandinavisk 25 man | Tirs,tors,søn 18:30-23:00
midlife crisis (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 8/14384.7/5Recruiting for 10man raiding, Mature group, a bit wipeyw but epic atmos, all nations
Gehenna Gladiators (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T15H 1/134.7/5Please fill the application at: http://gehennagladiators.enjin.com/recruitment
Cerebral (25)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1413154.7/5Looking for 2 Healers 2-3 Range dps 1 Melee dps
Provocation (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T15H 1/134.0/5Later raiding (2200server to 0100 server), 3 nights a week, 10 man guild new to Kazzak
Nerf me Sideways (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T15 11/124.0/5Softcore 10m raiding guild looking for Warlock or Moonkin.
Pwnanza (25)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/141722.9/5Pwnanza is an almost 6 year old project consisting of a hardcore 25 man raiding guild.
The Royal Army (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 8/14384.5/5 is recruiting exceptional DPS for HEROIC content.
Something Epic
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14H 6/164.7/5Something Epic is looking for semi hardcore raiders to bolster our ranks
Wipe Faster
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14H 4/164.5/5Hi, our competitive heroic 10 man group is looking for a few reïnforcements, look inside!
Core Crew (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16 12/144.5/5
Fairy Tail
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14 4/164.5/5Fairy Tail is a Lvl 25 social/levelling and raiding guild, Recruiting Now!!
Fang (25)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T16H 14/1414803.9/5
Authority (10)
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14 6/164.5/5Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and Authority might need you !
Raiders of Apocalypse
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14 0/164.7/5
I Smell Jelly
Kazzak-EU EN PVP
T14 4/164.5/5We are each boss's Nightmare. Pretty Crazy, but works out pretty well ;)

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