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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

About GuildOx

GuildOx is a service that ranks guilds, players, specs and loot from World of Warcraft. It does this quickly and accurately by reading data via the official WoW API. The site started as Guildox.com in 2007, and changed to GuildOx in late 2008 as an alternative to the declining WoWJutsu service. Since then, we have been innovating and were the first service to introduce features such as 10m strict rankings, rankings for guilds based on raid achievements, guild popularity voting, alt detection, kill date normalization for delayed access to herioic content and an in-game ranking tooltip addon.


How many characters do I need in my guild to qualify for the guild rankings?

You need to have at least 10 characters (of level ten or greater) in a guild to qualify.

How often does GuildOx refresh the guild kills/achievements?

Guilds with at least one raid achievement or boss kill are automatically refreshed around once every 24-72 hours. You can re-submit your guild at any time via the "Add Guild" function and your latest raid kills will be re-assessed within minutes.

How does GuildOx award boss kills/achievements?

GuildOx looks for a minimum of 4-8 characters in a single raid to earn a kill/achievement. These characters need to earn their first-kill in this raid to qualify. If they have earned their first-kill in a PUG or from a previous guild then they will not be counted - however, once 10 players in your guild earn the kill (over any period of time) then we will award the kill but it will not count as a 10m or 25m kill.

How do the GuildOx 25 and 10 rankings work?

GuildOx "implies" the raid mode on a kill by kill basis by counting the number of guild players in the raid when you completed your first kill. If it is more than 10 players then we tag it as a 25m kill, if it is 10 players or less then we tag it as a 10m kill. We then look at the latest progression first-kill and if it has been done in 25m mode then the guild is eligible for the 25m rankings. If the latest kill is done in 10m mode then the guild is eligible for the 10m rankings. Note that all guilds are eligible for the combined 25+10 rankings.

How are the guild 'progress' kills ranked?

GuildOx features Raid 'Progress' rankings. We select the progress kills that represent traditional guild progression. This usually consists of the boss kills for the current progression tier, both normal and heroic modes. Guilds are first ranked by the number of bosses killed, and then by the date of their last boss kill. Simple, easy.

What is this special world rank normalization system you use?

Kill times are normalized for heroic kills to give regions with delayed access to new heroic raid content a much more accurate and fair world ranking. Normalization involves subtracting a fixed number of minutes from heroic kills made in the EU, KR and TW regions to compensate for delayed access. The number of minutes subtracted is based on the times when the servers in that region first came online for the new heroic raid content compared with the US servers. Note that this system only affects world ranking - it has no impact on region or realm ranking.

What if guilds get stuck on heroic content and a nerf is released to all servers?

As we have seen in the past, sometimes a heroic encounter is overtuned making it near impossible to complete. Blizzard will sometimes apply a nerf to such encounters. When this occurs to heroic encounters that have not yet been conquered by any guild, we will remove the kill time normalisation for that encounter and for the race beyond.

How are the guild Battleground Ratings calculated?

To calculate the guild's Battleground Rating, GuildOx takes the average Battleground Rating of the top 10 active guild members. To be considered "active" requires that the player has logged in to the game at least once in the past month and since the last season commenced.

What are the limitations with the world-first and server-first guild ranks for any given achievement?

We crawl all ranked guilds over a period of a few days - this means that there may be guilds that have just earned an achievement but are yet to be crawled and listed by our service. You may notice your rank drops a little for a few days after claiming a boss kill as GuildOx finds some other guilds with similar kills.

How can we show our live guild rankings on our guild web site?

GuildOx provides live site banners via javascript/html or bbcode code. You can find the code to these at the bottom of your guild's page in GuildOx. Simply copy this code and paste the code in the HTML source your web site or forum to have it display your world rank, US/EU rank and realm rank.

A guild has transfered, disbanded, gone inactive or merged on our realm - can I get the old guild deleted?

GuildOx will automatically remove guilds from the database when they have less than 15 members. We do not do manual removal of guilds. Be patient and they will be removed after a week or so.

Battle.net is not showing an achievement but we have completed it. Can you do a manual adjustment?

GuildOx relies 100% on the official data from the WoW API. We only take data from the WoW API and make no manual adjustments. If you feel as though the WoW API data is in error then you need to take this up with the team at Blizzard. A good place to start is the Offical API Forum.

How do I get access to GuildOx guild ranking data to use in my web application?

We make guild ranking data available as XML data using the following URL format (UTF-8 encoded):


You can add a "&j=1" to the URL to change to JSON format. XML Example | JSON Example

My web site URL needs changing, how do I do this?

Contact us via the contact details below, stating your old URL, your guild name and server and the new URL.

Where can I get the GuildOx addon that shows guild rankings and progress on the player's in-game tooltip?

Download the GuildOx tooltip add-on at Curse.


GuildOx Loot Rank is a Wow item ranking system. Enter weightings of your item stats and Loot Rank provides a sorted list of items based on these weightings. A higher weighting indicates that the stat is more valuable than a lower rating. The 'Score' result is simply the sum of all of the stats multiplied by your assigned stat weightings.

You can filter the results by many fields, including source of drop, class, type and more.

You can also import your character items from the official wowarmory so that the lists will then show the relative upgrade score worth and highlight your currently equipped items. A Top 50 upgrade list will be shown at the end of the Loot Rank report.


* We rank only uncommon (green) quality items and above and include all items from the WOTLK expansion onwards. Vanilla and BC items have been excluded.

* On-Use abilities are used in the calculations where they can be quantified. Note that some of the on-use/proc abilities are very gear/class/play-style dependent and cannot be accurately modelled without full knowledge of your character. Consequently, some trinkets may be slightly erroneous in their scoring.

* If you know what meta gem you want then you can enter a non-zero score into the "Meta" weighting. Loot Rank will add this score to all slots with a meta socket. Note that you need to enter a score and not an item id for the meta socket.


What is the minimum level for the character/toon rankings?

You need to be level 60 to qualify for the character rankings. We automatically crawl all maximum level characters but lower level characters can be added via the Add Toon option in the Tools menu.

How do I get access to your mount, pet and achievement popularity data in XML format?



Guildox is updated and maintained by David Peterson (Trail of Ravencrest).

If you are contacting us to ask why your guild is not being listed in the 25m or 10m rankings then please remember that we track only first-kills. If your guild killed your last progression boss in 10m mode first, then you will not be eligible for the 25m rankings. If the majority of your raiders have pugged their first-kills or have achieved their first-kills prior to joining your guild then we may be unable to determine the mode of your kills (your achievement date will be shown as a '-') and it may exclude you from 25m or 10m rankings. Don't worry too much though - your guild will be back on these rankings as soon as you get your next boss down provided enough guild members get their first-kill during your guild raid.

If you are contacting us about a kill or achievement not showing, please ensure you have manually refreshed your guild using the 'Add Guild' option and waited for the scan to complete.

If you can't find your character in our database then be sure to try the 'Add Toon' option in the Tools drop-down menu first.

If you don't want your alts to be known then alt tracking can be disabled on a character by character basis by going into the game, selecting Interface/Display and then checking the "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" setting.

If you are contacting us to have a guild removed as a result of a transfer, merger or disbanding then please note you need to wait for the member numbers to drop below the GuildOx threshold and GuildOx will automatically remove them. Allow a few weeks for this to occur.

Contact support@GuildOx.com

GuildOx was originally written by Polar (Polarbeard of Proudmoore-US). A big thanks to him for starting this wonderful site!

Do you like the GuildOx service?

Many people comment on what a great service we offer and ask how they can help. Running a high-powered database-driven web site is quite expensive so the best thing you can do is to support us by becoming a Premium Member.

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