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Llane-US Faction Only Mounts
1Balan  Llane-US255Not updated
2Sagestone NemesisLlane-US242
3Yatch SeveredLlane-US235
4Amethystdrac NemesisLlane-US233
4Jaxxson SeveredLlane-US233
4Theldon Guardians of StormwindLlane-US233Not updated
7Gnomeboysage  Llane-US232Not updated
8Bearlock SeveredLlane-US229
9Kyrah Divine TwilightLlane-US228
9Pole Channel Føur News TeamLlane-US228Not updated
11Killtheme The Angelz of DeathLlane-US226
12Feylan FuseLlane-US223
13Peaches NemesisLlane-US222
14Maritiku Requiem EternumLlane-US221
14Lightbreach FuseLlane-US221Not updated
16Nightfel The GuildlessLlane-US220Not updated
16Sunsage The WolfpackLlane-US220
18Click Requiem EternumLlane-US219
19Briannafae BlackDeathLlane-US218
20Outolunch  Llane-US217
21Raptorx Iron CircleLlane-US216
22Judis NemesisLlane-US215
22Deathtyr DecimateLlane-US215
22Soroseth  Llane-US215Not updated
25Slobbydwarf NemesisLlane-US214
25Webtitan FahrenheitLlane-US214
27Vortre Dark OathLlane-US212
28Zozo Channel Føur News TeamLlane-US211
28Saraphy  Llane-US211Not updated
30Ravenheat Dark OathLlane-US210
31Kaella Irate PiratesLlane-US209
31Mysticalie Lost PurposeLlane-US209Not updated
31Sweeia JudgementLlane-US209
34Ruana Iron CircleLlane-US208
34Raidne NemesisLlane-US208
34Nefrag MonolithLlane-US208
34Emylann BlackDeathLlane-US208
34Zulqt NemesisLlane-US208
34Evangelistia Elrendar RangersLlane-US208Not updated
40Elend Battle TestedLlane-US207Not updated
40Brautigan Nos ImmortalisLlane-US207Not updated
40Alkimos The WolfpackLlane-US207
43Keyley Spectacular DeathLlane-US206
43Sheck Ivory TowerLlane-US206Not updated
45Holb Stamus In IgnemLlane-US205
45Shadryth Lights ReminiscenceLlane-US205Not updated
45Azuzu Paradigm ReduxLlane-US205
45Lycaina DecimateLlane-US205
45Dev RemorselessLlane-US205Not updated
45Joerudy Battle TestedLlane-US205
45Gimmlette Spectacular DeathLlane-US205
45Twisp  Llane-US205Not updated
45Ahooru JudgementLlane-US205
54Janica DunmharuLlane-US204Not updated
54Sophelil Empyrean DynastyLlane-US204
54Icestank SonsofAnarchyLlane-US204
54Gusion Red HammerLlane-US204Not updated
54Crimsonnight Gods of DeathLlane-US204Not updated
54Leona SeveredLlane-US204
60Acatina The SardaukarLlane-US203
60Augusta Last AttemptLlane-US203
60Kyryn NemesisLlane-US203
60Grimox Coup dÉtatLlane-US203Not updated
60Ahlystia DunmharuLlane-US203Not updated
60Fires Irate PiratesLlane-US203Not updated
66Juggalojoker DamagedLlane-US202
66Repentia FuseLlane-US202Not updated
68Roymustang AegisLlane-US201Not updated
68Evilblue BlackDeathLlane-US201
68Ellessaria MethodicalLlane-US201
68Islene Vader Stole My HoverbikeLlane-US201Not updated
68Panacea And FriendsLlane-US201
68Bitsie MethodicalLlane-US201
68Voljinson The WolfpackLlane-US201Not updated
68Clotte Paradigm ReduxLlane-US201

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