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US (BR) ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Rinzller Rise AboveAzralon-US589.8
2Pretinhabr PARAMITAAzralon-US589.1
2Crysil Toca do GoblinAzralon-US589.1
4Nouway WICKED SICKAzralon-US589.0
4Karïnzinha Rise AboveAzralon-US589.0
4Rock Toca do GoblinAzralon-US589.0
7Pandaids Against All AuthorityAzralon-US588.7
7Santti Rise AboveAzralon-US588.7
7Shake Rise AboveAzralon-US588.7
10Kantzz Heroes RiseNemesis-US588.6
10Kantzz  Azralon-US588.6
10Noruby Toca do GoblinAzralon-US588.6
10Zeratul Rise AboveAzralon-US588.6
14Rochosus Assault ModeAzralon-US588.3
14Seiiya Toca do GoblinAzralon-US588.3
14Blueteeth Toca do GoblinAzralon-US588.3
14Venkman Assault ModeAzralon-US588.3
14Axvakadrood CSI Thunder BluffAzralon-US588.3
14Gjowned Rise AboveAzralon-US588.3
20Ðrixx Rise AboveAzralon-US588.2
20Leeflow Rise AboveAzralon-US588.2
20Sharkboss AftermathAzralon-US588.2
20Superhealer Sapphire GuardGoldrinn-US588.2
20Intervir Rise AboveAzralon-US588.2
20Meii Against All AuthorityAzralon-US588.2
20Kanade Rise AboveAzralon-US588.2
20Khonqueror Against All AuthorityAzralon-US588.2
20Melty Rise AboveAzralon-US588.2
20Elric Rise AboveAzralon-US588.2
20Grossa Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US588.2
20Khanda Rise AboveAzralon-US588.2
32Archangelos Rise AboveAzralon-US588.1
33Carush CSI Thunder BluffAzralon-US587.9
33Romine Toca do GoblinAzralon-US587.9
33Garullf Rise AboveAzralon-US587.9
33Yoshimitsu Rise AboveAzralon-US587.9
33Amethista KeepersNemesis-US587.9
33Triconomia  Azralon-US587.9
33Skypperx Rise AboveAzralon-US587.9
33Stix WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.9
41Waiapi The Last LegionAzralon-US587.5
41Darkash WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.5
41Beuzetrollha WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.5
41Finwelok Rise AboveAzralon-US587.5
41Trollsaxinho Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US587.5
41Rainna Assault ModeAzralon-US587.5
41Haon Breaking DownAzralon-US587.5
41Madammesatan Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US587.5
41Oldhorsems WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.5
41Natsudragone Rise AboveAzralon-US587.5
41Bartthory Assault ModeAzralon-US587.5
41Arhak Against All AuthorityAzralon-US587.5
41Dkinsonia EndGameAzralon-US587.5
41Gão The Last LegionAzralon-US587.5
41Noctowl Toca do GoblinAzralon-US587.5
41Pheiona WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.5
41Napobar Rise AboveAzralon-US587.5
41Lolplix Against All AuthorityAzralon-US587.5
41Shizune Rise AboveAzralon-US587.5
41Trollmadruga Silithus PiratesAzralon-US587.5
41Nufrik WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.5
41Úrsão Sons of AiurAzralon-US587.5
41Chtm NullAzralon-US587.5
41Onsllaught Rise AboveAzralon-US587.5
41Sabin Rise AboveAzralon-US587.5
41Varo Against All AuthorityAzralon-US587.5
67Maylin Toca do GoblinAzralon-US587.4
68Siemens Silithus PiratesAzralon-US587.2
69Alkorsieg Toca do GoblinAzralon-US587.1
69Headie Against All AuthorityAzralon-US587.1
69Chequer EndGameAzralon-US587.1
69Duensa Rise AboveAzralon-US587.1
69Môrmegil WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.1
69Clodonéucio Assault ModeAzralon-US587.1
69Trixetwo NullAzralon-US587.1
69Kíngdra Toca do GoblinAzralon-US587.1
69Masteavatar EndGameAzralon-US587.1
69Celys Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US587.1
69Jëss WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.1
69Dawshot ExileAzralon-US587.1
69Arganthe Rise AboveAzralon-US587.1
69Xplucky Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US587.1
69Hallie  Azralon-US587.1
69Codebreaker ParadoxNemesis-US587.1
69Steelzete Rise AboveAzralon-US587.1
69Sannie Toca do GoblinAzralon-US587.1
69Hashimoto CSI Thunder BluffAzralon-US587.1
69Moothz MyrmidonsTol Barad-US587.1
69Workaholic CSI Thunder BluffAzralon-US587.1
69Callavera AvalonNemesis-US587.1
69Najib Silithus PiratesAzralon-US587.1
69Akuh NullAzralon-US587.1
69Losferatus WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.1
69Bufão The Last LegionAzralon-US587.1
69Xan Toca do GoblinAzralon-US587.1
69Satellite WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.1
69Pinguim Blood FuryAzralon-US587.1
98Räph WICKED SICKAzralon-US587.0
99Raskolnikovv WICKED SICKAzralon-US586.9
100Reyyko Heroes RiseNemesis-US586.8

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