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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zuluhed-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Fangsla ExódusZuluhed-US590.0Not updated
2Lamps ExódusZuluhed-US589.5Not updated
2Haematocrit Last ChapterZuluhed-US589.5Not updated
4Jaxzz ExódusZuluhed-US589.1Not updated
4Morty Last ChapterZuluhed-US589.1Not updated
6Fushi Last ChapterZuluhed-US588.8Not updated
7Xandrelis CamelotZuluhed-US588.7Not updated
8Scarekröw Last ChapterZuluhed-US588.4Not updated
9Txivmagus Last ChapterZuluhed-US588.3Not updated
10Philthemage Last ChapterZuluhed-US588.2Not updated
10Sagacíous Last ChapterZuluhed-US588.2Not updated
10Dmntd Last ChapterZuluhed-US588.2Not updated
10Erusgizmo Last ChapterZuluhed-US588.2Not updated
10Pitlord  Zuluhed-US588.2Not updated
15Bastiaan Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.9Not updated
15Bigdamn Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.9Not updated
15Njxcrash Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.9Not updated
15Maldrey Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.9Not updated
15Ordinary Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.9Not updated
20Körben ExódusZuluhed-US587.5Not updated
20Gennovas Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.5Not updated
20Lyfeblood Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.5Not updated
20Scarecrows Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.5Not updated
20Snagtooth Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.5Not updated
20Kamahri Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.5Not updated
26Julesverne DysfunctionalZuluhed-US587.2Not updated
27Pewpewchckn Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
27Studderz Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
27Januite ExódusZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
27Varesele Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
27Begotten Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
27Roosk Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
27Copula Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
27Tobbias Last ChapterZuluhed-US587.1Not updated
35Iglajr HTXZuluhed-US586.9Not updated
36Shalene Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.7Not updated
36Cythis Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.7Not updated
36Prùdent Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.7Not updated
36Velrock Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.7Not updated
36Korim Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US586.7Not updated
36Sebozle Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.7Not updated
42Drdinkle Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.4Not updated
42Baifer Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.4Not updated
42Velco Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.4Not updated
45Gajiiman Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.3Not updated
45Âshe Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US586.3Not updated
45Luponero Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.3Not updated
45ßeyond Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.3Not updated
49Cythas Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.2Not updated
49Tearopart Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.2Not updated
49Yshama ExódusZuluhed-US586.2Not updated
52Varanik Last ChapterZuluhed-US586.0Not updated
52Seraphiena Hardcore CasualZuluhed-US586.0Not updated
54Hoòdrat  Zuluhed-US585.9Not updated
54Nasr CamelotZuluhed-US585.9Not updated
54Aùster WarSwornZuluhed-US585.9Not updated
57Necrodusk Last ChapterZuluhed-US585.8Not updated
58Runswithswrd CamelotZuluhed-US585.6Not updated
58Arcx ExódusZuluhed-US585.6Not updated
58Archaìc Last ChapterZuluhed-US585.6Not updated
58Mencia  Zuluhed-US585.6Not updated
62Eifersucht Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US585.5Not updated
62Taxwoman  Zuluhed-US585.5Not updated
64Sabertorous Lords of WarZuluhed-US585.4Not updated
64Moovi Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US585.4Not updated
64Azzuremuun CamelotZuluhed-US585.4Not updated
67Dopplgangr ExódusZuluhed-US585.2Not updated
67Daweed ExódusZuluhed-US585.2Not updated
69Deruntarg  Zuluhed-US585.1Not updated
70Rolldembones Last ChapterZuluhed-US585.0Not updated
70Gravoc Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US585.0Not updated
72Vareadin Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.9Not updated
72Legendâiry Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.9Not updated
72Pallyno Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.9Not updated
75Vashdevalis Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.8Not updated
76Badmad Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.7Not updated
77Eggsine Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US584.6Not updated
77Tenok Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.6Not updated
77Ezyy HTXZuluhed-US584.6Not updated
80Märilÿn CamelotZuluhed-US584.5Not updated
80Stankle CamelotZuluhed-US584.5Not updated
82Biskitz Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.4Not updated
82Jinxypoo Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.4Not updated
82Veilside Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.4Not updated
85Thealfman Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.3Not updated
86Rafza Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.2Not updated
87Ambz Last ChapterZuluhed-US584.1Not updated
87Beefpolice  Zuluhed-US584.1Not updated
87Iktar RecognizeZuluhed-US584.1Not updated
87Lexxïe ExódusZuluhed-US584.1Not updated
91Karnos ExódusZuluhed-US584.0Not updated
91Nightwarr CamelotZuluhed-US584.0Not updated
93Xaen ExódusZuluhed-US583.9Not updated
93Bambootee Last ChapterZuluhed-US583.9Not updated
95Linomaster Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US583.7Not updated
95Bownd ExódusZuluhed-US583.7Not updated
95Dalox Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US583.7Not updated
98Jìntao ExódusZuluhed-US583.6Not updated
98Clerïc CamelotZuluhed-US583.6Not updated
100Noaspect Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US583.5Not updated

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