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Zul'jin-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Rogueain The SyndicateZul'jin-US582.4
2Vinollts The SyndicateZul'jin-US576.8
3Guthre The SyndicateZul'jin-US575.9
4Shadowcrom The SyndicateZul'jin-US575.4
5Kenz The SyndicateZul'jin-US574.5
6Lipsma The SyndicateZul'jin-US573.8
7Rakjar The SyndicateZul'jin-US573.7
8Xenie The SyndicateZul'jin-US573.3
9Vykkdraygo The SyndicateZul'jin-US573.1
10Nidilas The SyndicateZul'jin-US572.9
11Baelnes The SyndicateZul'jin-US570.9
12Septronica The SyndicateZul'jin-US570.7
13Twitchikins The SyndicateZul'jin-US570.6
14Kelador The SyndicateZul'jin-US566.9
15Krenini The SyndicateZul'jin-US566.8
16Cronobie The SyndicateZul'jin-US566.6
17Bogey The SyndicateZul'jin-US566.1Not updated
18Maddanglers The SyndicateZul'jin-US565.9Not updated
19Cracks The SyndicateZul'jin-US565.7Not updated
20Coilla The SyndicateZul'jin-US565.5Not updated
21Duece The SyndicateZul'jin-US564.1
22Talaton The SyndicateZul'jin-US563.7Not updated
23Roache The SyndicateZul'jin-US563.5
24Bellabanshee The SyndicateZul'jin-US563.4
24Perlin The SyndicateZul'jin-US563.4
26Gumbster The SyndicateZul'jin-US563.1
27Drya The SyndicateZul'jin-US563.0Not updated
28Camaron The SyndicateZul'jin-US562.9
29Pinner The SyndicateZul'jin-US562.7
30Peacehammer The SyndicateZul'jin-US562.5
31Kirinka The SyndicateZul'jin-US562.4Not updated
32Xynie The SyndicateZul'jin-US561.9
33Teracy The SyndicateZul'jin-US561.8
34Gundae The SyndicateZul'jin-US561.1Not updated
35Gabryellah The SyndicateZul'jin-US560.5
36Kouga The SyndicateZul'jin-US560.4
37Gabryelah The SyndicateZul'jin-US560.3
38Roujin The SyndicateZul'jin-US559.3
38Zarnia The SyndicateZul'jin-US559.3Not updated
40Worgenhunter The SyndicateZul'jin-US559.1
40Demissus The SyndicateZul'jin-US559.1
42Kreni The SyndicateZul'jin-US558.1
43Eternalrest The SyndicateZul'jin-US557.8
44Orianuzza The SyndicateZul'jin-US556.1
45Arcamaniac The SyndicateZul'jin-US555.9
46Kaerou The SyndicateZul'jin-US555.8
47Krijna The SyndicateZul'jin-US555.7
47Kordak The SyndicateZul'jin-US555.7
49Relindra The SyndicateZul'jin-US555.4
50Chestyburner The SyndicateZul'jin-US555.3
51Bahari The SyndicateZul'jin-US554.3
52Faradyn The SyndicateZul'jin-US553.7
53Snivvix The SyndicateZul'jin-US553.3
54Kitchak The SyndicateZul'jin-US552.8
55Kuulan The SyndicateZul'jin-US552.6
56Tamara The SyndicateZul'jin-US552.1
56Xenye The SyndicateZul'jin-US552.1
58Okinawan The SyndicateZul'jin-US552.0Not updated
59Abiegail The SyndicateZul'jin-US551.0
60Helsthor The SyndicateZul'jin-US550.0
60Ubarg The SyndicateZul'jin-US550.0
60Grabu The SyndicateZul'jin-US550.0
60Tagu The SyndicateZul'jin-US550.0
60Ayoung The SyndicateZul'jin-US550.0
60Monkadam The SyndicateZul'jin-US550.0
66Baalim The SyndicateZul'jin-US549.8Not updated
67Urgh The SyndicateZul'jin-US549.7
68Catsmeowl The SyndicateZul'jin-US549.5
69Synelf The SyndicateZul'jin-US549.4
69Ashtala The SyndicateZul'jin-US549.4
71Cheye The SyndicateZul'jin-US548.9
72Radsonya The SyndicateZul'jin-US548.6
73Torqx The SyndicateZul'jin-US548.1
74Casmond The SyndicateZul'jin-US547.2Not updated
75Hipshot The SyndicateZul'jin-US546.9
76Rouzu The SyndicateZul'jin-US546.5
77Makharo The SyndicateZul'jin-US546.3
77Synhunt The SyndicateZul'jin-US546.3
79Adol The SyndicateZul'jin-US545.7
80Othrys The SyndicateZul'jin-US545.1
81Karlize The SyndicateZul'jin-US544.9
82Damytshaman The SyndicateZul'jin-US544.8
83Averlynn The SyndicateZul'jin-US544.4Not updated
83Labrosse The SyndicateZul'jin-US544.4
85Krenin The SyndicateZul'jin-US544.3
86Chamois The SyndicateZul'jin-US543.7Not updated
87Salidin The SyndicateZul'jin-US543.5
88Sheista The SyndicateZul'jin-US543.3
89Epicshift The SyndicateZul'jin-US542.7
90Lorcalyn The SyndicateZul'jin-US542.5Not updated
91Bammbamm The SyndicateZul'jin-US542.0
92Ketsu The SyndicateZul'jin-US541.6
92Bonafied The SyndicateZul'jin-US541.6Not updated
94Kaladam The SyndicateZul'jin-US541.2
95Tampire The SyndicateZul'jin-US541.0
96Divyna The SyndicateZul'jin-US540.9
97Belyne The SyndicateZul'jin-US540.5
98Bramstoker The SyndicateZul'jin-US539.9
99Tressien The SyndicateZul'jin-US539.7
99Sunblades The SyndicateZul'jin-US539.7

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