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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zul'jin-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Tohr MightZul'jin-US592.2Not updated
1Daerio MightZul'jin-US592.2Not updated
3Crusifier DivideZul'jin-US592.0Not updated
4Amabarix  Zul'jin-US591.0Not updated
5Czerr MightZul'jin-US590.4Not updated
6Bty DualityZul'jin-US590.2Not updated
7Saturnalian Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US590.0Not updated
7Taalichan KinesisZul'jin-US590.0Not updated
7Jahkal ThunderdomeZul'jin-US590.0Not updated
7Ellejay EntropiZul'jin-US590.0Not updated
11Klevra DivideZul'jin-US589.9Not updated
11Jaytertots Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US589.9Not updated
11Naughtiness DivideZul'jin-US589.9Not updated
14Push Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US589.8Not updated
15Finity TacticsZul'jin-US589.6Not updated
15Palapaine ImminentZul'jin-US589.6Not updated
17Tatsh Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US589.5Not updated
17Rabble DualityZul'jin-US589.5Not updated
17Taintedwolf LasciviousZul'jin-US589.5Not updated
17Foepaw Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US589.5Not updated
21Adydar Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US589.4Not updated
22Telgina Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US589.3Not updated
23Kungpowa MultibeastZul'jin-US589.2Not updated
23Jaydec Playground BulliesZul'jin-US589.2Not updated
25Jello DualityZul'jin-US589.1Not updated
25Conjor DualityZul'jin-US589.1Not updated
25Repulsed ImminentZul'jin-US589.1Not updated
25Shikabane ImminentZul'jin-US589.1Not updated
25Karlicious Horde Du LysZul'jin-US589.1Not updated
25Lapin Sombre HéritageZul'jin-US589.1Not updated
31Jalopy DualityZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Warok Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Songjin DivideZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Muzek  Zul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Larry Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Ultima MightZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Amika MightZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Scorcher EntropiZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Zeji DivideZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Sourdìesel DualityZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Recidivist Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
31Gustavokts Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US589.0Not updated
43Scyzek Exiled LegionZul'jin-US588.9Not updated
43Victus EntropiZul'jin-US588.9Not updated
45Melu InceptionZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Brakzis Playground BulliesZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Exsterno ImmortalisZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Skïpps Dreamers of DreamsZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Victime Sombre HéritageZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Krieg HalcyonZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Orichamaru TacticsZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Shaylene Exiled LegionZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Relearn DivideZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Berserks Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Jaberwockyx BoundZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Rstar HalcyonZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
45Liz TacticsZul'jin-US588.8Not updated
58Grafx Exiled LegionZul'jin-US588.7Not updated
58Doom DivideZul'jin-US588.7Not updated
58Nightrise DivideZul'jin-US588.7Not updated
58Kerthorok BoundZul'jin-US588.7Not updated
58Inzi DivideZul'jin-US588.7Not updated
63Chambersiz Exiled LegionZul'jin-US588.6Not updated
63Menciaa BoundZul'jin-US588.6Not updated
63Tókken Exiled LegionZul'jin-US588.6Not updated
63Kalpernia DivideZul'jin-US588.6Not updated
63Bobsal MightZul'jin-US588.6Not updated
68Matawoer Marche ou CrèveZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
68Feraday HexZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
68Rablesan DualityZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
68Morfax ConfluxZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
68Luvcakes TacticsZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
68Snipcake ImmortalisZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
68Jelloshocks DualityZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
68Darkmagician MightZul'jin-US588.4Not updated
76Wilshy EntropiZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Goamby Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Nehraxus Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Sardoniscorn EntropiZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Preheat DualityZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Rorschach MightZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Yata Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Setia Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Leønardø InceptionZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Cupidx MightZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Coldheals MightZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Aîmbot ShroudZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Robolenth Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Donzug Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Noblesmortem Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Illidius Exiled LegionZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Jadetea EntropiZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Dulcet Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Herehecomes Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Afker Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Skorgelol DivideZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Wovoca ImminentZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Shenroh MightZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
76Nukedookem EntropiZul'jin-US588.3Not updated
100Vimn Exiled LegionZul'jin-US588.2Not updated

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