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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zenedar-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Reklaw High TempestZenedar-EU593.4Not updated
2Syba High TempestZenedar-EU590.8Not updated
3Rampo  Zenedar-EU590.4Not updated
4Shiryuu Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU589.8Not updated
4Specia DarkStormZenedar-EU589.8Not updated
6Chiaoo High TempestZenedar-EU589.5Not updated
7Silvie DarkStormZenedar-EU589.4Not updated
7Dysthe High TempestZenedar-EU589.4Not updated
9Necroshroud RajatilaZenedar-EU589.2Not updated
9Ðubre Do Not PanicZenedar-EU589.2Not updated
9Niyalor High TempestZenedar-EU589.2Not updated
12Hapanerno  Zenedar-EU589.1Not updated
12Swagah DarkStormZenedar-EU589.1Not updated
14Wsddwsns Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU589.0Not updated
15Krozym VoyeurZenedar-EU588.8Not updated
15Kelthíus  Zenedar-EU588.8Not updated
17Saiphlol High TempestZenedar-EU588.6Not updated
17Zhhu Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU588.6Not updated
19Snypee High TempestZenedar-EU588.3Not updated
19Nicma DarkStormZenedar-EU588.3Not updated
19Raízo Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU588.3Not updated
19Shônn High TempestZenedar-EU588.3Not updated
19Leokegan High TempestZenedar-EU588.3Not updated
24Xephaníte Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
24Eqaq Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
24Xynk DarkStormZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
24Aeristial DarkStormZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
24Darksend DarkStormZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
24Silence DarkStormZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
24Tattoo High TempestZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
24Rosse Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU588.2Not updated
32Suprea DarkStormZenedar-EU588.0Not updated
32Lyrixe High TempestZenedar-EU588.0Not updated
32Traxex High TempestZenedar-EU588.0Not updated
32Sénjo Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU588.0Not updated
32Sunz JatoZenedar-EU588.0Not updated
37Zynesta DarkStormZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Thedrax  Zenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Winkleqt DarkStormZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Bellátor Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Bakon Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Savazz High TempestZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Aari DarkStormZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Memmoria DarkStormZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Apoleia Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Azylo Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Bellek High TempestZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Scvgoodtogo Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
37Café Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.9Not updated
50Ellein Do Not PanicZenedar-EU587.6Not updated
50Suprep DarkStormZenedar-EU587.6Not updated
50Aenyo ToolZenedar-EU587.6Not updated
50Iceburg High TempestZenedar-EU587.6Not updated
54Coverduck DarkStormZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Rinkz DarkStormZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Miiro Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Uzunov Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Vildebill DarkStormZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Severinster JatoZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Lacibá Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Shilen DarkStormZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Ðure Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Rasensa DarkStormZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Aroq High TempestZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Dwarfpoker  Zenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Eaglecott Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Kitzermitzen DarkStormZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Zîra High TempestZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Darkend DarkStormZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Larame RajatilaZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Srkrackula From The AshesZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
54Sonan High TempestZenedar-EU587.5Not updated
73Gatlingz High TempestZenedar-EU587.3Not updated
74Raynes Do Not PanicZenedar-EU587.2Not updated
75Ruuch Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Deathdots High TempestZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Brewn High TempestZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Hixym SytoZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Holytarp Do Not PanicZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Dpchi Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Sammyo ToolZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Vollcano High TempestZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Jävlaspel Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Zira High TempestZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Dyalol Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Haski Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Badanka RajatilaZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Silvercrow High TempestZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Sera High TempestZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Custards  Zenedar-EU587.1Not updated
75Rixers DarkStormZenedar-EU587.1Not updated
92Lumine DarkStormZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
92Aeristiel DarkStormZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
92Nevihta JatoZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
92Blubz DarkStormZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
92Soulbender Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
92Seerax DarkStormZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
92Lewymc Do Not PanicZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
92Bankruptcy Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU586.8Not updated
100Zapatillo Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU586.7Not updated

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