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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysera-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Katsuda easYplaYYsera-EU589.5Not updated
1Malba easYplaYYsera-EU589.5Not updated
1Ameno just dont failYsera-EU589.5Not updated
4Bounceblade easYplaYYsera-EU589.4Not updated
5Pandahao easYplaYYsera-EU589.2Not updated
5Brizzel Durus MentiriYsera-EU589.2Not updated
7Juljus just dont failYsera-EU588.8Not updated
7Rialda just dont failYsera-EU588.8Not updated
7Blindeye Durus MentiriYsera-EU588.8Not updated
10Defy easYplaYYsera-EU588.6Not updated
10Shonalï easYplaYYsera-EU588.6Not updated
12Panicky easYplaYYsera-EU588.3Not updated
12Smashi easYplaYYsera-EU588.3Not updated
14Antipois LacrimosaYsera-EU588.0Not updated
15Zømgpriest easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
15Kenox easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
15Highdi easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
15Plastehao easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
15Phoenix easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
15Samisher easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
15Trékk easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
15Po easYplaYYsera-EU587.9Not updated
23Nimroth just dont failYsera-EU587.6Not updated
24Sitan Durus MentiriYsera-EU587.5Not updated
24Smillá just dont failYsera-EU587.5Not updated
24Tseng easYplaYYsera-EU587.5Not updated
24Sunhao easYplaYYsera-EU587.5Not updated
24Lyuri easYplaYYsera-EU587.5Not updated
24Skaninchen easYplaYYsera-EU587.5Not updated
30Moonpie easYplaYYsera-EU587.2Not updated
30Molwar ExitusYsera-EU587.2Not updated
32Xyriana Durus MentiriYsera-EU587.1Not updated
32Isli Durus MentiriYsera-EU587.1Not updated
32Tirla easYplaYYsera-EU587.1Not updated
32Wârtex Durus MentiriYsera-EU587.1Not updated
32Maggîe just dont failYsera-EU587.1Not updated
32Flasher easYplaYYsera-EU587.1Not updated
32Dendi Durus MentiriYsera-EU587.1Not updated
39Brûxa just dont failYsera-EU586.8Not updated
40Tollo Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.7Not updated
40Mirigon LacrimosaYsera-EU586.7Not updated
40Zorya Nigris LegionesYsera-EU586.7Not updated
40Leelalein LacrimosaYsera-EU586.7Not updated
44Slayder TE UnitedYsera-EU586.6Not updated
44Meena Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.6Not updated
44Taey easYplaYYsera-EU586.6Not updated
47Chád LacrimosaYsera-EU586.4Not updated
47Valygar easYplaYYsera-EU586.4Not updated
47Niny just dont failYsera-EU586.4Not updated
47Hail just dont failYsera-EU586.4Not updated
47Rohrschach Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.4Not updated
47Gêronimo Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.4Not updated
53Olschi easYplaYYsera-EU586.3Not updated
53Zakko easYplaYYsera-EU586.3Not updated
53Lykanon Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.3Not updated
53Kâlî just dont failYsera-EU586.3Not updated
53Bierbauch just dont failYsera-EU586.3Not updated
58Zariah Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.2Not updated
58Ericmezpok Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.2Not updated
58Tourniquet Durus MentiriYsera-EU586.2Not updated
61Clamdea just dont failYsera-EU586.0Not updated
61Hoppe Fandu TalahYsera-EU586.0Not updated
63Killuqt Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.9Not updated
63Silasira easYplaYYsera-EU585.9Not updated
63Lunay Fandu TalahYsera-EU585.9Not updated
66Ankita Revenge of the WolvesYsera-EU585.8Not updated
67Tahla Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.7Not updated
67Pahlas just dont failYsera-EU585.7Not updated
69Pandha just dont failYsera-EU585.6Not updated
69Zornbringer Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.6Not updated
71Nakoh LacrimosaYsera-EU585.5Not updated
71Ysann Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.5Not updated
71Nimbi just dont failYsera-EU585.5Not updated
74Ragnarök Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.4Not updated
74Malanior Outcast ProjectYsera-EU585.4Not updated
74Mök Fandu TalahYsera-EU585.4Not updated
74Killroy easYplaYYsera-EU585.4Not updated
78Donkeymonk Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.3Not updated
78Fellhuf Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.3Not updated
78Daikiri Outcast ProjectYsera-EU585.3Not updated
78Kandos just dont failYsera-EU585.3Not updated
82Renew easYplaYYsera-EU585.2Not updated
82Attivista TE UnitedYsera-EU585.2Not updated
82Silvermagic TE UnitedYsera-EU585.2Not updated
82Shuto ExitusYsera-EU585.2Not updated
82Sonié ExitusYsera-EU585.2Not updated
82Ticquin just dont failYsera-EU585.2Not updated
88Munkeln just dont failYsera-EU585.1Not updated
88Ferensa Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.1Not updated
88Firespy just dont failYsera-EU585.1Not updated
88Couro Revenge of the WolvesYsera-EU585.1Not updated
92Heilicos Durus MentiriYsera-EU585.0Not updated
92Oiseasy just dont failYsera-EU585.0Not updated
92Londrew easYplaYYsera-EU585.0Not updated
92Galuntia SneakyYsera-EU585.0Not updated
92Lêxur easYplaYYsera-EU585.0Not updated
92Oneko LacrimosaYsera-EU585.0Not updated
98Aywahao Engel der SeeleYsera-EU584.9Not updated
98Smashfive easYplaYYsera-EU584.9Not updated
100Phlegeton ExitusYsera-EU584.8Not updated

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