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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Ysera-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Instant Escaping into InsanityYsera-US589.4Not updated
2Uzaho Impending Doom IIYsera-US588.4
2Yansa SÿndicåtëYsera-US588.4Not updated
4Olokhan Impending Doom IIYsera-US588.3
5Zerobahamut PrimeYsera-US587.9Not updated
5Nessa Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.9Not updated
7Sessh Winter ShadowYsera-US587.6
7Terry Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.6Not updated
7Luvtap Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.6Not updated
10Theharbinger Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.5Not updated
11Ghettopaws Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.4Not updated
12Cannonball Caster LewtzYsera-US587.1
12Snipermon Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.1Not updated
12Ixbio Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.1Not updated
12Kiltur Zero RequiemYsera-US587.1
12Bigvizz Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.1Not updated
12Andy Winter ShadowYsera-US587.1
12Seliria Winter ShadowYsera-US587.1
12Keltos PrimeYsera-US587.1Not updated
12Kronicles Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.1Not updated
12Lissenis Escaping into InsanityYsera-US587.1Not updated
22Korban Impending Doom IIYsera-US586.9
23Wenchofwoe Escaping into InsanityYsera-US586.8Not updated
23Abitevil Escaping into InsanityYsera-US586.8Not updated
23Airyana Winter ShadowYsera-US586.8
26Navijobu Impending Doom IIYsera-US586.7
26Zerø Escaping into InsanityYsera-US586.7Not updated
26Radewaffles Escaping into InsanityYsera-US586.7Not updated
29Darkcharm Winter ShadowYsera-US586.4
30Gavemaverick Escaping into InsanityYsera-US586.3Not updated
30Indulai Caster LewtzYsera-US586.3
32Tyrandion Escaping into InsanityYsera-US586.2Not updated
32Missbehavin Escaping into InsanityYsera-US586.2Not updated
34Semprparatus Caster LewtzYsera-US586.1
35Baseballone SÿndicåtëYsera-US586.0Not updated
35Sorenity Caster LewtzYsera-US586.0
37Billhickock Escaping into InsanityYsera-US585.9Not updated
37Sinjïn Escaping into InsanityYsera-US585.9Not updated
37Forsæken Escaping into InsanityYsera-US585.9Not updated
40Zambalion Impending Doom IIYsera-US585.8
40Noriel Impending Doom IIYsera-US585.8
40Magecitypro Impending Doom IIYsera-US585.8
43Daslighting Escaping into InsanityYsera-US585.7Not updated
44Vymeran Winter ShadowYsera-US585.6
44Beseechia Impending Doom IIYsera-US585.6
44Jubellum Escaping into InsanityYsera-US585.6Not updated
44Bagofmilk Escaping into InsanityYsera-US585.6Not updated
48Eluvandarius PrimeYsera-US585.5Not updated
48Metatron  Ysera-US585.5Not updated
48Zorcron SÿndicåtëYsera-US585.5Not updated
51Jamilare  Ysera-US585.3Not updated
51Isabellea Omega Res NovaeYsera-US585.3
53Sijan Winter ShadowYsera-US585.2
54Nem Impending Doom IIYsera-US585.1
55Katale Caster LewtzYsera-US585.0
55Charuo Caster LewtzYsera-US585.0
57Noctem Winter ShadowYsera-US584.9
57Klonoaprower Caster LewtzYsera-US584.9
57Kuraitora PrimeYsera-US584.9Not updated
57Jabishh Zero RequiemYsera-US584.9
57Thorrson PrimeYsera-US584.9Not updated
62Drunknshamen Caster LewtzYsera-US584.8
62Rathok Winter ShadowYsera-US584.8
62Mestalas SÿndicåtëYsera-US584.8Not updated
65Partyfouls Winter ShadowYsera-US584.7
66Cudd Impending Doom IIYsera-US584.6
66Gregnor Winter ShadowYsera-US584.6
68Slipnot Winter ShadowYsera-US584.4
68Verbannen  Ysera-US584.4Not updated
68Tiká Caster LewtzYsera-US584.4
71Kaidri Caster LewtzYsera-US584.3
71Dethgaard Winter ShadowYsera-US584.3
71Fhace SÿndicåtëYsera-US584.3Not updated
74Wisptank  Ysera-US584.2Not updated
74Daennicus Escaping into InsanityYsera-US584.2Not updated
74Lorstaul Impending Doom IIYsera-US584.2
77Zurmalek Caster LewtzYsera-US584.1
78Ydrasil Winter ShadowYsera-US584.0
78Windfuríous Escaping into InsanityYsera-US584.0Not updated
78Syncrowe PrimeYsera-US584.0Not updated
81Snigz Winter ShadowYsera-US583.8
81Atemp  Ysera-US583.8Not updated
83Jamlocy  Ysera-US583.7Not updated
83Millertank Escaping into InsanityYsera-US583.7Not updated
83Yeul Impending Doom IIYsera-US583.7
86Magor Dark VisageYsera-US583.6Not updated
86Boneey The Royals Red DevilsYsera-US583.6Not updated
88Echolocation SÿndicåtëYsera-US583.5Not updated
89Sesharrim Escaping into InsanityYsera-US583.4Not updated
89Borriss PrimeYsera-US583.4Not updated
91Lilfrye Caster LewtzYsera-US583.3
91Meemuu Winter ShadowYsera-US583.3
93Bigsword Caster LewtzYsera-US583.2
93Neverafter Zero RequiemYsera-US583.2
95Pekoe Impending Doom IIYsera-US583.1
96Guice PrimeYsera-US583.0Not updated
96Draitak Escaping into InsanityYsera-US583.0Not updated
96Rendezvous Escaping into InsanityYsera-US583.0Not updated
99Zoogore Impending Doom IIYsera-US582.9
99Maea Impending Doom IIYsera-US582.9

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