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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Winterhoof-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Cìty Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US586.3Not updated
2Naito Rated MWinterhoof-US585.9Not updated
3Amadin Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US585.8Not updated
4Zalthaz  Winterhoof-US585.6Not updated
5Forcedrename  Winterhoof-US585.4Not updated
6Bêastly Pain VendorWinterhoof-US585.3Not updated
7Viktorie Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US585.2Not updated
7Haktu Rated MWinterhoof-US585.2Not updated
9Barren Serenity NowWinterhoof-US585.1Not updated
10Fluffernut Rated MWinterhoof-US585.0Not updated
10Ioso  Winterhoof-US585.0Not updated
12Flomp RubiconWinterhoof-US584.8Not updated
12Megamahr MonolithWinterhoof-US584.8Not updated
14Tardovski Rated MWinterhoof-US584.4Not updated
14Povitch Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US584.4Not updated
14Syllinara Rated MWinterhoof-US584.4Not updated
17Deltalol Allance RaidersWinterhoof-US584.0Not updated
18Rushs Pain VendorWinterhoof-US583.7Not updated
18Druidbar  Winterhoof-US583.7Not updated
18Buddhabear Rated MWinterhoof-US583.7Not updated
21Highbones  Winterhoof-US583.5Not updated
22Terminated  Winterhoof-US583.2Not updated
23Crazytanker NeVeRends GamingWinterhoof-US583.0Not updated
24Mistiqal Rated MWinterhoof-US582.7Not updated
25Ryioke Pain VendorWinterhoof-US582.5Not updated
26Joshuah  Winterhoof-US582.4Not updated
26Crazyhunted BankingUSAWinterhoof-US582.4Not updated
28Aiurus RubiconWinterhoof-US582.1Not updated
28Simchá  Winterhoof-US582.1Not updated
30Elloelle  Winterhoof-US582.0Not updated
30Qualthaz BlightWinterhoof-US582.0Not updated
30Linity Rated MWinterhoof-US582.0Not updated
33Kratðs  Winterhoof-US581.9Not updated
34Liefde Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US581.6Not updated
35Aenarion  Winterhoof-US581.5Not updated
35Lêonidas Pain VendorWinterhoof-US581.5Not updated
37Ratshammy Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US581.2Not updated
38Ires Rated MWinterhoof-US581.1Not updated
38Smallpoxx House of AtlantisWinterhoof-US581.1Not updated
40Illifra Pain VendorWinterhoof-US580.9Not updated
41Edwardlxi Pain VendorWinterhoof-US580.8Not updated
42Popples BanishedWinterhoof-US580.7Not updated
42Hairdayy Pain VendorWinterhoof-US580.7Not updated
42Drezden  Winterhoof-US580.7Not updated
45Hedge Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US580.5Not updated
46Aldar Rated MWinterhoof-US580.0Not updated
47Minsin Rated MWinterhoof-US579.9Not updated
47Xaven Pain VendorWinterhoof-US579.9Not updated
47Wolfstalk Rated MWinterhoof-US579.9Not updated
50Madrigal EclipseWinterhoof-US579.8Not updated
50Suge Pain VendorWinterhoof-US579.8Not updated
50Caloosa House of AtlantisWinterhoof-US579.8Not updated
53Xipow The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US579.7Not updated
54Malthaz BlightWinterhoof-US579.6Not updated
55Voyant  Winterhoof-US579.5Not updated
56Segador Rated MWinterhoof-US579.4Not updated
57Varios  Winterhoof-US579.2Not updated
58Krackshot The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US579.1Not updated
59Gunsou  Winterhoof-US578.8Not updated
59Greyguard MonolithWinterhoof-US578.8Not updated
61Mystiqüe Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US578.7Not updated
62Killi Destine StoicaWinterhoof-US578.6Not updated
63Marrkus Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US578.4Not updated
63Irës Rated MWinterhoof-US578.4Not updated
63Devsham Pain VendorWinterhoof-US578.4Not updated
66Ses EnduranceWinterhoof-US578.3Not updated
67Zinn Rated MWinterhoof-US578.2Not updated
68Geowarlock MonolithWinterhoof-US578.1Not updated
68Kinjow kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US578.1Not updated
70Melway Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US578.0Not updated
70Noun Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US578.0Not updated
70Northstarz kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US578.0Not updated
73Gajin Chaotic LegionWinterhoof-US577.9Not updated
73Lobos Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US577.9Not updated
73Verrazano  Winterhoof-US577.9Not updated
73Tulnar The UnguildedWinterhoof-US577.9Not updated
73Thânos Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US577.9Not updated
73Changedname The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US577.9Not updated
73Wakko House of AtlantisWinterhoof-US577.9Not updated
80Linmarie The MooninitesWinterhoof-US577.6Not updated
81Kahnra  Winterhoof-US577.5Not updated
81Nachoday House of AtlantisWinterhoof-US577.5Not updated
81Vegavixen Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US577.5Not updated
81Granrahnimo The UnguildedWinterhoof-US577.5Not updated
81Olympián Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US577.5Not updated
81Miniguido Pain VendorWinterhoof-US577.5Not updated
81Grieve Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US577.5Not updated
88Chatoe Kalimdors FinestWinterhoof-US577.4Not updated
89Renrew Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US577.3Not updated
90Brak EclipseWinterhoof-US577.2Not updated
91Niknack  Winterhoof-US577.1Not updated
91Fordram EclipseWinterhoof-US577.1Not updated
91Darkspiral Rated MWinterhoof-US577.1Not updated
91Gokuzumaki House of AtlantisWinterhoof-US577.1Not updated
91Noxpredor Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US577.1Not updated
91Celain Deaths DealersWinterhoof-US577.1Not updated
97Danyrius House of AtlantisWinterhoof-US576.9Not updated
97Sparffles  Winterhoof-US576.9Not updated
97Krystalana Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US576.9Not updated
100Priêst Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US576.8Not updated

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