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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Whisperwind-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1毛絨球 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW596.5Not updated
1丹特麗安 果果樂園Whisperwind-TW596.5Not updated
1櫻弦 緋月Whisperwind-TW596.5Not updated
4煙脂淚 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW596.1Not updated
4烏列心兒 天啟魔閣Whisperwind-TW596.1Not updated
4攝魂使者 無限延伸Whisperwind-TW596.1Not updated
7粉晶 緋月Whisperwind-TW595.8Not updated
8阿窿索斯 幻影旅團Whisperwind-TW595.7Not updated
8Skinny 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW595.7Not updated
8哈梅內伊 影歌神殿Whisperwind-TW595.7Not updated
11嗜血重生 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW595.4Not updated
11笵海辛 幻影旅團Whisperwind-TW595.4Not updated
11零度愛 無限延伸Whisperwind-TW595.4Not updated
14Garish 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW595.3Not updated
14風晴慕芸 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW595.3Not updated
14天涯星空  Whisperwind-TW595.3Not updated
17人類狂戰士 想著想著就笑了Whisperwind-TW595.0Not updated
17蟑螂強強 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW595.0Not updated
17比比摩爾 小跑步Whisperwind-TW595.0Not updated
17豆沙派 風之舞者Whisperwind-TW595.0Not updated
17七桃狼 緋月Whisperwind-TW595.0Not updated
17清雪墨櫻 冰雪Whisperwind-TW595.0Not updated
17Eternalsnow Endless CometWhisperwind-TW595.0Not updated
24花小刀 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24冷翎 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24排遣寂寞 Alpha OmegaWhisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24弒血獵魔  Whisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24龍膽石斑 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24香水十字軍 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24冰寂寞 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24執事小虫 迦樓羅王Whisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24星夢幻月  Whisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
24獵天皇 幻影旅團Whisperwind-TW594.9Not updated
34粉菁 緋月Whisperwind-TW594.7Not updated
35伊蕾托 廣電總局Whisperwind-TW594.6Not updated
35斯人獨憔悴  Whisperwind-TW594.6Not updated
35戀依茜 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW594.6Not updated
35悠玟 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW594.6Not updated
35糊塗薩滿 達人會館Whisperwind-TW594.6Not updated
35夜安朵 廣電總局Whisperwind-TW594.6Not updated
35丸子姊姊  Whisperwind-TW594.6Not updated
42啪狼  Whisperwind-TW594.5Not updated
43佐藤小奈 翡翠夢境Whisperwind-TW594.4Not updated
43北大路五月 翡翠夢境Whisperwind-TW594.4Not updated
45初啼  Whisperwind-TW594.3Not updated
46聖盜士 靈 魂Whisperwind-TW594.2Not updated
46Stress Blaze Of GloryWhisperwind-TW594.2Not updated
46魔神死殛 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW594.2Not updated
46Noodlecup 風之舞者Whisperwind-TW594.2Not updated
46心淨  Whisperwind-TW594.2Not updated
46吼你甲糯米腸 幻影旅團Whisperwind-TW594.2Not updated
52Mentholatun  Whisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
52霝影 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
52糊塗過日子 達人會館Whisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
52Ckw 靈 魂Whisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
52Raphera  Whisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
52隨雲 風之舞者Whisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
52死神的奉獻 風之舞者Whisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
52婉薇 達人會館Whisperwind-TW594.1Not updated
60拂曉之光 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW594.0Not updated
61小魚兒慢慢游  Whisperwind-TW593.9Not updated
61Anastacia 幻影旅團Whisperwind-TW593.9Not updated
61Mystra 翡翠夢境Whisperwind-TW593.9Not updated
61一觀落陰一 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW593.9Not updated
61牧獅 星 光 黎 明Whisperwind-TW593.9Not updated
61蘇拉之舞 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW593.9Not updated
61十三少的劍 溫馨萌家Whisperwind-TW593.9Not updated
68蝕星蔽月  Whisperwind-TW593.8Not updated
68邪佞小算  Whisperwind-TW593.8Not updated
68奧黛麗朵杜 風采Whisperwind-TW593.8Not updated
71Xiiaomiitao Anciten legionWhisperwind-TW593.7Not updated
71放風箏的孩子  Whisperwind-TW593.7Not updated
71圣光追星者  Whisperwind-TW593.7Not updated
71諸王守護者 緋月Whisperwind-TW593.7Not updated
71半棵樹 廣電總局Whisperwind-TW593.7Not updated
71貓你幾拳 幻影旅團Whisperwind-TW593.7Not updated
71松淵  Whisperwind-TW593.7Not updated
78就是辣雞  Whisperwind-TW593.6Not updated
78加班 風之舞者Whisperwind-TW593.6Not updated
78夜朧旋渦 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW593.6Not updated
78娜菲亞 廣電總局Whisperwind-TW593.6Not updated
82一找不到一 星 光 黎 明Whisperwind-TW593.5Not updated
82劍爪 黎明曙光Whisperwind-TW593.5Not updated
82再見月影 FreedomWhisperwind-TW593.5Not updated
82范達克霍姆 云淡風輕Whisperwind-TW593.5Not updated
86Heiligtum 風之舞者Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
86Winniejmo  Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
86帶殭屍逛街 達人會館Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
86Minerve 達人會館Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
86天草曉 廣電總局Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
86淳雲 天機不可洩漏Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
86泰絲 無限延伸Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
86納蘭雪儿 風之舞者Whisperwind-TW593.4Not updated
94笨笨的小熊  Whisperwind-TW593.3Not updated
94Yccmage CKMBWhisperwind-TW593.3Not updated
94心悸  Whisperwind-TW593.3Not updated
94大奶寶寶 無限延伸Whisperwind-TW593.3Not updated
94Fatina Endless CometWhisperwind-TW593.3Not updated
94舞弦櫻  Whisperwind-TW593.3Not updated
94逆仙 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW593.3Not updated

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