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Warsong-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1夢想封印 Now or NeverWarsong-TW401.1Not updated
2馳尾 Now or NeverWarsong-TW396.1Not updated
3縭塵 Now or NeverWarsong-TW395.8Not updated
4Kivat Now or NeverWarsong-TW395.7Not updated
4賽瑞克 Now or NeverWarsong-TW395.7Not updated
6錢的朋友 Now or NeverWarsong-TW395.3Not updated
7伊集院登 Now or NeverWarsong-TW392.5Not updated
8大胸雞 Now or NeverWarsong-TW391.7Not updated
9Kaden Now or NeverWarsong-TW390.8Not updated
10館長 Now or NeverWarsong-TW390.1Not updated
11安普耐斯 Now or NeverWarsong-TW388.0Not updated
12無盡的牛牛 Now or NeverWarsong-TW387.4Not updated
13Hiarak Now or NeverWarsong-TW386.3Not updated
14阿美姐 Now or NeverWarsong-TW386.2Not updated
15轟天雷 Now or NeverWarsong-TW386.1Not updated
16溯蘭 Now or NeverWarsong-TW384.9Not updated
17迪西人才 Now or NeverWarsong-TW384.6Not updated
18草薙雞 Now or NeverWarsong-TW384.2Not updated
19酷庫嫂 Now or NeverWarsong-TW382.5Not updated
20妮維斯 Now or NeverWarsong-TW378.8Not updated
21褚月 Now or NeverWarsong-TW378.4Not updated
22洛杉雞 Now or NeverWarsong-TW376.8Not updated
22祝福亂放 Now or NeverWarsong-TW376.8Not updated
24奇蒂亞 Now or NeverWarsong-TW376.3Not updated
25瘋少年 Now or NeverWarsong-TW376.0Not updated
26鄭安佑 Now or NeverWarsong-TW375.7Not updated
27二學 Now or NeverWarsong-TW374.9Not updated
28神靈守 Now or NeverWarsong-TW373.5Not updated
29狂奔饅頭 Now or NeverWarsong-TW372.8Not updated
30海姆 Now or NeverWarsong-TW372.0Not updated
31淡若無情 Now or NeverWarsong-TW370.8Not updated
32哈斯塔 Now or NeverWarsong-TW370.1Not updated
33麥仲肥 Now or NeverWarsong-TW369.1Not updated
34熾殘 Now or NeverWarsong-TW368.9Not updated
35何門奎斯 Now or NeverWarsong-TW368.4Not updated
36Fero Now or NeverWarsong-TW366.4Not updated
37小羅莉 Now or NeverWarsong-TW365.3Not updated
38聖光之角 Now or NeverWarsong-TW364.5Not updated
39七煞七 Now or NeverWarsong-TW363.7Not updated
40嘿我回來了 Now or NeverWarsong-TW363.3Not updated
41麟廚師小當家 Now or NeverWarsong-TW362.3Not updated
42你老娘親下廚 Now or NeverWarsong-TW361.7Not updated
43Reizs Now or NeverWarsong-TW360.6Not updated
44墮落者里歐 Now or NeverWarsong-TW358.4Not updated
45皇儲查理斯 Now or NeverWarsong-TW356.4Not updated
46Lichee Now or NeverWarsong-TW354.9Not updated
47Shanow Now or NeverWarsong-TW354.8Not updated
47冷凍海綿體 Now or NeverWarsong-TW354.8Not updated
49饑嘰表 Now or NeverWarsong-TW354.7Not updated
50狂奔麵粉團 Now or NeverWarsong-TW353.9Not updated
51Brisingamen Now or NeverWarsong-TW353.8Not updated
52Misfortune Now or NeverWarsong-TW348.2Not updated
53夜夜新月 Now or NeverWarsong-TW345.1Not updated
54Duriana Now or NeverWarsong-TW344.7Not updated
55荷麗葉特 Now or NeverWarsong-TW336.3Not updated
56Thedarkness Now or NeverWarsong-TW335.2Not updated
57荷麗夜特 Now or NeverWarsong-TW320.9Not updated
58秋殘月缺 Now or NeverWarsong-TW320.3Not updated
58顆鱗盾 Now or NeverWarsong-TW320.3Not updated
60殺人妖 Now or NeverWarsong-TW317.4Not updated
61法日雙響 Now or NeverWarsong-TW315.3Not updated
62靠腰喔我倉庫 Now or NeverWarsong-TW310.5Not updated
63小小滿滿 Now or NeverWarsong-TW310.1Not updated
64天外人 Now or NeverWarsong-TW275.5Not updated
65Comfortable Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated
65高唯成 Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated
65乂轉彎乂 Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated
65動就故 Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated
65安碧麗肥婆 Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated
65沈逸柔 Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated
65冷凍水餃 Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated
65Fearbaby Now or NeverWarsong-TW0.0Not updated

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