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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vol'jin-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Nesciae FakeVol'jin-EU590.8Not updated
2Whyn FamousVol'jin-EU590.1Not updated
3ßluz ExïledVol'jin-EU589.9Not updated
4Zeubì HashtagVol'jin-EU589.2Not updated
4Barrywïpe ExïledVol'jin-EU589.2Not updated
6Thauh FamousVol'jin-EU589.1Not updated
7Eddwïn A Perfect CircleVol'jin-EU588.8Not updated
7Jaxe HashtagVol'jin-EU588.8Not updated
9Tôùched FamousVol'jin-EU588.4Not updated
10Ygnvi FamousVol'jin-EU588.3Not updated
11Sheên HashtagVol'jin-EU588.2Not updated
11Dirktur HashtagVol'jin-EU588.2Not updated
13Alcapawn HashtagVol'jin-EU588.0Not updated
13Isy FakeVol'jin-EU588.0Not updated
13Lynnette AuraVol'jin-EU588.0Not updated
13Sillan FamousVol'jin-EU588.0Not updated
17Deadscared HashtagVol'jin-EU587.9Not updated
17Klïk ExïledVol'jin-EU587.9Not updated
17Héotern EffectVol'jin-EU587.9Not updated
20Jystie FamousVol'jin-EU587.6Not updated
20Darkpat EffectVol'jin-EU587.6Not updated
22Edrice AlternativeVol'jin-EU587.5Not updated
22Gisela HashtagVol'jin-EU587.5Not updated
24Jiliane ExïledVol'jin-EU587.2Not updated
24Androméda FakeVol'jin-EU587.2Not updated
24Amakia ExïledVol'jin-EU587.2Not updated
27Greenpeacce EffectVol'jin-EU587.1Not updated
27Ayeto ExïledVol'jin-EU587.1Not updated
29Suline FamousVol'jin-EU586.8Not updated
29Missbess FakeVol'jin-EU586.8Not updated
31Kaelie FamousVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Silverarrows FakeVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Kalidiar AlternativeVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Shenwa FamousVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Wíl HashtagVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Apérow FakeVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Trìshia ExïledVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Hyn FamousVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Gaarasama EffectVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Kiwizz Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
31Hohenheïm Reign of chaosVol'jin-EU586.7Not updated
42Amenésia FamousVol'jin-EU586.4Not updated
42Kakarov Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU586.4Not updated
42Madjocker Si Vis Pacem Para BellumVol'jin-EU586.4Not updated
42Giselà HashtagVol'jin-EU586.4Not updated
42Bips NexnecisVol'jin-EU586.4Not updated
42Søp Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU586.4Not updated
42Søushi FamousVol'jin-EU586.4Not updated
49Espøîr HashtagVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Prover FamousVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Eternelity FamousVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Châcâl EffectVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Chaäs Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Athanae FamousVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Exxttâ EffectVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Sdaano HashtagVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Løøty FakeVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Teprounette FamousVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Rmillia ExïledVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
49Neytï FamousVol'jin-EU586.3Not updated
61Evisùkstbh FamousVol'jin-EU586.2Not updated
62Akoña ExïledVol'jin-EU586.0Not updated
62Dinadrion ExïledVol'jin-EU586.0Not updated
62Owimboé HashtagVol'jin-EU586.0Not updated
62Deydeysh ExïledVol'jin-EU586.0Not updated
62Sazel FakeVol'jin-EU586.0Not updated
62Pablïto HashtagVol'jin-EU586.0Not updated
62Fögia HashtagVol'jin-EU586.0Not updated
69Gèrtrude HashtagVol'jin-EU585.9Not updated
69Mérak HashtagVol'jin-EU585.9Not updated
69Nanelle FamousVol'jin-EU585.9Not updated
69Wenou FamousVol'jin-EU585.9Not updated
69Silmarillion FaerynVol'jin-EU585.9Not updated
69Gregquent FakeVol'jin-EU585.9Not updated
69Soweak A Perfect CircleVol'jin-EU585.9Not updated
76Audalia AuraVol'jin-EU585.8Not updated
77Adpatres FakeVol'jin-EU585.6Not updated
77Tæk FamousVol'jin-EU585.6Not updated
77Alineà FamousVol'jin-EU585.6Not updated
77Nyllith HashtagVol'jin-EU585.6Not updated
81Neigé FamousVol'jin-EU585.5Not updated
81Draku ExïledVol'jin-EU585.5Not updated
81Kenppachï FamousVol'jin-EU585.5Not updated
84Pouma Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU585.4Not updated
84Cortïcus AlternativeVol'jin-EU585.4Not updated
84Oudhaa Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU585.4Not updated
84Shirvarina ExïledVol'jin-EU585.4Not updated
88Youchi FakeVol'jin-EU585.3Not updated
89Barrywalker ExïledVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Sdanslamlol HashtagVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Felynya AlternativeVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Wingedangel ExïledVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Neicha ExïledVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Valazerus Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Kóng HashtagVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Daiireykou ExïledVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Daryana Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Angedelanuit AlternativeVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
89Déd EffectVol'jin-EU585.2Not updated
100Ðulce FamousVol'jin-EU585.1Not updated

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