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Velen-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Reckléss  Velen-US587.9
2Artaniz  Velen-US587.5
3Parabola Shade of ArrowsVelen-US587.1
4Janan VeritasVelen-US586.8
5Haseoh Shade of ArrowsVelen-US586.3
5Cobane Shade of ArrowsVelen-US586.3
7Lue  Velen-US586.2
8Darka Shade of ArrowsVelen-US586.0
9Obachi Shade of ArrowsVelen-US585.9
10Blizblaze Shade of ArrowsVelen-US585.6
11Kelonaar VeritasVelen-US585.4
12Bleeds VeritasVelen-US585.3
13Garrod Shade of ArrowsVelen-US585.2
13Firestyle Shade of ArrowsVelen-US585.2
13Sel Ring of DestinyVelen-US585.2
13Ofarian VeritasVelen-US585.2
17Noble VeritasVelen-US585.1
17Denner BlacklistedVelen-US585.1
17Xzand Shade of ArrowsVelen-US585.1
17Lëyl Shade of ArrowsVelen-US585.1
21Aapocolypse Ring of DestinyVelen-US584.9
22Scorgar Ring of DestinyVelen-US584.8
23Samboro Shade of ArrowsVelen-US584.6
24Tigercat BlacklistedVelen-US584.5
24Aneko BlacklistedVelen-US584.5
24Drewader  Velen-US584.5
27Gurio Shade of ArrowsVelen-US584.4
28Savedya Shade of ArrowsVelen-US584.3
28Âchoo Shade of ArrowsVelen-US584.3
28Rodorian OutlandishVelen-US584.3
28Malica Ring of DestinyVelen-US584.3
32Karawaka VeritasVelen-US584.2
32Zappsz BlacklistedVelen-US584.2
32Mikbar Shade of ArrowsVelen-US584.2
32Alashe  Velen-US584.2
36Dreamfang OutlandishVelen-US584.1
36Valors Ring of DestinyVelen-US584.1
38Aurassarr Shade of ArrowsVelen-US584.0
39Kytons Ring of DestinyVelen-US583.9
39Axeplosive Ring of DestinyVelen-US583.9
39Eulogy Shade of ArrowsVelen-US583.9
42Vuzoku Shade of ArrowsVelen-US583.3
43Sunlyte Shade of ArrowsVelen-US583.1
44Risami Shade of ArrowsVelen-US583.0
44Paragon Shade of ArrowsVelen-US583.0
46Einchy VeritasVelen-US582.8
47Crichton Ring of DestinyVelen-US582.7
48Toth Ring of DestinyVelen-US582.6
49Seylea Shade of ArrowsVelen-US582.5
50Ryaine  Velen-US582.4Not updated
51Piddlez BlacklistedVelen-US582.3
52Blkiechan BlacklistedVelen-US582.2
52Theltian Ring of DestinyVelen-US582.2
52Mew Shade of ArrowsVelen-US582.2
55Darkâ Shade of ArrowsVelen-US582.1
55Matches  Velen-US582.1
55Shammly Ring of DestinyVelen-US582.1
55Snappledrank Ring of DestinyVelen-US582.1
55Aylian Ring of DestinyVelen-US582.1
55Guzmán VeritasVelen-US582.1
55Likkeredup Shade of ArrowsVelen-US582.1
62Nifel CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US581.9
62Skelatorr CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US581.9
64Inferö Shade of ArrowsVelen-US581.8
65Fubear Ring of DestinyVelen-US581.6
65Digital VeritasVelen-US581.6
67Jabìr Shade of ArrowsVelen-US581.5
68Subseal CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US581.4
69Rinnzler BlacklistedVelen-US581.3
69Tènebrus Shade of ArrowsVelen-US581.3
69Estameling OutlandishVelen-US581.3
72Daré CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US581.2
73Cyberanta CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US581.1
73Edrelirra BlacklistedVelen-US581.1
75Village BlacklistedVelen-US581.0
75Stormkñight OutlandishVelen-US581.0Not updated
77Skrappey Ring of DestinyVelen-US580.9
77Illuminate Ring of DestinyVelen-US580.9
79Maplesyrup CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US580.8
79Korvaa CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US580.8
81Spacecowgurl VeritasVelen-US580.7
82Whawps VeritasVelen-US580.5
83Treme CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US580.4
84Twotrainz Shade of ArrowsVelen-US580.1
85Cyanerd  Velen-US579.9Not updated
85Yuten VeritasVelen-US579.9
85Nelveska Shade of ArrowsVelen-US579.9
85Morrgaine Ring of DestinyVelen-US579.9
89Cbi RepriseVelen-US579.8
90Oboron Dark TranquilityVelen-US579.7
90Slick VeritasVelen-US579.7
92Gtb Dark TranquilityVelen-US579.5
93Totalitarian BlacklistedVelen-US579.4
93Umaroth Shade of ArrowsVelen-US579.4Not updated
95Celess HarbingerVelen-US579.3
96Finnegen BlacklistedVelen-US579.2
96Krocc CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US579.2
96Ratsel SynthesisVelen-US579.2
99Adreb HarbingerVelen-US579.1
100Parheigh SynthesisVelen-US579.0

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