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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vek'lor-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Schortyy  Vek'lor-EU586.0Not updated
2Xenophia  Vek'lor-EU585.8Not updated
3Xashia  Vek'lor-EU584.4Not updated
4Enyveera  Vek'lor-EU584.0Not updated
4Glompi  Vek'lor-EU584.0Not updated
6Sánny EvocatiVek'lor-EU583.7Not updated
6Tarosath  Vek'lor-EU583.7Not updated
8Menandra  Vek'lor-EU583.3Not updated
8Proteria  Vek'lor-EU583.3Not updated
10Daire  Vek'lor-EU582.9Not updated
10Elizara  Vek'lor-EU582.9Not updated
12Lykanthropie EvocatiVek'lor-EU582.7Not updated
13Rodur  Vek'lor-EU581.9Not updated
13Lâdydêlish BotlikeVek'lor-EU581.9Not updated
15Liladalime FBGMVek'lor-EU581.6Not updated
15Metallatem  Vek'lor-EU581.6Not updated
17Vitah Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU581.5Not updated
18Kromlèk  Vek'lor-EU580.9Not updated
19Cremissima  Vek'lor-EU580.3Not updated
20Sturmtatz EvocatiVek'lor-EU580.2Not updated
21Linael AxiaVek'lor-EU579.9Not updated
22Schatoro  Vek'lor-EU579.6Not updated
23Bander EvocatiVek'lor-EU578.5Not updated
23Papahanson Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU578.5Not updated
25Estalla Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU578.4Not updated
26Sharlyn  Vek'lor-EU577.9Not updated
27Ceylina AxiaVek'lor-EU577.6Not updated
28Bladedancer Elite der ApokalypseVek'lor-EU576.7Not updated
29Artaír Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU575.9Not updated
30Eliia IXVek'lor-EU575.7Not updated
31Elué  Vek'lor-EU575.6Not updated
32Iatros  Vek'lor-EU575.5Not updated
33Justi Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU575.1Not updated
33Bøømer Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU575.1Not updated
35Windhammer  Vek'lor-EU574.7Not updated
36Martax Kríeger der HordeVek'lor-EU574.5Not updated
37Âkirâ EvocatiVek'lor-EU574.4Not updated
38Tohor MavericksVek'lor-EU574.2Not updated
39Timbabär Mo Thug SouljahsVek'lor-EU574.1Not updated
39Whispér Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU574.1Not updated
41Mortana AxiaVek'lor-EU574.0Not updated
42Nintu Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU573.7Not updated
43Jímbéam Elite der ApokalypseVek'lor-EU573.6Not updated
44Yazzah MisanthropieVek'lor-EU573.2Not updated
45Deichtens  Vek'lor-EU572.9Not updated
46Hexenkoenig No LegendsVek'lor-EU572.8Not updated
47Hankz Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU572.7Not updated
48Hamsterlord  Vek'lor-EU572.5Not updated
48Kaps Elite der ApokalypseVek'lor-EU572.5Not updated
50Arlett Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU572.4Not updated
51Lomba the cuddleVek'lor-EU572.1Not updated
52Bullètproof EvocatiVek'lor-EU572.0Not updated
52Tîllî  Vek'lor-EU572.0Not updated
54Iceso Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU571.5Not updated
54Taurenslayer Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU571.5Not updated
56Valodhia EvocatiVek'lor-EU571.3Not updated
57Thobassar  Vek'lor-EU570.2Not updated
58Thetis The One and OnlyVek'lor-EU570.0Not updated
59Míhos EvocatiVek'lor-EU569.9Not updated
59Phandarion Elite der ApokalypseVek'lor-EU569.9Not updated
61Corsán  Vek'lor-EU569.4Not updated
62Royuga Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU569.3Not updated
63Wartorg Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU569.1Not updated
64Sephantos Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU568.7Not updated
65Uranyl Die GummibärenbandeVek'lor-EU568.5Not updated
66Windgeist Grey Death LegionVek'lor-EU568.3Not updated
67Blueray HeadBangerVek'lor-EU568.2Not updated
67Wildfires  Vek'lor-EU568.2Not updated
69Trígger Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU567.1Not updated
70Jpax AxiaVek'lor-EU566.7Not updated
71Sneaki  Vek'lor-EU566.5Not updated
71Lahja InviolabilisVek'lor-EU566.5Not updated
73Seeds  Vek'lor-EU566.1Not updated
73Silvânâ EvocatiVek'lor-EU566.1Not updated
75Hasufel Ein Leben für die HordeVek'lor-EU566.0Not updated
76Snuzi Elite der ApokalypseVek'lor-EU565.9Not updated
77Elvîra wackelt mit de HufteVek'lor-EU565.8Not updated
78Warth Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU565.6Not updated
79Masika XII MonkeysVek'lor-EU564.9Not updated
80Jagababa Mo Thug SouljahsVek'lor-EU564.5Not updated
81Elousia The One and OnlyVek'lor-EU563.3Not updated
81Ayni hangsterVek'lor-EU563.3Not updated
83Asheria  Vek'lor-EU563.2Not updated
84Sarlia Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU562.9Not updated
84Dannyliene ChaosCraftVek'lor-EU562.9Not updated
86Kayuu IXVek'lor-EU562.7Not updated
87Ratukan ExitVek'lor-EU561.9Not updated
88Keilriemen The One and OnlyVek'lor-EU561.7Not updated
88Darkwera Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU561.7Not updated
90Lahrà AequinoctiumVek'lor-EU561.6Not updated
90Tizumi wackelt mit de HufteVek'lor-EU561.6Not updated
92Rosti InsanityVek'lor-EU561.5Not updated
93Wuchtî The One and OnlyVek'lor-EU561.1Not updated
94Hazzlehoff  Vek'lor-EU560.9Not updated
95Schneckpauli The One and OnlyVek'lor-EU560.7Not updated
96Sunsoulz  Vek'lor-EU560.5Not updated
97Seventoes  Vek'lor-EU560.3Not updated
98Házàrd Game of ThronesVek'lor-EU560.1Not updated
99Tattoo Der Schalter des LichtsVek'lor-EU560.0Not updated
100Schurl AxiaVek'lor-EU559.8Not updated

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