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Uther-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Plant Common SenseUther-US586.3
2Roglof AtonementUther-US586.0
3Oleander AtonementUther-US585.6
3Chimpnzthat AtonementUther-US585.6
5Valaris WarforgedUther-US585.0
6Painecake WarforgedUther-US584.7
7Dustuharm Collected SoulsUther-US584.5
8Jeroun WarforgedUther-US584.4
9Tikefu ReduxUther-US584.0
10Katannah RisenUther-US583.7
11Minimize WarforgedUther-US583.6
12Chrome ReduxUther-US583.5
13Iunati WarforgedUther-US583.3
13Deadmandan Peaceful ViolenceUther-US583.3
15Salika ReduxUther-US582.9
15Kheldul AtonementUther-US582.9
17Rostov Collected SoulsUther-US582.8
18Asclepiá AtonementUther-US582.7
19Mastemà WarforgedUther-US582.3
20Deaff RisenUther-US582.2
21Kolto AtonementUther-US582.1
21Morhkal ReduxUther-US582.1
21Amordis Peaceful ViolenceUther-US582.1
24Eliminator Peaceful ViolenceUther-US581.9
25Badboybill RisenUther-US581.8
26Aftorewe Collected SoulsUther-US581.7
27Thugra Common SenseUther-US581.6
27Keelor Common SenseUther-US581.6
29Frostmaul AtonementUther-US581.4
30Handoo Peaceful ViolenceUther-US581.3
31Ashani Collected SoulsUther-US581.2
32Hollyann Collected SoulsUther-US581.1
32Hycisa VigilanceUther-US581.1
32Missmisery VigilanceUther-US581.1
35Hopeslite Peaceful ViolenceUther-US581.0
36Graknon ReduxUther-US580.8
37Kildot Collected SoulsUther-US580.7
38Danìca Peaceful ViolenceUther-US580.6
38Jinaea RisenUther-US580.6
40Rowelador WarforgedUther-US580.2
41Matinee AscendanceUther-US579.7
42Rogio AscensumUther-US579.6
43Meejee Collected SoulsUther-US579.5
43Fiezal HavokUther-US579.5
45Koiki Collected SoulsUther-US579.2
46Locust AscendanceUther-US579.1
47Taryen RelentlessUther-US578.9
47Themaindruid ReduxUther-US578.9
47Neerios The WanderersUther-US578.9
50Ponpo Emissary of FateUther-US578.7
51Moofahsa AscendanceUther-US578.5
51Wanji We Hate Us TooUther-US578.5
53Evilmuffin RelentlessUther-US578.4
53Kroniss Collected SoulsUther-US578.4
55Turtie RisenUther-US578.3
55Decather RelentlessUther-US578.3
57Kazeryu WarforgedUther-US578.2
58Gravedygger  Uther-US578.1
59Karkea Peaceful ViolenceUther-US578.0
60Almace AtonementUther-US577.9
61Cópe RelentlessUther-US577.7
61Nirrti The WanderersUther-US577.7
63Ilsor Peaceful ViolenceUther-US577.6
64Wintercloak AtonementUther-US577.4
65Pandamatt VigilanceUther-US577.3
65Shikimiki Collected SoulsUther-US577.3
65Dragos The WanderersUther-US577.3
68Twinkewinker We Hate Us TooUther-US577.2
68Phantogram ReduxUther-US577.2
70Hodor RelentlessUther-US577.1
71Lisster We Hate Us TooUther-US576.9
71Telaari RelentlessUther-US576.9
71Assaia WarforgedUther-US576.9
71Joshy Consumed by HatredUther-US576.9
75Gankstaone RisenUther-US576.8
76Aedoria RelentlessUther-US576.7
76Senyaku  Uther-US576.7
78Kipcha We Hate Us TooUther-US576.5
78Yubintuk Consumed by HatredUther-US576.5Not updated
78Annalise VigilanceUther-US576.5
81Jasrill  Uther-US576.3
81Cadeus RelentlessUther-US576.3
83Zenzhi The WanderersUther-US576.2
83Gyarados AtonementUther-US576.2
83Smoke Common SenseUther-US576.2
83Zavier VigilanceUther-US576.2
87Angeleena VigilanceUther-US576.0
88Lechetoro We Hate Us TooUther-US575.9
88Tyyr The WanderersUther-US575.9
90Rizelle We Hate Us TooUther-US575.8
90Irtastypanda Collected SoulsUther-US575.8
90Gwynedd The WanderersUther-US575.8
93Hånsolø WarforgedUther-US575.7
93Aftorall Collected SoulsUther-US575.7
93Stìlgar Emissary of FateUther-US575.7
96Babezila  Uther-US575.6
97Convectess We Hate Us TooUther-US575.5Not updated
97Toekneebones Legacy of PainUther-US575.5
97Tacitx AscendanceUther-US575.5
97Feylara AscendanceUther-US575.5

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