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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Undermine-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Flashyou Mind Your ManasUndermine-US590.4Not updated
2Gahrzvagh Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US589.5Not updated
3Slagrazor The MetalocalypseUndermine-US588.4Not updated
3Wrathlor The MetalocalypseUndermine-US588.4Not updated
3Ripndip The MetalocalypseUndermine-US588.4Not updated
6Räïn  Undermine-US587.9Not updated
6Bacevicius  Undermine-US587.9Not updated
8Triggz The MetalocalypseUndermine-US587.5Not updated
8Critolis The MetalocalypseUndermine-US587.5Not updated
10Duffmaster Mind Your ManasUndermine-US587.2Not updated
10Vatez The MetalocalypseUndermine-US587.2Not updated
12Hintz  Undermine-US587.1Not updated
12Alexandrus  Undermine-US587.1Not updated
12Andreagassi Mind Your ManasUndermine-US587.1Not updated
15Rozetta  Undermine-US587.0Not updated
16Cocotang Mind Your ManasUndermine-US586.8Not updated
16Mileysaprus Mind Your ManasUndermine-US586.8Not updated
16Everready Mind Your ManasUndermine-US586.8Not updated
19Smyslov  Undermine-US586.7Not updated
19Haihealz The MetalocalypseUndermine-US586.7Not updated
19Hontar The MetalocalypseUndermine-US586.7Not updated
22Anandul  Undermine-US586.6Not updated
23Kazlyn Mind Your ManasUndermine-US586.4Not updated
24Cättleclysm The MetalocalypseUndermine-US586.3Not updated
25Patres  Undermine-US586.2Not updated
26Ormeo The MetalocalypseUndermine-US586.1Not updated
26Hollowheart Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US586.1Not updated
28Thissucks Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US585.9Not updated
28Apato  Undermine-US585.9Not updated
28Pummy Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US585.9Not updated
28Jehnîfer The MetalocalypseUndermine-US585.9Not updated
28Ôp Warsong LegendsUndermine-US585.9Not updated
33Jurks Mind Your ManasUndermine-US585.8Not updated
33Faldor  Undermine-US585.8Not updated
35Sardra  Undermine-US585.7Not updated
36Alzihm  Undermine-US585.6Not updated
37Pyrow Mind Your ManasUndermine-US585.5Not updated
37Chuckrhindos Mind Your ManasUndermine-US585.5Not updated
39Tulzurak  Undermine-US585.4Not updated
39Doubtful Dark HoleUndermine-US585.4Not updated
39Aroari The MetalocalypseUndermine-US585.4Not updated
42Sjarks  Undermine-US585.3Not updated
43Naedrim  Undermine-US585.2Not updated
43Angüs The MetalocalypseUndermine-US585.2Not updated
43Jehnifer The MetalocalypseUndermine-US585.2Not updated
46Spamalot  Undermine-US585.1Not updated
47Zhao Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US585.0Not updated
47Gergerg  Undermine-US585.0Not updated
49Heller Mind Your ManasUndermine-US584.9Not updated
50Veloth RelentlessUndermine-US584.8Not updated
51Spiritbliss Mind Your ManasUndermine-US584.5Not updated
51Skulkrusher Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US584.5Not updated
51Nerather RelentlessUndermine-US584.5Not updated
51Demonstrable  Undermine-US584.5Not updated
55Jinelia  Undermine-US584.4Not updated
55Lowaak  Undermine-US584.4Not updated
55Zafira The MetalocalypseUndermine-US584.4Not updated
55Taunted The MetalocalypseUndermine-US584.4Not updated
59Siohwenoemos Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US584.2Not updated
60Grandevil  Undermine-US584.1Not updated
60Gwynbleidd  Undermine-US584.1Not updated
62Unimog  Undermine-US584.0Not updated
63Emperror  Undermine-US583.8Not updated
64Dayton  Undermine-US583.7Not updated
65Veleion Mind Your ManasUndermine-US583.6Not updated
66Natureblight Protectors Of The LightUndermine-US583.5Not updated
67Arminius  Undermine-US583.4Not updated
68Zabu Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US583.3Not updated
68Kylasyria The MetalocalypseUndermine-US583.3Not updated
68Shippydee  Undermine-US583.3Not updated
68Summonbooty The MetalocalypseUndermine-US583.3Not updated
72Leí The MetalocalypseUndermine-US583.2Not updated
73Moxsi  Undermine-US582.9Not updated
74Ripp The MetalocalypseUndermine-US582.8Not updated
74Ormazd The MetalocalypseUndermine-US582.8Not updated
74Akü Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US582.8Not updated
74Ghostweise  Undermine-US582.8Not updated
78Tanishalfelv Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US582.7Not updated
79Lyllyth Mostly HarmlessUndermine-US582.5Not updated
79Holyish The MetalocalypseUndermine-US582.5Not updated
79Ältçödé  Undermine-US582.5Not updated
82Grimfated  Undermine-US582.3Not updated
82Zortan RelentlessUndermine-US582.3Not updated
84Devylknyght RelentlessUndermine-US582.2Not updated
85Healomatic RelentlessUndermine-US582.1Not updated
86Porass Secondhand HeroesUndermine-US582.0Not updated
86Nicolasrage  Undermine-US582.0Not updated
86Windt Mind Your ManasUndermine-US582.0Not updated
89Kalenn  Undermine-US581.6Not updated
89Zithrox  Undermine-US581.6Not updated
91Katshadow  Undermine-US581.5Not updated
92Khalgar  Undermine-US581.3Not updated
93Baccará RelentlessUndermine-US581.1Not updated
93Illeice Mind Your ManasUndermine-US581.1Not updated
93Ârtemis The GreatUndermine-US581.1Not updated
96Taralas  Undermine-US581.0Not updated
97Acidtears  Undermine-US580.9Not updated
98Intz  Undermine-US580.7Not updated
98Mehumanlock Sword of AzerothUndermine-US580.7Not updated
98Tenebrisdeus Mind Your ManasUndermine-US580.7Not updated

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