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Uldaman-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Pälm Down For LifeUldaman-US587.9
1Jakey Down For LifeUldaman-US587.9
1Shisty Down For LifeUldaman-US587.9
1Cabin Down For LifeUldaman-US587.9
1Looging Down For LifeUldaman-US587.9
6Grim Down For LifeUldaman-US587.1
6Moonshinen  Uldaman-US587.1Not updated
8Xyalda Down For LifeUldaman-US586.8
9Wíllárd Down For LifeUldaman-US586.4
9Clutchmedicc Down For LifeUldaman-US586.4
11Madàrra  Uldaman-US586.3
11Ichtudirweh Down For LifeUldaman-US586.3
13Fixxit NexusUldaman-US586.0
14Shámbulánce Down For LifeUldaman-US585.9
15Magictoaster Down For LifeUldaman-US585.6
15Icetotems Down For LifeUldaman-US585.6
15Holy Down For LifeUldaman-US585.6
15Taz Down For LifeUldaman-US585.6
19Crazy DFLUldaman-US585.5
20Eield AuxileUldaman-US585.3
20Flashknight AuxileUldaman-US585.3
22Epidemic Down For LifeUldaman-US585.2
23Gigglecups NexusUldaman-US585.0
24Granitedawg Down For LifeUldaman-US584.9
24Minilock Who Put That ThereUldaman-US584.9
26Urby NexusUldaman-US584.8
26Kelza  Uldaman-US584.8
26Häunted  Uldaman-US584.8
26Halaster AuxileUldaman-US584.8
30Abwass Down For LifeUldaman-US584.6
30Hairygrogan NexusUldaman-US584.6
30Jinova Down For LifeUldaman-US584.6
33Silverbow NexusUldaman-US584.3
33Drunkenchef Down For LifeUldaman-US584.3
35Mikmok AuxileUldaman-US584.0
35Madchaos NexusUldaman-US584.0
37Sammie  Uldaman-US583.9
38Qberto NexusUldaman-US583.8
39Redmist AuxileUldaman-US583.7
40Elebagi NexusUldaman-US583.6
41Hoju AuxileUldaman-US583.3
41Madfrosty NexusUldaman-US583.3
41Ventidius Down For LifeUldaman-US583.3
44Adrac AuxileUldaman-US583.1
44Pixii NexusUldaman-US583.1Not updated
46Lazzek Echoes of the FallenUldaman-US582.9
47Draggel AuxileUldaman-US582.7
48Chiphazzard DragonwraithUldaman-US582.5
49Ikanaa  Uldaman-US582.4
50Leds Karmas FistUldaman-US582.3Not updated
51Longstreet FusionUldaman-US582.1
52Yakkx BrokenUldaman-US582.0
52Steelshot MillenniumUldaman-US582.0
54Bloodrooted BrokenUldaman-US581.9
54Xára DragonwraithUldaman-US581.9
56Ghostslayer AuxileUldaman-US581.7
56Crixius BrokenUldaman-US581.7
58Normabates AuxileUldaman-US581.6
59Timmydh FusionUldaman-US581.3
60Teufelshunde BrokenUldaman-US581.2
61Startracker DragonwraithUldaman-US581.1
61Bérs NexusUldaman-US581.1
63Pánðáíð  Uldaman-US580.7
63Eurayla AuxileUldaman-US580.7
63Tictocc AuxileUldaman-US580.7
66Åpocalÿptic AuxileUldaman-US580.5
66Shán NexusUldaman-US580.5
68Holymist FusionUldaman-US580.4
68Reluu BrokenUldaman-US580.4
70Kyplor AuxileUldaman-US580.3
70Síns BrokenUldaman-US580.3
72Darkironhal MillenniumUldaman-US580.2
73Dárknéss  Uldaman-US579.9Not updated
74Amnesia AuxileUldaman-US579.8
75Grimbeorn MillenniumUldaman-US579.5
75Derdrakat NexusUldaman-US579.5
75Bitemytotems Misfit MayhemUldaman-US579.5
78Wiffit MillenniumUldaman-US579.4
78Freggos BrokenUldaman-US579.4
80Tallgeese NexusUldaman-US579.1
81Tenley BrokenUldaman-US579.0
81Moonwisper MillenniumUldaman-US579.0
83Cyndare Shield of ValorUldaman-US578.9
83Dananne BrokenUldaman-US578.9
83Aintright MillenniumUldaman-US578.9
86Mklovin DFLUldaman-US578.8
87Shiftsu OuroborosUldaman-US578.7
88Marabella NexusUldaman-US578.6
88Jorunder AuxileUldaman-US578.6
90Kannery AuxileUldaman-US578.4
91Feelings BrokenUldaman-US578.3Not updated
91Tsuneo FusionUldaman-US578.3
93Sidaa  Uldaman-US578.1Not updated
94Frosthare MillenniumUldaman-US578.0
94Rioshock MillenniumUldaman-US578.0
96Shamenuu AuxileUldaman-US577.9
96Bééker BrokenUldaman-US577.9
96Wrenchead  Uldaman-US577.9
99Meeya FusionUldaman-US577.8
100Midnah BrokenUldaman-US577.7

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