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Tortheldrin-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Mokmok  Tortheldrin-US587.1Not updated
2Reconbravo  Tortheldrin-US584.1Not updated
3Dæthhunter Sacred ArmyTortheldrin-US583.3Not updated
4Graogg  Tortheldrin-US582.9Not updated
5Rexxagar  Tortheldrin-US581.2Not updated
6Eugor  Tortheldrin-US580.4Not updated
6Rebellîon  Tortheldrin-US580.4Not updated
8Gerrolak  Tortheldrin-US579.4Not updated
9Deadlyaim  Tortheldrin-US577.7Not updated
10Gunty Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US576.7Not updated
11Cowman Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US576.6Not updated
12Zcey FortuneTortheldrin-US576.3Not updated
12Dysentary  Tortheldrin-US576.3Not updated
14Reaperofgods  Tortheldrin-US576.2Not updated
15Rawrenik FortuneTortheldrin-US575.4Not updated
16Leanasha FortuneTortheldrin-US575.3Not updated
17Thiellei Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US575.1Not updated
18Rhyme  Tortheldrin-US574.6Not updated
19Armyofone  Tortheldrin-US574.5Not updated
20Thecruel Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US574.4Not updated
21Maiastas FortuneTortheldrin-US574.2Not updated
22Xanthars  Tortheldrin-US573.3Not updated
23Roxambas  Tortheldrin-US573.2Not updated
24Shmittie  Tortheldrin-US573.1Not updated
25Æxit  Tortheldrin-US572.7Not updated
25Jenisare FortuneTortheldrin-US572.7Not updated
27Zaephas FortuneTortheldrin-US572.2Not updated
28Savin FortuneTortheldrin-US572.0Not updated
28Hiauntie One ManTortheldrin-US572.0Not updated
30Miwa One ManTortheldrin-US571.1Not updated
30Dypsheit Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US571.1Not updated
32Aendenícús  Tortheldrin-US570.8Not updated
33Berzerkhulk  Tortheldrin-US570.5Not updated
34Noragrets  Tortheldrin-US570.3Not updated
35Brickz Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US569.8Not updated
36Thatperson Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US569.5Not updated
37Treenewbee  Tortheldrin-US569.3Not updated
38Zerojager Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US569.1Not updated
38Lanclot  Tortheldrin-US569.1Not updated
40Praline Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US568.3Not updated
41Deijiara Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US566.9Not updated
42Kerdence Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US566.1Not updated
42Shiftytusk  Tortheldrin-US566.1Not updated
44Lightthunder  Tortheldrin-US566.0Not updated
45Demonicferal Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US565.9Not updated
46Strîfe Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US565.7Not updated
47Gàlzar Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US564.9Not updated
48Travarin Endless ÐestructionTortheldrin-US564.5Not updated
49Evata FortuneTortheldrin-US564.4Not updated
49Recharger KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US564.4Not updated
51Merelyn HighlandersTortheldrin-US563.7Not updated
52Lithyl Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US563.6Not updated
53Kelethos Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US562.9Not updated
54Eilwyn FortuneTortheldrin-US562.8Not updated
55Akitoki Resilience is FutileTortheldrin-US562.3Not updated
56Wraigrath RippukudokiTortheldrin-US561.8Not updated
57Anyankâ FortuneTortheldrin-US561.7Not updated
58Killsheit Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US561.4Not updated
59Bretijik FortuneTortheldrin-US560.9Not updated
60Kalecc FortuneTortheldrin-US560.6Not updated
61Maenad  Tortheldrin-US560.4Not updated
61Hokon blood reapersTortheldrin-US560.4Not updated
63Thecomedian  Tortheldrin-US560.3Not updated
63Belowzero  Tortheldrin-US560.3Not updated
65Marcello ZazzTortheldrin-US560.0Not updated
66Chuttbeeks Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US559.6Not updated
67Blackwoodear  Tortheldrin-US559.4Not updated
68Mustfeed Endless ÐestructionTortheldrin-US559.2Not updated
69Judäspig Eternal ImmortalzTortheldrin-US559.1Not updated
70You  Tortheldrin-US558.8Not updated
71Fungpho ÀnnihilationTortheldrin-US558.7Not updated
72Youmadbra Final GenesisTortheldrin-US558.6Not updated
72Scaretacticz  Tortheldrin-US558.6Not updated
74Clamidiea  Tortheldrin-US558.4Not updated
75Hornicus  Tortheldrin-US558.3Not updated
76Leppu  Tortheldrin-US558.1Not updated
77Balthazàr Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US557.9Not updated
78Xdm The Second SonsTortheldrin-US557.8Not updated
78Tatinia Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US557.8Not updated
80Kriger  Tortheldrin-US557.6Not updated
81Trasie The Second SonsTortheldrin-US557.1Not updated
81Edyun Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US557.1Not updated
83Wardhen Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US556.8Not updated
84Wîsdom The Ðìvíne LègácyTortheldrin-US556.6Not updated
85Trílogy  Tortheldrin-US556.0Not updated
86Commandheat The Fifth ElementTortheldrin-US555.7Not updated
87Mosthated  Tortheldrin-US555.5Not updated
88Whatamage Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US555.3Not updated
89Shhplease Final GenesisTortheldrin-US555.0Not updated
90Bonecolector Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US554.7Not updated
90Velilockla  Tortheldrin-US554.7Not updated
92Magertom Endless ÐestructionTortheldrin-US554.4Not updated
92Deadlyxchi KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US554.4Not updated
92Ramma FortuneTortheldrin-US554.4Not updated
95Ehqwe FortuneTortheldrin-US554.2Not updated
96Wingzero Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US554.0Not updated
96Cleric Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US554.0Not updated
96Syhn Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US554.0Not updated
99Primalxx  Tortheldrin-US553.9Not updated
100Deathsaurer Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US553.8Not updated

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