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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Tichondrius-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Yahto Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU588.0Not updated
2Imbecile Elortha no ShadraTichondrius-EU587.6
3Gunshi  Tichondrius-EU587.5Not updated
4Shunsui The DatacoreTichondrius-EU587.2
4Lasceia uníqueTichondrius-EU587.2
6Discordius Awesome RaidingTichondrius-EU586.8Not updated
6Zéronobody uníqueTichondrius-EU586.8
6Lascia uníqueTichondrius-EU586.8
9Haluter Elortha no ShadraTichondrius-EU586.7
10Anoraha The DatacoreTichondrius-EU586.5
11Genévieve winke winkeTichondrius-EU586.4Not updated
12Yenlo kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU586.3
13Semmi uníqueTichondrius-EU586.2
14Holytung uníqueTichondrius-EU586.0
14Meph kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU586.0
16Cúra Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU585.9Not updated
16Eyelaa Elortha no ShadraTichondrius-EU585.9
18Shaylisha kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU585.6
18Súß Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU585.6Not updated
18Yukarí  Tichondrius-EU585.6Not updated
18Fróstata Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU585.6Not updated
22Treshnak kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU585.5
22Perit LumpensammlerTichondrius-EU585.5
22Chunny Angels of WarTichondrius-EU585.5Not updated
22Centylia uníqueTichondrius-EU585.5
22Leinani Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU585.5Not updated
27Linrael Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU585.2Not updated
27Kwanyin EulennestTichondrius-EU585.2Not updated
29Twyligth The DatacoreTichondrius-EU585.1
29Saschara  Tichondrius-EU585.1Not updated
29Lykôs KataphraktosTichondrius-EU585.1Not updated
29Limec Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU585.1Not updated
33Kvistor Cozy and CrazyTichondrius-EU585.0
34Alfasid LumpensammlerTichondrius-EU584.8
34Thagam kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU584.8
34Mintimi REVOLUTIONTichondrius-EU584.8Not updated
34Tungwar uníqueTichondrius-EU584.8
38Ærá The DatacoreTichondrius-EU584.6
39Bînah Vault of LightsTichondrius-EU584.5Not updated
40Tarnkappe Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU584.4Not updated
40Fluffig The DatacoreTichondrius-EU584.4
42Outlet Elortha no ShadraTichondrius-EU584.2
43Selenìs Das KonzilTichondrius-EU584.1
43Ninjalooter uníqueTichondrius-EU584.1
43Bullpôwer Das KonzilTichondrius-EU584.1
46Vyníl Cozy and CrazyTichondrius-EU584.0
47Alêxiel Elortha no ShadraTichondrius-EU583.8
47Arkhanaz Das KonzilTichondrius-EU583.8
49Alazina Hakuna MatataTichondrius-EU583.7Not updated
49Iretay  Tichondrius-EU583.7Not updated
49Lennyundcarl Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU583.7Not updated
49Bolaan The DatacoreTichondrius-EU583.7Not updated
53Aeonaxx  Tichondrius-EU583.6Not updated
53Tarmar Angels of WarTichondrius-EU583.6Not updated
53Yurì FrustShopperTichondrius-EU583.6
56Andozam The DatacoreTichondrius-EU583.3
56Semm uníqueTichondrius-EU583.3
56Mytrûst Das KonzilTichondrius-EU583.3
56Berndrausb REVOLUTIONTichondrius-EU583.3Not updated
56Blóódprinc The DatacoreTichondrius-EU583.3
61Tungibär uníqueTichondrius-EU583.2
61Lííana Conatum NovumTichondrius-EU583.2Not updated
61Valiare  Tichondrius-EU583.2Not updated
61Zulkuto Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU583.2Not updated
65Takami kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU582.9
65Wokaihwokoma Elortha no ShadraTichondrius-EU582.9
65Sonêa LumpensammlerTichondrius-EU582.9
68Curriculum The DatacoreTichondrius-EU582.8
68Arpharazôn The DatacoreTichondrius-EU582.8
68Malvolant Yseras TraumwächterTichondrius-EU582.8Not updated
71Abosagittas Soturit ValoTichondrius-EU582.7
72Züri  Tichondrius-EU582.5Not updated
72Beskydare Angels of WarTichondrius-EU582.5Not updated
72Tenris LumpensammlerTichondrius-EU582.5
72Onique  Tichondrius-EU582.5Not updated
72Yaxmochxoc Scoia TaelTichondrius-EU582.5
77Worstguy Ârs MorîendîTichondrius-EU582.4
77Mêph kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU582.4
77Helldany Tyrs HandTichondrius-EU582.4
80Irallis Angels of WarTichondrius-EU582.3Not updated
80Snoosnoo LumpensammlerTichondrius-EU582.3
80Eleen Díe Garde der HoffnungTichondrius-EU582.3
83Vagabundus glorious sevenTichondrius-EU582.2Not updated
84Gûndera Das KonzilTichondrius-EU582.1
84Terlon The DatacoreTichondrius-EU582.1
86Androman The DatacoreTichondrius-EU582.0
86Haryati kichwa kwaTichondrius-EU582.0
86Petkiller Elortha no ShadraTichondrius-EU582.0
86Zorjin The DatacoreTichondrius-EU582.0
90Vulkaria Angels of WarTichondrius-EU581.9Not updated
90Darcohmen Awesome RaidingTichondrius-EU581.9Not updated
92Tylaa uníqueTichondrius-EU581.7
93Kalestra uníqueTichondrius-EU581.6
93Hafentroll The DatacoreTichondrius-EU581.6
95Tanisa The DatacoreTichondrius-EU581.5
95Critnêyfears LumpensammlerTichondrius-EU581.5
95Partyclown Battlefighters from HellTichondrius-EU581.5
98Cleas Das KonzilTichondrius-EU581.4
99Nerydia Conatum NovumTichondrius-EU581.2Not updated
99Øghma Cozy and CrazyTichondrius-EU581.2

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