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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Annatâr CrossfireThrall-US591.6Not updated
2Vitaldruid RemorseThrall-US590.4Not updated
3Noraynae Blood ClanThrall-US590.2Not updated
3Aishlinn Sweet VictoryThrall-US590.2Not updated
5Hasselhoofer AscentThrall-US589.9Not updated
6Colors Reign in PowerThrall-US589.6Not updated
6Ganonndorf Sweet VictoryThrall-US589.6Not updated
8Buttforê RemorseThrall-US589.5Not updated
9Titanmode RefinedThrall-US589.4Not updated
9Suffokate Group TherapyThrall-US589.4Not updated
11Dramegiballa QuestThrall-US589.2Not updated
11Imavegie Ooken DookersThrall-US589.2Not updated
11Kelîng Sparkle MotionThrall-US589.2Not updated
11Sacabus QuestThrall-US589.2Not updated
15Swízzle AxiosThrall-US589.1Not updated
15Totemstroka Group TherapyThrall-US589.1Not updated
15Naérwen IntentThrall-US589.1Not updated
18Renaitre IntentThrall-US589.0Not updated
18Mylo RefinedThrall-US589.0Not updated
18Kapelusz RefinedThrall-US589.0Not updated
18Flytan RefinedThrall-US589.0Not updated
18Fray RefinedThrall-US589.0Not updated
18Deus RefinedThrall-US589.0Not updated
18Neidermeyer Group TherapyThrall-US589.0Not updated
18Havic IntentThrall-US589.0Not updated
26Lacìe Reign in PowerThrall-US588.8Not updated
26Bearoozer Fate SealedThrall-US588.8Not updated
26Killblinton QuestThrall-US588.8Not updated
26Shezwick CrossfireThrall-US588.8Not updated
30Slay Reign in PowerThrall-US588.6Not updated
30Babylonius AscentThrall-US588.6Not updated
30Sillà Group TherapyThrall-US588.6Not updated
30Scield AscentThrall-US588.6Not updated
30Tdrex Group TherapyThrall-US588.6Not updated
30Elharry IntentThrall-US588.6Not updated
30Töad Group TherapyThrall-US588.6Not updated
30Charmander IntentThrall-US588.6Not updated
38Jlock RemorseThrall-US588.4Not updated
38Roxar DNAThrall-US588.4Not updated
38Lumas Reign in PowerThrall-US588.4Not updated
38Chrysippus The CrusadeThrall-US588.4Not updated
38Dexxz Bottom LineThrall-US588.4Not updated
38Ataxx CrossfireThrall-US588.4Not updated
44Bitterst AscentThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Tannzen CrossfireThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Sayj Sparkle MotionThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Cious Group TherapyThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Reniat RefinedThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Fhlank AscentThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Drizzey  Thrall-US588.3Not updated
44Pelithius IntentThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Bôôtsy RemorseThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Burino Reign in PowerThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Vergilus Group TherapyThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Killora DNAThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Grievor Group TherapyThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Chablis DNAThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Messenjah AscentThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Hippocratic AscentThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Zenumtin Group TherapyThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Graysonn RefinedThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Novxjr RefinedThrall-US588.3Not updated
44Barlenor RefinedThrall-US588.3Not updated
64Bangs RefinedThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Eraeshio RefinedThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Figdan RefinedThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Punish AscentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Kropheon Sweet VictoryThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Gorexar IntentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Nitefyr IntentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Terraformer AscentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Kinkeh Reign in PowerThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Varyk AscentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Santrin Reign in PowerThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Taniniver IntentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Dracowolf AscentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Ab Group TherapyThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Jonnybads Group TherapyThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Cuddletips IntentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Earnor AscentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Shavik AscentThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Wyald Group TherapyThrall-US588.2Not updated
64Lethim Group TherapyThrall-US588.2Not updated
84Malefious Knives For OrphansThrall-US588.0Not updated
84Kapeluzs RefinedThrall-US588.0Not updated
84Cowshammy DystopiaThrall-US588.0Not updated
84Anyllia DNAThrall-US588.0Not updated
84Sweet RemorseThrall-US588.0Not updated
84Mercilless AscentThrall-US588.0Not updated
84Ullys QuestThrall-US588.0Not updated
91Apollyonn IntentThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Deconasia AscentThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Cribb IntentThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Newman AscentThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Crebz RefinedThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Andrew RefinedThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Carigan RefinedThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Jeyh Reign in PowerThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Aeryñ Sweet VictoryThrall-US587.9Not updated
91Grayson RefinedThrall-US587.9Not updated

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