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Thrall-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Inso NeroThrall-EU589.9
2Gemlee FrequencyThrall-EU589.5
3Breshnosh NeroThrall-EU589.0
3Darkanio NaitomeaThrall-EU589.0
3Çeen NaitomeaThrall-EU589.0
6Guljin W H FThrall-EU588.7
7Coldaz NeroThrall-EU588.6
7Siren NeroThrall-EU588.6
7Hated W H FThrall-EU588.6
10Milky W H FThrall-EU588.3
10Zerie NeroThrall-EU588.3
10Meridus DEVICEThrall-EU588.3
10Hurium ScavengerThrall-EU588.3
10Highlander FrequencyThrall-EU588.3
10Trikks FrequencyThrall-EU588.3
10Joschen DEVICEThrall-EU588.3
10Aceyo NaitomeaThrall-EU588.3
18Ilysh OrcestraThrall-EU588.2
18Tharíl NaitomeaThrall-EU588.2
18Pestivator NaitomeaThrall-EU588.2
18Venk W H FThrall-EU588.2
18Xouls FrequencyThrall-EU588.2
18Vérgo NeroThrall-EU588.2
18Cupcakeqtlol W H FThrall-EU588.2
18Suicuique NeroThrall-EU588.2
26Nayuka NeroThrall-EU587.9
26Bearricade W H FThrall-EU587.9
26Shinoraz W H FThrall-EU587.9
26Naahmah NaitomeaThrall-EU587.9
26Lastolis NeroThrall-EU587.9
26Penneyqt W H FThrall-EU587.9
26Draco NeroThrall-EU587.9
26Tehfuq FrequencyThrall-EU587.9
26Deneqt W H FThrall-EU587.9
26Plymouth corruptedThrall-EU587.9
26Base FrequencyThrall-EU587.9
26Novalol FrequencyThrall-EU587.9
26Loreda FrequencyThrall-EU587.9
26Wòtán RaidclanThrall-EU587.9
26Kuhuh W H FThrall-EU587.9
26Impossibru W H FThrall-EU587.9
26Icksmo NeroThrall-EU587.9
26Rms  Thrall-EU587.9
26Jedimike NaitomeaThrall-EU587.9
26Wiwoawahi NaitomeaThrall-EU587.9
26Shurrek NeroThrall-EU587.9
47Lyzidas NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU587.8
47Shinsekai NaitomeaThrall-EU587.8
47Catelyn NeroThrall-EU587.8
50Metal W H FThrall-EU587.7
51Shin NeroThrall-EU587.5
51Vouxility NeroThrall-EU587.5
51Monkomonk OrcestraThrall-EU587.5
51Tooneye OrcestraThrall-EU587.5
51Nervar DEVICEThrall-EU587.5
51Belilly W H FThrall-EU587.5
51Yunixx FrequencyThrall-EU587.5
51Astraar FrequencyThrall-EU587.5
51Juany FrequencyThrall-EU587.5
51Kejira RaidclanThrall-EU587.5
51Behaviour DEVICEThrall-EU587.5
51Malaa NeroThrall-EU587.5
51Avøra NeroThrall-EU587.5
51Klû MatesThrall-EU587.5
51Kaendir NaitomeaThrall-EU587.5
51Tela NaitomeaThrall-EU587.5
51Lanzelôt NaitomeaThrall-EU587.5
51Brights Two and a half MainThrall-EU587.5
51Quync press S for successThrall-EU587.5
70Trixxes NaitomeaThrall-EU587.3
70Gamahiro Everlasting GloryThrall-EU587.3
70Voldmonkop Vanilla CupcakesThrall-EU587.3
73Nòóki NeroThrall-EU587.2Not updated
74Izabelaqt NeroThrall-EU587.1
74Zarâ NeroThrall-EU587.1
74Treemendous Two and a half MainThrall-EU587.1
74Valamar NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU587.1
74Zoe GOOFYSQUADThrall-EU587.1
74Kopfwind NaitomeaThrall-EU587.1
74Corsairy NaitomeaThrall-EU587.1
74Kiia Everlasting GloryThrall-EU587.1
74Miyâ NaitomeaThrall-EU587.1
74Dejzara GOOFYSQUADThrall-EU587.1
74Pinchogordo DEVICEThrall-EU587.1
74Tonark OrcestraThrall-EU587.1
74Nîenna NaitomeaThrall-EU587.1
74Xantina Saints and SinnersThrall-EU587.1
74Coiz W H FThrall-EU587.1
74Keladion NaitomeaThrall-EU587.1
74Ardurân NaitomeaThrall-EU587.1
74Îzy press S for successThrall-EU587.1
74Ranja DEVICEThrall-EU587.1
74Aluya DevastationThrall-EU587.1
74Lätura W H FThrall-EU587.1
74Misoâ W H FThrall-EU587.1
74Jocie respawnThrall-EU587.1
74Rainbowrose  Thrall-EU587.1
74Verlony NeroThrall-EU587.1
74Drainqt NeroThrall-EU587.1
100Línora Drakkar NoirThrall-EU587.0

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