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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Junit ScavengerThrall-EU591.9Not updated
2Bearricade W H FThrall-EU591.6Not updated
2Jugono press S for successThrall-EU591.6Not updated
4Siren NeroThrall-EU591.0Not updated
5Fânél DEVICEThrall-EU590.8Not updated
5Ihaze Two and a half MainThrall-EU590.8Not updated
7Elèctra NeroThrall-EU590.4Not updated
7Knoxs OrcestraThrall-EU590.4Not updated
9Tittz FrequencyThrall-EU589.9Not updated
10Highlander FrequencyThrall-EU589.8Not updated
11Chinoxx suspectThrall-EU589.6Not updated
11Serja MeinzThrall-EU589.6Not updated
11Elcapo SilencioThrall-EU589.6Not updated
14Deavus OrcestraThrall-EU589.5Not updated
14Dragonbear Drakkar NoirThrall-EU589.5Not updated
14Förgi press S for successThrall-EU589.5Not updated
14Leovongoran Memento MoriThrall-EU589.5Not updated
14Ðeathtrain corruptedThrall-EU589.5Not updated
19Âtrius RaidclanThrall-EU589.2Not updated
19Rùffý TouchThrall-EU589.2Not updated
19Appelsap ScavengerThrall-EU589.2Not updated
19Celaos Ashes to AshesThrall-EU589.2Not updated
19Yîngyang DEVICEThrall-EU589.2Not updated
19Enygmatique DEVICEThrall-EU589.2Not updated
25Meridus DEVICEThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Râxus CookieMonsterzThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Knorkerogue DevastationThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Ashleyowlzen NeroThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Metal W H FThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Leshi OrcestraThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Guljin W H FThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Veganerorc FrequencyThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Tiitz FrequencyThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Smallballs Two and a half MainThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Desolated corruptedThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Drakner ScytheThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Crashi critical ludersThrall-EU589.1Not updated
25Avøra NeroThrall-EU589.1Not updated
39Seriousqt critical ludersThrall-EU589.0Not updated
39Lisera critical ludersThrall-EU589.0Not updated
39Tharíl NaitomeaThrall-EU589.0Not updated
39Sáncho OrcestraThrall-EU589.0Not updated
39Suicuique NeroThrall-EU589.0Not updated
44Kdogg TephraThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Vecti ReforgedThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Pheonic Ashes to AshesThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Kannibalé Successful due to chaosThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Affromama Memento MoriThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Sèra suspectThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Alysante NeroThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Easyvian suspectThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Ruction OrcestraThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Miyâ NaitomeaThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Haudenweg asocial networkThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Skenderbegu asocial networkThrall-EU588.8Not updated
44Titânus Memento MoriThrall-EU588.8Not updated
57Sanset Two and a half MainThrall-EU588.7Not updated
57Tela NaitomeaThrall-EU588.7Not updated
57Neylá Drakkar NoirThrall-EU588.7Not updated
57Coldaz NeroThrall-EU588.7Not updated
61Hated W H FThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Jasked OrcestraThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Shinsekai NaitomeaThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Tauritzius Tick Trick und TraakThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Khardeen NeroThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Exinator NeroThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Catelyn NeroThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Khalifaa critical ludersThrall-EU588.6Not updated
61Tooneye OrcestraThrall-EU588.6Not updated
70Domeylock critical ludersThrall-EU588.5Not updated
70Râgnârøk OrcestraThrall-EU588.5Not updated
72Nadors blinkThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Chrissly Ashes to AshesThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Stickyfingrs GOOFYSQUADThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Susono ThE bAd ReD lUzIfErSThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Nøxx GOOFYSQUADThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Satraxiar NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Yakesto BlacklabelThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Balderon DevastationThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Naydu ScavengerThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Jeffron BlacklabelThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Ragestørm DevastationThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Apsalàr NewAgeThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Khalian Aspektum MortisThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Izabelasan WAUWThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Badábum RaidclanThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Artorîus BeInsaneThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Neandu critical ludersThrall-EU588.4Not updated
72Skontina TephraThrall-EU588.4Not updated
90Brights Two and a half MainThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Jedimike NaitomeaThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Çeen NaitomeaThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Serfax RaidclanThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Trikks FrequencyThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Gemlee FrequencyThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Isenharth NandrestThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Ahini BlacklabelThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Tehfuq FrequencyThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Sunmi senseThrall-EU588.3Not updated
90Xantina Saints and SinnersThrall-EU588.3Not updated

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