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The Maelstrom-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Tösabít O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU589.1
2Mandibleclaw EmbersThe Maelstrom-EU588.7
3Depresia Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU588.3
4Lianeth Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU588.2
4Manito ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU588.2
4Flim ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU588.2
7Taló ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Izeth ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Jati Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Fluffko Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Xíá Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Daylis Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Zarmortiz Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Narelía O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
7Déithy O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU587.9
16Resul O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU587.5
16Donaru O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU587.5
16Espiee Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.5
16Zneid  The Maelstrom-EU587.5
16Hamerfal ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU587.5
16Zun ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU587.5
16Ultimateares ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU587.5
16Brainspike SparksThe Maelstrom-EU587.5
24Malakx ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU587.4
25Omniblast ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU587.1
25Ðíp ReplicantThe Maelstrom-EU587.1
25Neus Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.1
25Senzala Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.1
25Gdropper Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU587.1
30Sanslister ReplicantThe Maelstrom-EU587.0
31Demonition EmbersThe Maelstrom-EU586.9Not updated
32Aluries The Inner CircleThe Maelstrom-EU586.8
32Sowilo The Inner CircleThe Maelstrom-EU586.8
32Njaff Haunted HeavensThe Maelstrom-EU586.8
32Mannu Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU586.8
32Saffyra Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU586.8
32Eroeth BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU586.8
38Pizzapojken Stercus FitThe Maelstrom-EU586.7
38Tuì Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU586.7
38Chárly Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU586.7
38Reinacher ReplicantThe Maelstrom-EU586.7
42Linvala The PandemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU586.5
43Jakesully Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU586.4
43Krachaz Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU586.4
45Silinde SilenceThe Maelstrom-EU586.3
45Luperca NightshiftThe Maelstrom-EU586.3
45Ultimatezeus ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU586.3
45Famexs ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU586.3
45Shadust EmbersThe Maelstrom-EU586.3
50Kurain Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU586.1
51Aesthie BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU586.0
51Dferrit ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU586.0
53Arxento The PandemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU585.9
53Lighteyes BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU585.9
55Whalé BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU585.8
56Draspette Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU585.7
56Vech Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU585.7
56Tazmon ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU585.7
59Beastydeath ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU585.6
59Castino The FrontlineThe Maelstrom-EU585.6
59Oák O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU585.6
62Vatra O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU585.5
62Trustone O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU585.5
62Lilikoi HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU585.5
62Aylä BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU585.5
62Ivyfire SparksThe Maelstrom-EU585.5
62Oleumbakwame ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU585.5
68Valemon Groo GamingThe Maelstrom-EU585.2
68Melcena Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU585.2
68Fllux Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU585.2
68Saskard O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU585.2
72Kaelaris Groo GamingThe Maelstrom-EU585.1
72Rebecca ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU585.1
74Jabak Groo GamingThe Maelstrom-EU584.9
74Diwan EmbersThe Maelstrom-EU584.9
74Quí HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU584.9
77Jorix O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU584.8
77Ludero SilenceThe Maelstrom-EU584.8
77Qeá ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU584.8
80Hazzdruid O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU584.7
80Rewolwerka ReplicantThe Maelstrom-EU584.7Not updated
80Dakstar O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU584.7
83Blessingz O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU584.5
83Abkazi Methods of MadnessThe Maelstrom-EU584.5
83Platez Methods of MadnessThe Maelstrom-EU584.5
86Karin Gothenburg KnightsThe Maelstrom-EU584.4
87Webspider Voice of ReasonThe Maelstrom-EU584.3
87Larnah MidnightThe Maelstrom-EU584.3
87Amarathé Project ParadoxThe Maelstrom-EU584.3
87Bullshot HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU584.3
91Bubblepynk HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU584.2
91Folarajani DaemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU584.2
93Icyblaze The FrontlineThe Maelstrom-EU584.1
93Karellen SilenceThe Maelstrom-EU584.1
93Erilla Voice of ReasonThe Maelstrom-EU584.1
93Ezzey O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU584.1
93Zeeba MidnightThe Maelstrom-EU584.1
93Avío BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU584.1
99Thomeq Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU584.0
99Mekeritrig Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU584.0

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