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Terenas-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Zeug The UnresolvedTerenas-US587.5
2Basara The UnresolvedTerenas-US586.8
3Miava The UnresolvedTerenas-US586.7
4Crowan The UnresolvedTerenas-US586.5
5Streex VortexTerenas-US586.4
5Kerbs VortexTerenas-US586.4
7Glaur The UnresolvedTerenas-US586.1
8Lothrik The UnresolvedTerenas-US585.8
9Savorthekill The UnresolvedTerenas-US585.5
9Shortlokk The UnresolvedTerenas-US585.5
9Jakken The UnresolvedTerenas-US585.5
12Alessandro VortexTerenas-US585.2
12Lytaneous The UnresolvedTerenas-US585.2
12Kobert  Terenas-US585.2
15Logistix VortexTerenas-US585.1
16Codez Really Bad PlayersTerenas-US584.6
16Clout VortexTerenas-US584.6
16Randomno VortexTerenas-US584.6
19Taid VortexTerenas-US584.1
20Papakúsh Opera non VerbaTerenas-US583.8
20Crystotheny Opera non VerbaTerenas-US583.8
22Livvie The UnresolvedTerenas-US583.2
23Rastafurry The UnresolvedTerenas-US583.1
24Tezlo The UnresolvedTerenas-US582.7
24Deathveil LegendTerenas-US582.7
26Tehek The UnresolvedTerenas-US582.5
27Saipan The UnresolvedTerenas-US582.4
28Novere The UnresolvedTerenas-US582.2
29Darvish VortexTerenas-US582.0
30Phistor The UnresolvedTerenas-US581.6
30Bullzooka  Terenas-US581.6
32Wrihtimis The UnresolvedTerenas-US581.5
33Nathorian Gnome RavagersTerenas-US581.4
34Belmaris Opera non VerbaTerenas-US580.8
34Lóthrik The UnresolvedTerenas-US580.8
36Rosie VortexTerenas-US580.7
36Lysi Gnome RavagersTerenas-US580.7
38Vathy The UnresolvedTerenas-US580.4
39Faeliana  Terenas-US580.3
39Archaon Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US580.3
39Flynch Opera non VerbaTerenas-US580.3
42Ratherdan Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US580.2
42Shardstorm VortexTerenas-US580.2
44Beelzbub The UnresolvedTerenas-US580.1
44Bansath The UnresolvedTerenas-US580.1
46Vaffral The UnresolvedTerenas-US579.9
47Edesina Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US579.8
47Chuutriit Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US579.8
49Khayde Opera non VerbaTerenas-US579.6
50Degdemona The UnresolvedTerenas-US579.5
50Uncdamage The UnresolvedTerenas-US579.5
52Andrict Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US579.4
53Boxeybrown FateTerenas-US579.2
54Delmea Opera non VerbaTerenas-US579.1
54Slavish The UnresolvedTerenas-US579.1
54Biggersteve The UnresolvedTerenas-US579.1
54Discnips Gladius de DeusTerenas-US579.1
58Razalgoull Gnome RavagersTerenas-US579.0
59Tinypriest Opera non VerbaTerenas-US578.9
59Trionic The UnresolvedTerenas-US578.9
59Luke The UnresolvedTerenas-US578.9
59Ghetarious The UnresolvedTerenas-US578.9
63Cainin The UnresolvedTerenas-US578.6
64Acrylic Opera non VerbaTerenas-US578.5
65Akiihisa The UnresolvedTerenas-US578.4
66Bacchano LegendTerenas-US578.3
67Controllor The UnresolvedTerenas-US578.2
67Tomcat The UnresolvedTerenas-US578.2
69Salena FateTerenas-US578.1
69Madoriaa LegendTerenas-US578.1
69Catalàna Thats How We RollTerenas-US578.1
72Raelei EmeritusTerenas-US577.9
72Jasmind FateTerenas-US577.9
72Mandahl Thats How We RollTerenas-US577.9
75Bøwme The UnresolvedTerenas-US577.8
76Natera Thats How We RollTerenas-US577.7
77Virus  Terenas-US577.6
78Worganizers Thats How We RollTerenas-US577.3
79Flutieflakes Gnome RavagersTerenas-US577.2
79Lêgîon The UnresolvedTerenas-US577.2
81Taylrswftmnd  Terenas-US577.1
82Kilvor Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US576.9
83Lilindrel LegendTerenas-US576.8
83Kitami The UnresolvedTerenas-US576.8
85Craved The UnresolvedTerenas-US576.7
85Moomilk SkyShatterTerenas-US576.7
87Webin Opera non VerbaTerenas-US576.6
87Tobiasluck Opera non VerbaTerenas-US576.6
87Jackace SkyShatterTerenas-US576.6
90Oakridge SkyShatterTerenas-US576.5
91Amielissa Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US576.4
91Nemisissy Thats How We RollTerenas-US576.4
93Lasclas Immortal SoliceTerenas-US576.3
94Sulzeria Ashes to AshesTerenas-US576.2
94Wongnumber The UnresolvedTerenas-US576.2
94Heavymetalz Ashes to AshesTerenas-US576.2
97Badeaux The UnresolvedTerenas-US576.1
98Xanderfranz The DesecratedTerenas-US575.9
99Anjünabeats The UnresolvedTerenas-US575.7
99Figo The UnresolvedTerenas-US575.7

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